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    Billington Safety Systems Ltd

    Industrial & Machine Safety Fencing, Machine Guarding , Safety Barriers & More

    Covering all of your storage safety, industrial safety, handling safety, robotic safety, machine guarding and machine safety fencing requirements. Billington Safety Systems Ltd offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of safety fencing and safety barrier systems including a range of mesh fencing and timber decking suitable for pallet racking applications.

    Safety Fencing
    Billington Safety Systems works hand in hand with the Swedish company Arion supplying safety fencing for a wide range of applications such as:

    - Machine Guarding
    - Perimeter Fencing
    - Bespoke Guarding
    - Aluminium Profile
    - Machine Safety Fencing

    Mesh Enclosures for Machine Guarding
    As safety barrier specialists and a leading distributor for Arion we supply a range of complete solutions designed for increased machine safety.

    All offer optimum safety for today's tough and demanding industrial sector. Combined with a comprehensive range of accessories Billington Safety Systems is able to provide one of the most flexible ranges of mesh enclosures on the market today.

    As a modular system it is fast and easy to assemble a machine safety perimeter to suit any size or application. Our range of machine guard systems also contains few components all of which are strong and highly durable.

    Mesh Partitioning
    This type of partitioning is a low cost single skin partition that is suitable for a wide range of applications like factory dividing walls, storage areas and industrial offices. Mesh partitioning is compatible with sliding doors, swinging doors and hatches.

    Solid Partitions
    Solid partitions like their mesh counterparts are an integrated single skin partition but manufactured from solid steel instead of see through mesh. Also compatible with all types of doors, the panels are bolted together using M8 nuts and bolts and fixed to the floor for stability. Excellent for creating offices in factory workplaces.

    Double Skin Partitioning
    These partitioning systems contain minimal joints and the double skin provides a smooth finish on both sides. Double Skin Partitioning is best suited for clean rooms, storage areas for chemicals and food, works offices and also dividing walls.

    Safety Barriers
    The pedestrian safety barriers supplied and installed by Billington have been designed for both ground and upper mezzanine flooring and used to prevent personnel walking into restricted and hazardous areas such as dangerous machinery environments.

    A full fitting and installation service is also available on all safety barrier systems supplied. Further safety products and services available from include:

    - Acoustic Enclosures
    - Gantry and Working Platforms
    - Anti-Collapse Mesh
    - Robotic Systems

    A full installation service is also available for all of our products so to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

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    35. Conveyor Guards
    36. Conveyor Systems
    37. Custom Aluminium Profiles
    38. Custom Enclosures
    39. Custom Machine Gaurds
    40. Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
    41. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
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    45. Double Skin Partitions
    46. Drilling Machine Guards
    47. Enclosure Solutions
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    95. Mesh Partitions
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