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  • Humidity, Temperature, CO2 & pressure Measurement
  • Swiss precision at the highest level
  • A comprehensive product portfolio
  • Humidity, Temperature, CO2 & pressure Measurement
  • Swiss precision at the highest level
  • A comprehensive product portfolio
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Rotronic Measurement Solutions

Welcome to Rotronic

Rotronic Measurement Solutions is a Swiss-based company with a worldwide network of subsidiaries, distributors and resellers.

Rotronic manufactures a comprehensive range of of Humidity, Moisture, Temperature, Low Dew Point, Water Activity, Indoor CO2 Air Quality, Differential Pressure and Airflow. Handhelds, loggers including measurement transmitters with analogue and digital outputs, meteorological instruments and accessories together with a wide range of probes for all applications are available.

Rotronic measurement products are used throughout industry, particularly by companies that are regulated or have a Quality Management system. All products have 24 month warranty (HygroGen2 calibrator 12 months).

In the UK we have UKAS 0766 accreditation for temperature humidity and dew point calibration and a purpose built laboratory. Training courses, on site mapping and bespoke services are available.

Standard probes, industrial probes, metal probes, screw in probes, high temperature probes, HygroWin USB probe, miniature probes, flush mount probes, insertion probes, web probes, sword probes and temperature probes.
Humidity & temperature transmitters, temperature transmitters
CO2 Transmitters
CO2 and temperature transmitters, CO2 special applications.
ATEX Systems
Temperature, humidity and moisture sensors and transmitters
Wireless Dataloggers
Remote wireless data loggers, interfaces.
Data Loggers
CO2, humidity & temperature, high-end loggers, universal loggers, compact loggers.
Handheld Instruments
Humidity & temperature, CO2, humidity & temperature, temperature, paper.
Water Activity
Probe pot shape, insertion probes, benchtop, hand held device, accessories.
Probes, weather and radiation protection.
Differential Pressure
Cleanroom monitoring panel for differential pressure and other parameters
A high precision and stable transmitter for measuring air velocity.
RMS - Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System
RMS is a modular system of web based software and hardware elements. The data loggers are able to record measurements from both third-party and Rotronic sensors, transmitting them to the secure database.
OEM Products
Rotronic has been producing customised humidity and measurement products for the OEM market for many years.
Despite the excellent long term stability of our products, we recommend that they have regular calibration checks, normally once a year and we are able to offer this service for our customers. We have UKAS 0766 / ISO 17025 accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point calibration.
Including instrument monitoring, recording of measured values on a PC, alarm function, tabular and graphic display of measured values, graphic evaluation of recorded measured data, room layout, instrument configuration, programming of and data retrieval from data loggers, calibration, psychrometric calculations and assignable user rights.
We supply the most frequently required accessories for humidity measurement equipment.

If you are interested in any of the products you have seen here please contact us.
The ROTRONIC Measurement Solutions Catalogue
New Parameters, New Devices

Our most comprehensive ever Rotronic catalogue is now available. Included are new measurement parameters for Rotronic and all the very latest products:

... Humidity
... Temperature
... Low Dew Point
... Indoor CO2 Air Quality
... Differential Pressure
... Process Pressure
... Airflow

ROTRONIC Catalogue. Download a PDF copy here
ROTRONIC Temperature Mapping

Relative Humidity Measurement Explained

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