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  • Celebrating 60 years in business!
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    Lee-Dickens Ltd

    Celebrating 60 years!

    Lee-Dickens is a private limited company, which has been involved in the design and manufacture of high integrity industrial and military process monitoring and control systems for more than 50 years.

    We have an enviable reputation for product design, innovation and quality established over a wide customer base and the company is assessed to ISO 9001:2015.

    The company is divided into two divisions, The Process Equipment Division and the Systems Division. The two divisions complement each other and provide a combined resource that can cope with all kinds of projects from simple supply of product through to full turnkey solutions.

    Telemetry Systems

    Lee-Dickens manufacture, install and commission Telemetry Systems for Vendor Managed Inventory, Tank Monitoring, NavAid Monitoring and other non-specific telemetry applications. Our Telemetry Systems are designed to transfer analogue, pulse and digital signals between 2 locations, this is done via a number of different communication media. Please visit our website for more information about Telemetry Systems.

    Systems Division

    The Lee-Dickens Systems Division provides systems design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and setting to work of Telemetry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems, as well as other bespoke electronic and software systems.

    The Systems Division employs experienced Sales, Project and Software Engineering staff to ensure the customers' needs are fully understood and to ensure the solutions provided are cost effective, on time and in budget.

    Systems Development
    The System Division specialises in System Design, Development and Integration. Many of our customers ask us to adapt our existing equipment to interface with third party equipment, or to integrate a number of types of equipment into a working solution. Our depth of experience in Project Management and Engineering, along with our wide range of products means that we are ideally placed to solve your problems.

    Quality Assurance
    Hardware and Software development is carried out in accordance with procedures laid down in our Design Engineering Practices & Procedures (DEP&P) Manual which is approved to ISO9001 and the software requirement of ISO9000-3 Tick-IT.

    Master Station Software
    Our current range of Master Station software includes:

    Runs on Windows NT or Windows XP platforms and has an active graphics HMI

    SITEWATCH 2000
    Runs on Windows 95 or Windows NT platforms offering text Human Machine Interface

    An X-Windows compliant and runs on workstations utilising the UNIX operating system.

    Remote Terminal Units

    Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) A range of SITEWATCH microprocessor based intelligent Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are available to provide the "real world" interface to plant and equipment to be monitored and controlled. The RTUs can be configured and tailored to meet the applications requirements. Communications between the Master Station and RTUs can be via leased lines, private wires, fibre-optics, radio, microwave links or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

    Lee-Dickens maintains all of the resources necessary to complete a SCADA project, from the design and manufacturing stage through to final implementation including:

    �- Project management and project engineering services
    �- Systems engineering
    �- Digital and analogue circuit design
    �- Software and firmware development
    �- Electrical and electronics manufacturing
    �- Factory Acceptance Test facilities
    �- Installation and commissioning services
    �- Equipment and software maintenance support services

    Process Instrumentation

    The Process Equipment Division is involved in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of Electronic Process Control and Monitoring Instrumentation, including Signal Conditioning Equipment and Trip Amplifiers, Sensors and Transmitters for Temperature, Humidity and Level, Digital Process Indicators and Signal Multiplexers.

    The Level measurement range offered is based upon the well known 80 Series Telstor and Tektor capacitance probes and controllers, and, the 81 Series Noflote conductivity probes and controllers. Lee-Dickens purchased these ranges from ABB in 2001. The range has been added to with new DIN rail mounting controllers in the 81 Series Noflote range and a new two- wire transmitter version of the Telstor continuous level measurement capacitance level probe� the Telstor ADVANCE.

    The Relative Humidity and Temperature programme at Lee-Dickens includes duct and wall mounting devices suitable for environmental monitoring. We also produce ATEX approved duct and wall mounting RH transmitters and RH probes with a remote head.

    The Process Equipment Division also provides a sub-contract service for bespoke product or printed circuit board (pcb) design, prototype, manufacture and test to customer requirements and specifications. We also provide an Obsolete Instrument design service. Component and Product Obsolescence is becoming a large problem and with our design service we can often provide a cost effective solution.

    Signal Conditioning Equipment

    The following Signal Conditioners and Trip Amplifiers are also SIL Rated (In accordance with IEC 61508) and full FMEDA Reports are available on request: BM100 Single Level Trip Amplifier; BM120 Dual Level Trip Amplifier; BM303 Isolating Signal Converter; BM320 Dual Output Isolating Signal Converter; BM916 Low Input Impedance Isolating Signal Converter; BD100 Single Level Trip Amplifier; BD120 Dual Level Trip Amplifier; BD300 Isolating Signal Converter and the BD320 Dual Output Isolating Signal Converter.


    The systems offered can be 'Closed' for very secure environments, Web-Based for global access in multi-national companies, or networked for wide-area access when required. The systems can provide alerts in many forms such as SMS, email or secure web-page and these alerts can be prioritised. Once the data has been gathered our data handling service can output the data in a multitude of formats for inputting into 'others' systems for further analysis.

    Our experienced staff, the inherent reliability of our electronic products and our realistic systems approach, ensures that our clients receive the most cost-effective system to meet their requirements.

    Please visit our website for our full product range or contact a member of our team with any questions you may have.

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    Products and Services

    1. Capacitance Level Controllers
    2. Continuous Level Controllers
    3. Data Aquisition Systems
    4. Differentiators
    5. Dual Level Trip Amplifiers
    6. Dual Output Isolating Signal Converters
    7. Electro-Mechanical Assembly
    8. Electronic Circuit Design
    9. Frequency Converters
    10. Frequency To Current Converters
    11. Frequency To Voltage Converters
    12. Hour Meters
    13. Humidity Transducers
    14. Humidity Transmitters
    15. Instrument Manufacturer
    16. Instrument Panels
    17. Instrumentation
    18. Instrumentation And Measurement
    19. Instrumentation Design Service
    20. Integrated Remote Control And Monitoring Systems (IRCMS)
    21. Integrators
    22. Isolating Signal Converters
    23. LED Displays
    24. Level Controllers
    25. Level Probes
    26. Load Cell Gauges
    27. Load Strain Gauges
    28. Load-Cell Amplifiers
    29. Obsolete Instrument Design
    30. Obsolete Instrument Manufacturer
    31. PCB Layout
    32. PCB Population
    33. PCB Tracking
    34. Phase Angle Transducers
    35. Point Level Controllers
    36. Point Level Probes
    37. Process Control
    38. Process Control Equipment
    39. Process Control Instrumentation
    40. Process Humidity Sensors
    41. Process Instrumentation
    42. Programmable Analogue Converters
    43. Programmable Analogue Maths Modules
    44. Programmable Converters
    45. Programmable Frequency Converters
    46. Programmable Isolating Signal Converters
    47. Radio Telemetry
    48. Relative Humidity Meters
    49. Relative Humidity Sensors
    50. Relative Humidity Transmitters
    51. Remote Control And Monitoring Systems (RCMS)
    52. Remote Inventory Management (RIM)
    53. Remote Maintenance Monitoring (RMM)
    54. Remote Terminal Units - GSM Based
    55. Remote Terminal Units - LAN Based
    56. Remote Terminal Units - Microwave Based
    57. Remote Terminal Units - PSTN Based
    58. Remote Terminal Units - Radio Based
    59. Sample And Hold Devices
    60. SCADA
    61. SCADA HMI
    62. SCADA Systems
    63. Sensors
    64. Sensors Electronic
    65. Sensors Humidity
    66. Signal Amplifiers
    67. Signal Conditioners
    68. Signal Conditioning
    69. Signal Conditioning Equipment
    70. Signal Converters
    71. Signal Linearisers
    72. Signal Multiplexors
    73. Signal Splitters
    74. Single Level Trip Amplifiers
    75. Stabilised Instrument Power Supplies
    76. Strain Gauge Amplifiers
    77. Telemetry
    78. Telemetry Control Systems
    79. Telemetry Systems
    80. Temperature Displays
    81. Temperature Sensing
    82. Temperature Sensors
    83. Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
    84. Trip Amplifiers
    85. Trip AmplifiersSingle
    86. Triple Level Amplifiers
    87. VAR Meters
    88. Vendor Managed Inventory
    89. Watt Meters
    90. Web Based Telemetry

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