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    RGH Rubber & Plastics Ltd

    Welcome to RGH Rubber & Plastics Ltd

    As one of the leading self adhesive tape and foam converters in the U.K., RGH specialise in producing tailor-made solutions to individual customers needs.

    RGH design and manufacture components from an extensive product range in order to create the right solution for your application, first time. Our high performance products are manufactured and converted into sheets, strips, pads, gaskets, washers or rolls using a management system register to TS16949 and BS EN ISO9000 quality standards and we are proud to be recognised as an innovative business partner.

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    We stock a variety of foams and they are all available with or without adhesive backing. These foams can be made in to slit rolls to any width or die cut in to strips, pads, discs or bespoke shapes to suit your application. Here are just some of the foams that are converted at RGH�

    EPDM Foam
    EPDM foam is medium to high density, closed cell foam with good ageing, ozone and UV resistance. Available in black and white with medium to high temperature resistance. Flexible and durable gasketing material which can also have adhesive applied to one or both sides.

    Polyethylene Foam
    Polyethylene (PE) foam is a closed cell foam available in a wide range of densities. PE foam is generally lightweight compared to other closed cell foams but also surprisingly strong. It has good chemical resistance and its aging properties means that it will not
    deteriorate and go brittle over time.

    Semi-Closed Cell Foam
    Semi-closed cell foams have similar flexibility and compressibility to open cell foams but when under compression they have excellent sealing capabilities similar to closed cell foams. Semi-closed cell foam has slower recovery and is ideal for a variety of joint-filling and sealing applications where there are uneven or irregular surfaces. RGH�s semi closed cell foams are highly durable and offer superior whether and ozone resistance.

    Neoprene Sponge
    Medium to high density, closed cell foam, good tear and chemical resistance along with reasonable temperature resistance. Flexible and good aging properties meaning that it will not deteriorate and go brittle over time. Flame retardant and preferred to EPDM when oil and grease are present. Self adhesive can also be applied to one or both sides.

    Polyurethane Foam
    Polyurethane foam is an open cell, lightweight yet durable foam that is commonly used for cushioning purposes but also has very good insulation properties that provide protection from heat and noise. Generally low in density has good recovery, good temperature
    resistance and flame retardancy.

    Reticulated Foam
    Reticulated foam or filter foam is an extremely lightweight with completely open cells. These foams are developed for applications where cell structure and porosity are important factors. Because the cell size can be engineered to meet your specific requirements, reticulated foam can play an important role wherever any air, oil or dust filters are required.

    Silicone Sponge
    Silicone sponge is a closed cell material with exceptionally good sealing, cushioning and insulating properties and is capable of working in very high tempertures. Temperature resisitance of silicone sponge can be in excess of 200�C which makes it ideal for use in the most demanding of applications. Also available with flame rating of UL94V-O, low smoke and low toxicity compliance.

    Double sided foam Tape

    RGH stock a range of double sided foam tapes suitable for bonding, sealing, cushioning and mounting applications. From bonding two pieces of card to fixing metal structures, RGH will have the foam suitable for your requirement.

    Standard white double sided foam is available in any width of slit roll and ranges from 0.8mm thick to 3mm thick. Double sided foam pads and discs are available in any size and bespoke gaskets can also be produced.

    RGH also stock a range of 3M foam acrylic tapes which are commonly used for more demanding applications. Used commonly within the automotive, marine and aerospace industies for bonding materials and replacing mechanical fixings such as rivets and screws. This improves the appearance of your application and can also reduce the weight of it. RGH can die cut these materials for you or present them in slit rolls.

    Our double sided tape range includes:

    - Tissue Tapes
    - Polyester Tapes
    - Pure Acrylic Tapes
    - Banner tape
    - Toffee Tape

    Case Inserts

    RGH design and manufacture custom case inserts from a wide range of foams to suit
    RGH�s in-house CAD experts will make the design process as simple as possible and help you to create the perfect solution, first time.

    By using the latest in digital plotter technologies, foam inserts can be made from one solid piece of foam. Rather than laminate multiple sheets of foam together. RGH can mill foams to different depths giving you an extremely accurate and solid packing case. This capability also significantly reduces production times .

    The service that is provided not only helps to securely protect your products but also helps to present them in a professional and stylish manner.

    Prototype parts can be built prior to production to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your product.

    And Finally

    RGH also understand that the demands on businesses are getting tougher and tougher and customers often require products extremely quickly. RGH have therefore invested heavily to try and ensure that we can meet the shortest of lead times.

    Our overriding consideration at all times is to devise a solution of the highest quality which performs outstandingly and is delivered to you on time; all within an effective cost structure.

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    38. Anti-Rattle Pads
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    42. Automotive Adhesive Tapes
    43. Automotive Aftermarket Tapes
    44. Automotive Foam Tapes
    45. Automotive Foams
    46. Badge Mounting Gaskets And Seals
    47. Bonding And Joining Tapes
    48. Butterfly Hang Tabs
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    51. Cd Buttons
    52. Cellulose Splicing Tapes
    53. Clear Acrylic Tapes
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    56. Closed Cell Rubber Foam Sponges
    57. Cloth Adhesive Tapes
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    81. Double Sided Foam Tape
    82. Double Sided Foam Tapes
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    205. PouchesPlastic
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    207. Reel-To-Reel
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