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    Anglo Stainless Ltd

    Anglo Stainless was established in 1987, initially as a manufacturer and stockist of stainless steel flanges. The company has grown over the years and has added further product lines to compliment the range. The company now offers a complete range of stainless steel pipe, fittings and flanges and aims to despatch your order from stock to your requirements.

    The range of flanges covers most specifications including BSEN1092-1, ANSI B16.5 and BS10. We stock flanges in stainless steel grades 304/l and 316/l.

    We also stock a range of reduced thickness flanges that are manufactured to suit hygienic tube. They are drilled to suit BSEN1092-1 (BS4504) PN16 and ANSI B16.5 150LB flanges but are reduced in thickness to save cost when a full thickness flange is not required.

    Custom Stainless Steel Flanges
    We can of course, produce flanges to your exact requirement in our fully equipped machine shop. The machine shop has seen considerable investment over the years and can offer CNC turning and milling to your requirements. Please call for further details.

    In addition to our substantial range and stock of flanges, we keep a full range of stainless steel butt weld fittings in both welded and seamless construction and in both grade 304/l and grade 316/l. Our range includes the following fittings:

    �- 90 Degree Long Radius Elbows
    �- 45 Degree Long Radius Elbows
    �- 90 Degree Short Radius Elbows
    �- Equal Tees
    �- Reducing Tees
    �- Concentric Reducers
    �- Eccentric Reducers
    �- End caps

    Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    The stock range also includes stainless steel low pressure threaded fittings with BSP threads. These fittings are available in stainless steel grade 316 and are rated at 150lb. The range includes the following fittings:

    �- BSP'T weld nipples stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP'T barrel nipples stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP 90 degree female/female elbows stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP 45 degree female/female elbows stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP 90 degree male/female elbows stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP hexagon reducing bushes stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP'T hexagon reducing nipples stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP'T hexagon nipples stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP end caps stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP male bends stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP ball valves stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP hose nipples stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP full sockets stainless steel grade 316
    �- BSP half sockets stainless steel grade 316

    We also offer a pipe cutting service which enables you to order to your exact requirements. This allows you to save considerable time and expense as you do not have to hold and control inventory of pipe at your premises. Most items can be cut and despatched the same day.

    Please call or e-mail us with your enquiry and we will offer a competitive quote by return.

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