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  • Advice, design and a full installation service
  • Wide range of storage products
  • Mezzanine flooring and design service
  • Advice, design and a full installation service
  • Wide range of storage products
  • Mezzanine flooring and design service
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Storage Aspects Limited

Roller Racking, Mobile Shelving & Roller Shelving Systems

Storage Aspects provides advice, design and a full installation service. Call us on the above number for high levels of service for all office, archive, stores and warehouse requirements.

Storage Aspects is a service, design and manufacture based company that provides advice, design, supply and installation for a wide range of storage products.

Mobile Shelving & Racking
Mobile shelving, mobile shelves, office mobile shelving, mobile racks, high density shelving, mobile racks UK, garment rolling rack are all designed to create space for additional expansion or other uses and all allow the maximum storage capacity to be gained within any space. They also enable the end user to make improvements in the storage area. This also applies to materials handling and by using mezzanine floors, we can maximise your space. Our on-site advice and design service provides you with options to achieve the best layout regarding price and design. We have extensive experience in supplying installations for offices, filing rooms, archives, museums, stockrooms and stores.

Shelving Systems
Steel shelving, shelving, office mobile shelves, office mobile shelving, shelves, ventilated shelving, wire shelving, wire shelf, storage shelving, storage systems, office filing, office shelving as well as garage shelves and garage shelving all provide the ability to maximise the storage and materials handling of products and items. We offer a wide range of products and our advice service ensures that we supply the correct product for your application.

Mezzanine Flooring
As a mezzanine floor supplier of mezzanine floor and mezzanine floors, we can offer mezzanine floors UK, as well. We are designers of mezzanine floors as well as mezzanine floor installers and can offer a full design and installation service throughout the UK. The advantages are that we can install a mezzanine floor for you to create additional space instead of having a potentially expensive move.

Racking Systems
Racking systems, pallet rack, racks, cantilever racks, metal racks, warehouse racks all enable the storage and materials handling of products within warehouse racks or stores shelving. Our range enables our clients to maximise their ability in terms of materials handling.

SEMA SARI Racking Inspections
We can provide SEMA SARI rack and shelving inspections for all types of pallet racking, warehouse racking and stores shelving and racking, cantilever racking and timber storage racking. The inspection is undertaken by our licenced inspectors and provides a comprehensive inspection and report on all the key safety elements.

We also provide advice on warehouse damage to pallet racks, warehouse racks and pallet racking, as to the usability of the rack after it has been damaged or hit by a truck. We can also provide replacement components and carry out any repairs that are required, so that the rack can then be used again.
We cover all makes and types of racking or shelving and we provide this service on a nationwide basis. Our inspectors are both SEMA and SARI licenced, and our reports provide key elements for health and safety and insurance coverage requirements.

Workshop Storage
Workshop and Assembly areas; we supply industrial bench, woodworking bench, bench, ESD benches heavy duty commercial benches, packing benches as well as the storage equipment and materials handling equipment to accompany them. Our range of lister cabinets and tool cabinets are all designed for use in the warehouse or manufacturing environments. We can also install mezzanine floors into the workshop areas; whilst the use of mobile and metal shelving will greatly enhance the space.

Lockers, metal lockers and school lockers all enable personal possessions to be stored safely. Our range of lockers and school lockers ensures that we have both the size and lock to suit all requirements. Our changing room benches, slatted changing room benches and bench seats enable users to change easily as and when required.

Records Management
Records management includes a wide scope of responsibilities, however the most important is the safe and secure storage of records, especially if it is a company record or one that has special historic value. We advise and design a range of products that allow records managers to maximise the storage of records within the available space, whilst at the same time providing that level of security and safe- keeping. Our records storage products are inert, so when combined with our space saving mobile shelving and roller racking, they offer increased capacity, thus allowing the storage of the records collection to maximise the available space.

Medical Record Storage
The storage of medical records in hospitals is an ongoing problem for many NHS Trusts and clinics and our extensive experience in providing the correct storage system for patient records has been implemented by numerous Trusts. Sometimes mobile shelving or roller racking is ideal; however, it does impact on the availability of the patient records in terms of pick rate and put away. Therefore, we always provide the option supported by data collection for the option to use static medical records shelving as an alternative. However, if the available space is limited, or the number of medical records is high, then mobile shelving or roller racking maybe the only solution to store the records. However, we advise our clients on the advantages and disadvantages of both types to allow the correct decision to be made.

Other Products
For the Office
Mobile Shelving
 - Filing Systems
 - Mobile Shelves
 - Office Storage Systems
 - High Density Storage Systems

For the Archive (Shelving)
 - BS5454
 - Archive Mobile
 - Library
 - Library Mobile
 - Archive Shelving

For the Stores
 - Shelving, Racking & Binning
 - Cantilever racking
 - Small Parts Storage
 - Security Partitioning
 - Storage Containers

For the Warehouse
 - Pallet Racking & Racks
 - Partitioning
 - Mezzanine Floors
 - Storage Crates
 - Security Cages
For the Workshop
 - Benches
 - ESD Benches
 - Assembly Tables
 - Storage Bins and Containers
 - Workstations
 - Cupboards

For the Changing Room
 - Lockers
 - Benches
 - School Lockers
 - Wire Mesh Lockers
 - Metal Lockers

For the Hospital
 - HTM 71 Storage Cupboards
 - Medical Records
 - Filing Trolleys
 - Theatre Storage
 - Ward Storage Cabinets
 - Staff Lockers

Our advice and design service ensures that we provide the best product for your application

Why do people recommend us to others?

Everyone within our company takes pride in offering high levels of service and support, to ensure that we provide the very best advice, solutions and products for our range of mobile shelving, mobile shelves, racks, shelving, rack, racking inspections, mezzanine floors and mezzanine floor designs.

Why do people buy our products and services?
Because we look after our clients; as well as providing a combination of great service, value for money and the right products. How do we know this? Because we always ensure that our clients are happy with our service and supplied products ranging from mezzanine floors to racks, shelving, metal shelving, rack, pallet racks to mobile shelving, mobile shelves, roller racks, racking inspections, mobile library shelving and storage systems.

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five stars
Southern Trains,

The Heavy Duty Benches we received are of superb quality, we also purchased Roller Racking and Mobile Shelving all of which was delivered on time and with no hassle. If you are looking for any of the above you should definitely use Storage Aspects.

five stars
Wiley Ltd,

We use Storage Aspects on a regular basis previously buying our Racking, Storage and Mezzanine Flooring from them. The products are excellent, I would highly recommend Storage Aspects to anyone.

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