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  • Dew Point, Moisture, Humidity & temperature, Co2, & trace impurities measurement
  • High-precision measurement and monitoring
  • A comprehensive process instrumentation product portfolio
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    Process Sensing Technologies (PST UK) Ltd

    Welcome to PST

    We address our customers' challenges by providing innovative sensing solutions that deliver top-tier performance.

    Our exclusive humidity and gas measurement technologies can detect down to parts per billion, offering distinct insights into processes. This empowers our customers to innovate and enhance operations in demanding applications. Our products enhance safety for people and processes, optimize energy efficiency, elevate product quality, and guarantee continual adherence to global standards.

    Standard probes, industrial probes, metal probes, screw in probes, high temperature probes, HygroWin USB probe, miniature probes, flush mount probes, insertion probes, web probes, sword probes and temperature probes.
    Humidity & temperature transmitters, temperature transmitters
    CO2 Transmitters
    CO2 and temperature transmitters, CO2 special applications.
    High-precision Ceramic Moisture Sensors
    To measure trace moisture in process applications.
    Humidity Calibration Systems & Reference Dew-point Hygrometers
    Enable customers to calibrate portable hygrometers and relative humidity instruments in-house, saving on downtime and costs.
    Zirconia & Thermo-paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzers
    For combustion optimization, maintaining gas purity, controlling levels of CO2 in breweries and many other applications.
    Condumax II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzers
    Ensure the quality of natural gas at custody transfer, prevent gas burner failure and prolong the life of process equipment, helping companies save millions of dollars on repairs and down-time.
    Process Moisture Analyzers
    Provide continuous on-line measurements of trace moisture in process gases and are available as explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and laboratory versions.
    Trace Impurity Measurements
    Measurement technique of trace impurities tends to be application specific with varying levels of complexity. Our range of online impurities analyzers provide continuous measurements of trace impurities in many processes.
    H2, Binary, Toxic & Flammable Gases
    Our range of thermal conductivity-based gas analyzers measure and monitor hydrogen and other binary gas streams. The XTC601-EX from Michell Instruments is ideal for measurements in safety critical process applications and meets the requirements of IEC61508 SIL2.
    Measurement and monitoring solutions for insights into their application

    When you manage a process, obvious threats that can be seen on the surface are only part of the picture. At Process Sensing Technologies, we specialize in measurement instrumentation and solutions that enable our clients to clearly see and monitor conditions that are otherwise invisible and pose a hidden threat.

    Using our products, customers save money each year through increased energy efficiency in their processes and reduced process disruptions.

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    PST Brand Overview

    PST unites a portfolio of long-standing, reputable brands, each known for the precision and dependability of their products, a commitment to innovation, and an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. With a rich history of pioneering and evolving since 1965, we eagerly anticipate achieving numerous future milestones.

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    Products and Services

    1. Air Compressors
    2. Air Flow Measurement
    3. Air Flow Meter
    4. Air Flow Sensor
    5. Air Meter
    6. Air Velocity Meter
    7. Airflow
    8. Airflow Measuring Hood
    9. Airflow Meters
    10. Analytical Equipment Calibration
    11. Analytical Instruments
    12. Anenometer
    13. ATEX Measurement Systems
    14. Automated Process Instrumentation
    15. Aw Water Activity
    16. Calibration
    17. Calibration Certificate
    18. Calibration Equipment
    19. Calibration Instrument Services
    20. Calibration Instruments
    21. Calibration Kits
    22. Calibration Lab
    23. Calibration Laboratories
    24. Calibration Laboratory
    25. Calibration Service
    26. Calibration Services
    27. Calibration Specialists
    28. Calibration Temperature Equipment
    29. Carbon Dioxide Detector
    30. Carbon Dioxide Handheld
    31. Carbon Dioxide Measurements
    32. Carbon Dioxide Meters
    33. Carbon Monoxide Data Logger
    34. Chilled Mirror Instruments
    35. Cleanroom Sensors
    36. Climate Data Loggers
    37. CO2 Air Quality Monitoring
    38. Co2 Data Loggers
    39. Co2 Detector
    40. CO2 Display
    41. Co2 Handheld
    42. CO2 Logger
    43. Co2 Meter
    44. CO2 Transmitters
    45. Compact Logger
    46. Compressed Air Equipment
    47. Compressors
    48. Continuous Monitoring System
    49. Control And Instrumentation
    50. Cooled Mirror Dewpoint Meters
    51. Data Logger Accessories
    52. Data Loggers
    53. Data Loggers Temperature
    54. Data Logging Peak Flowmeters
    55. Data Recorders
    56. Dataloggers
    57. Decibel Meter
    58. Dew Point Meters
    59. Dewpoint Hygrometers
    60. Dewpoint Instruments
    61. Dewpoint Measuring Meters
    62. Dewpoint Measuring System Hygrometers
    63. Dewpoint Meter
    64. Dewpoint Meters
    65. Dewpoint Meters Cooled Mirror Dewpoint Temperature Display
    66. Dewpoint Meters Cooled Mirror High Purity Gas Industry
    67. Dewpoint Meters Cooled Mirror Hire
    68. Dewpoint Meters Cooled Mirror Integrated Instrument And Sensor
    69. Dewpoint Meters Cooled Mirror Remote
    70. Dewpoint Sensors
    71. Dewpoint Transmitters
    72. Differential Pressure
    73. Differential Pressure Flowmeters
    74. Differential Pressure Measurement
    75. Differential Pressure Meter
    76. Differential Pressure Sensor
    77. Differential Pressure Switch
    78. Digital Temperature Sensors
    79. Digital Temperature Transmitters
    80. Digital Thermometer
    81. Digital Thermometer Probe
    82. Digital Thermometer Probes
    83. Digital Thermometer With Probe
    84. Digital Thermometers
    85. EMC Instrument Hire
    86. Flow Meter
    87. Flow Meters
    88. Flowmeters
    89. Food Water Activity
    90. H & V Thermometers
    91. Hand Held Dewpoint Measuring Meters
    92. Hand Held Humidity Measuring Meters
    93. Hand Held Temperature Indicator
    94. Hand Held Temperature Indicators
    95. Handheld Humidity Sensors
    96. Handheld Instrumentation
    97. Handheld Measuring Instruments
    98. Handheld Temperature Probes
    99. Handheld Thermometer
    100. Handheld Thermometers
    101. Humididty
    102. Humidity
    103. Humidity Calibration
    104. Humidity Calibration Accessories
    105. Humidity Calibrator
    106. Humidity Calibrators
    107. Humidity Chart Recorders
    108. Humidity Control
    109. Humidity Control Instrumentation Distributors
    110. Humidity Controller
    111. Humidity Data Logger
    112. Humidity Data Loggers
    113. Humidity Dataloggers
    114. Humidity Equipment Calibrating Services
    115. Humidity Indicating/Recording Instruments
    116. Humidity Indicator
    117. Humidity Instrument
    118. Humidity Instrumentation Calibrating Services
    119. Humidity Instruments
    120. Humidity Logging
    121. Humidity Measure
    122. Humidity Measurement
    123. Humidity Measurement Equipment Hire
    124. Humidity Measurement Instrumentation
    125. Humidity Measuring
    126. Humidity Measuring Equipment Repair
    127. Humidity Measuring Instruments
    128. Humidity Measuring Meters
    129. Humidity Meter
    130. Humidity Meters
    131. Humidity Meters Calibration
    132. Humidity Probe
    133. Humidity Probes
    134. Humidity Recorders
    135. Humidity Sensor
    136. Humidity Sensors
    137. Humidity Testing Services
    138. Humidity Transmitters
    139. HVAC Measuring Instrumentation
    140. HVAC Pressure
    141. HVAC Temperature Instrumentation
    142. HVAC Temperature Kits
    143. Hygroclip
    144. Hygrogen2
    145. Hygrometer
    146. Hygrometers
    147. IAQ Data Loggers
    148. Indoor Air Quality Data Loggers
    149. Indoor Air Quality IAQ Data Loggers
    150. Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    151. Indoor Air Quality Recording
    152. Indoor Air Quality Sensors
    153. Industrial Inspection Equipment
    154. Industrial Thermometers
    155. Infra Red Thermometers
    156. Infrared Temperature Measurement
    157. Infrared Temperature Monitoring Systems
    158. Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras
    159. Infrared Thermography
    160. Infrared Thermometer
    161. Infrared Thermometers
    162. Instrument & Control Consultants
    163. Instrument Calibrating Services
    164. Instrument Calibration
    165. Instrument Calibration Services
    166. Instrumentation
    167. Instrumentation & Measurement
    168. Instrumentation And Control
    169. Instrumentation And Measurement
    170. Instrumentation Calibration
    171. Instrumentation Tests
    172. Intrinsically Safe Dewpoint Hygrometers
    173. Laser Thermometers
    174. Loggers
    175. Low Dew Point
    176. Low Dewpoint Measurement
    177. Manometer
    178. Manometers
    179. Measure Relative Humidity
    180. Measurement Of Humidity
    181. Measuring Humidity
    182. Measuring Instruments
    183. Measuring Instruments Displays
    184. Measuring Relative Humidity
    185. Measuring Water Activity
    186. Measurment Equipment Calibration
    187. Meteorological Accessories
    188. Meteorological Probes
    189. Meteorological Products
    190. Meter Calibration
    191. Metering Equipment
    192. Miniature Data Loggers
    193. Moisture Analyser
    194. Moisture Content Meter
    195. Moisture Measurement
    196. Moisture Meter
    197. Moisture Meters
    198. Moisture Probe
    199. Moisture Test Instruments
    200. Monitoring Instruments
    201. Monitoring Instruments Supplier
    202. On-Line Dewpoint Hygrometers
    203. Oxygen Analysers
    204. Oxygen Analysis Equipment
    205. Oxygen Analyzer
    206. Oxygen Analyzers
    207. Oxygen And Oil Burners
    208. Packaging Materials
    209. Portable Dewpoint Hygrometers
    210. Portable Hygrometers
    211. Portable Hygrometers Hire
    212. Pressure Gauges
    213. Pressure Measurement
    214. Pressure Meter
    215. Pressure Testers
    216. Pressure Testing Equipment
    217. Process Analyzers
    218. Process Humidity Sensors
    219. Process Pressure
    220. Professional Infrared Thermometer
    221. Relative Humidity And Temperature
    222. Relative Humidity Environmental Monitoring Stations
    223. Relative Humidity Instrument
    224. Relative Humidity Integrated Circuit
    225. Relative Humidity Measure
    226. Relative Humidity Measurement
    227. Relative Humidity Meter
    228. Relative Humidity Meters
    229. Relative Humidity Sensors
    230. Relative Humidity Temperature
    231. Relative Humidity Transmitters
    232. Room Humidity
    233. Room Temperature Sensor
    234. Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System
    235. Rotronic Water Activity Meter
    236. Scientific Data Loggers
    237. Temperature And Dewpoint Transmitters
    238. Temperature And Humidity Combined Testing
    239. Temperature And Humidity Control
    240. Temperature And Humidity Handhelds
    241. Temperature And Humidity Loggers
    242. Temperature And Humidity Measurement Equipment Hire
    243. Temperature And Humidity Monitoring
    244. Temperature Calibration
    245. Temperature Calibration Equipment
    246. Temperature Calibration Instruments
    247. Temperature Calibration Service
    248. Temperature Calibrators
    249. Temperature Controller
    250. Temperature Data Logging
    251. Temperature Data Logging Equipment
    252. Temperature Dataloggers
    253. Temperature Equipment
    254. Temperature Equipment Calibration
    255. Temperature Gauges And Thermometers
    256. Temperature Humidity Meter
    257. Temperature Humidity Sensors
    258. Temperature Indicator
    259. Temperature Indicators
    260. Temperature Instrument Manufacturers
    261. Temperature Instrumentation
    262. Temperature Measurement
    263. Temperature Measurement Equipment
    264. Temperature Measurement Specialists
    265. Temperature Measurement Systems
    266. Temperature Measuring Equipment
    267. Temperature Measuring Instrumentation
    268. Temperature Measuring Instruments
    269. Temperature Meters
    270. Temperature Monitoring
    271. Temperature Monitors
    272. Temperature Probe
    273. Temperature Probe Calibration
    274. Temperature Probes
    275. Temperature Recorders
    276. Temperature Recording
    277. Temperature Sensors
    278. Temperature Thermometer
    279. Temperature Thermometers
    280. Temperature Transmitters
    281. Tempreture Data Loggers
    282. Test And Measurement
    283. Test And Measurement Equipment
    284. Test And Measurement Systems
    285. Test Block Calibration
    286. Thermometer
    287. Thermometers
    288. Thermometers And Humidity Meters
    289. Thermometers Repair & Calibration
    290. UKAS Calibration
    291. Water Activity Analyser
    292. Water Activity Analysers
    293. Water Activity Calculation
    294. Water Activity Instrument
    295. Water Activity Measurement
    296. Water Activity Meter
    297. Water Activity Meters
    298. Wind Measuring Instruments
    299. Wireless Data Logger System
    300. Wireless Data Loggers
    301. Wireless Data Logging
    302. Wireless Dataloggers
    303. Wireless Instrument Transmitters
    304. Wireless Instrumentation

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