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    The Big Orchard

    We are a UK manufacturer of drawing office furniture, plan storage equipment and light box tables. We are also the official UK distributor for Tecnostyl visual Acrylic Display Stands and Point Of Sale equipment.
    LED Light Boxes

    The Big Orchard now supply a brand new range of LED Light Boxes for Art, Industry and Science, introducing BEAM. The BEAM range are professional LED light boxes that come in 3 options:

    BEAM (Art and Photography)
    The beam-box is available in almost any size, with a brightness of 12,000 LUX (3,820 Nits) it can be used in all areas of industry and design. It's design is modern, elegant and practical allowing you to work on a seamlessly illuminate, super bright work surface.

    BEAM PRO (Inspection & Quality Control)
    The beam pro offers precision control with the touch of a button, you can accurately and smoothly control the brightness level in single increments between 10% and 100%. The Beam Pro offers a max brightness of 21,000 LUX, it is even available in table form if you require a large format light box.

    BEAM LAB (Medical & Food Grade)
    Beam Lab has the same brightness and dimming features of the Beam Pro but is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel which is Medical and Food safe with IP66 Ingress Protection. Beam Lab is available in 5 sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

    Inspection Light Boxes

    We have the experience to provide professional desktop & artist inspection light boxes or free standing light box tables for most applications. With colour corrected light tubes and glass or acrylic screens, available in sizes up to 2 metres x 1.2 meters for viewing several large plans at once. We can manufacture custom inspection light boxes to order and also have a range of super thin portable artist light boxes in A4, A3 and A2 size, great for artists and designers alike.

    Plan Storage

    From wooden or metal plan chests to vertical plan files and mobile drawing hanger trolleys, we specialise in producing and supplying only top quality furniture and equipment. Ideal for artwork and plans, our plan chest range provides safe horizontal storage in robust and stylish drawers hand built to the highest quality control standards. Great for archiving, vertical plan filing cabinets provide secure storage for large quantities of plans or drawings. For grouping project drawings together and providing easy access, our plan hanger storage systems are good for keeping potentially large quantities of plans together in busy drawing offices or site offices.


    The Big Orchard now manufacture the Planhorse range here in the UK. Planhorse Plan Holders are supplied with a 10 year guarantee. Each Plan Holder can hold up to 100 sheets of paper and wall racks can store paper in any size.

    Drawing Boards

    Our professional drawing boards are available in a range of sizes from free standing A0 and A1 tables with fully adjustable floor stands to desktop drawing boards in A1, A2 and A3 sizes. We use top quality materials and expert manufacturing methods with attention to detail. Visit our site to view our complete product range.

    Technical Drawing Equipment

    Specialists in supplying professional technical drawing instruments for designers, architects and students. We carry a wide range which includes: Triangular scale rulers, Pantographs, Flexible curves, Adjustable T-Squares, Rulers, protractors and set squares etc. Our 300mm black aluminium triangular scale ruler can have your a promotional logo or tag line inlayed onto one face, please contact us for details.

    Drafting Tables

    For the ultimate in design equipment our professional drafting tables feature fully adjustable 360 degree drafting machines with scale rulers. Available in A0 and A1, they provide excellent functionality and ease of use, enabling detailed engineering drawings to be created quickly and accurately.

    Sales & Information

    For The Big Orchard experience simply pick up the telephone and talk to the team.

    With 25 years experience manufacturing drawing boards, plan chests for paper storage and light box tables we guarantee our quality and attention to detail. We can also offer a full delivery installation service on all of our products.

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