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    KAS Shopfittings

    KAS Shopfittings have been successfully supplying retailers with display equipment and Shop Shelving Systems on the internet for over 12 years.

    Whilst we mainly trade on-line we are a real company family-run with over �500k of stock in our own warehouse ready for Next Day delivery. We buy directly from factories in the Far East, Europe and the UK which enables us to offer very competitive pricing across our product range. Our origins date back beyond the web to 1984 when we originally started as shopfitters so we have extensive background knowledge to call on.

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    Shop Shelving Systems
    We always have shelving in stock as we have been supplying shelving since the 1980s. Our system offers consistent quality, strength, flexibility & the ability to be customised. It is used by major supermarkets and small convenience stores, garden centres and DIY shops. Our website has comprehensive details including real-life examples to inspire, installation hints & tips, and customisation options.

    Chrome Wire Shelving
    This is a simple but good looking and strong shelving system that combines practicality with contemporary looks. Often used in the kitchen for dry goods and utensils, popular with a wide range of retailers including homewares and cookware shops, it is also a great storage solution for offices. Also often used in industry for parts storage - we supply Chrome Wire Shelving to many companies in aerospace and motorsport for whom the strength, flexibility and high tech appearance are ideal. We import direct from the Far East so we have the lowest prices around.

    Shop Counters
    We have an excellent range of quality shop counters and joinery. Our standard range are well made fully-assembled counters that are a cut above cheap flat-pack offerings on the web but won�t break the bank. Our counters are made in UK with efficient hi-tech machinery that keeps costs down and quality high, and also allows us to offer custom colours and sizes. Standard designs include Till Points, Cash/Wrap units, 1/3 Vision and Full Vision part-glass display counters, and corner units. If you require something not covered by a standard design we can produce custom counters in premium highly durable materials incorporating curves and other features. We also offer display cabinets in glass and aluminium. All counters arrive fully assembled via dedicated transport. Our website has examples of our work and colour charts as well as comprehensive pricing information. Options include counter tops in Marmoleum, Laminates or Solid Surfacing such as Corian or Hanex; Lighting in LED, halogen & fluorescent� Call us or email to discuss further!

    Slatwall Panels
    Arguably the most widely used display system in non-food retailing. We are one of the few companies that hold slatwall panels in stock, and we have each finish in full sheet and half-sheet sizes. Big choice of finishes including solid colours such as white, cream, black & grey; wood finishes such as Oak, Ash, Maple and Beech; and a Granite patterned finish. We hold a choice of insert colours in pvc as well as timeless aluminium.

    Slatwall Accessories
    The best thing about slatwall is the vast range of display accessories available. Whilst no single supplier can hope to stock every type of slat fitting we do hold a large variety in acrylic, plastic and chrome steel. Just about every shop with slatwall has some hooks and hold tens of thousand in a choice of sizes and designs. There is a trend toward hooks with an overhead arm that carries the price and barcode label and we stock both single prong and euro loop hooks with this arm.

    Grid Panel Display System
    This system uses chrome wire grid panels in a choice of sizes. Can be wall-mounted or used on bases and legs, this system is a cost effective alternative to slatwall, is easily transported and quick to install. It�s popular with mobile traders of all sorts - exhibitions, shows, markets as well as permanent installations in shops. There is a range of hooks, arms and shelves that enable most merchandise to be displayed.

    Dump Bins, Stacking Baskets, Garment Rails and much more�
    We can�t mention every piece of retail display equipment here so please visit our website to view a comprehensive choice of shop fittings. We are often complemented on the ease of use of our website and the info provided, as well as the prices! Call us to discuss your project or place an order with a real human being - you won�t be disappointed.

    Areas Covered
    Our shop shelving systems and chrome wire shelving are available for delivery to the following locations and surrounding areas:

    Castle Cary
    Midsomer Norton
    New Alresford
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    18. Checkout Counter With Conveyor Belt
    19. Checkout Counters
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    22. Chrome Shelving
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    46. Gridwall Display Systems
    47. Gridwall Euro Hooks
    48. Gridwall Hooks
    49. Hair And Beauty Shopfitting
    50. Industrial Counters
    51. Mesh Dump Bin
    52. Modular Checkout Counters
    53. Modular Counter Units
    54. Modular Counters
    55. Modular Shelving
    56. Newspaper Dump Bins
    57. Patisserie Counter
    58. Perspex Shopfitting
    59. Pizza Counter
    60. Pizza/ Preparation Counters
    61. Plastic Modular Shelving
    62. Portable Counter
    63. Portable Counters
    64. Portable Curved Counter
    65. Printed Counter Retail Displays
    66. Printed Retail Display Stands
    67. Printed Retail Displays
    68. Printed Shop Display
    69. Printed Shop Display Stands
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    180. Used Retail Shelving Systems
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