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    Reliable Heating Agents in Greater London

    Supaflex Agencies is a specialist supplier of a comprehensive range of specialist pipeline equipment including:

        • Copper Expansion Bellows
        • Flexible Connectors for Pumps & Equipment
        • Axial & Articulated Expansion Joints
        • Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators
        • Chemical Dosing Pots
        • Water Sample Coolers
        • Magnetic Low Velocity/Loss Headers
        • Fancoil Hoses & QRCs
        • Inertia Base, spring Anti-Vibration Mounts & Spring Hangers
        • Buffer Vessels-Horizontal & Vertical
        • Vacuum Degassers
        • Anchors & Expansion Joint Guides

    Originally set up to provide expansion joint schemes for consulting engineers and contractors in the UK Supaflex now specialise in providing specialist pipeline equipment.

    All we require are the details of the pump you intend to mount on the inertia base and Supaflex will do the rest so why not contact us for further information.

    Copper Expansion Bellows
    The copper ended expansion joints from Supaflex have been specifically designed to absorb the thermal expansion that occurs in hot water and perimeter heating circuits.

    Axial & Articulated Expansion Joints
    We are able to supply one of the largest ranges of axial and articulated expansion joints in the UK so please visit our website for much further information and technical data.

    Flexible Connectors for Pumps & Equipment
    The Supaflex rubber expansion bellows are manufactured from E.P.D.M. with multiple nylon and steel wire and come complete with zinc plated mild steel flanges, tied or untied with threaded rods and anti-vibration top hat washer on oval flanges.

    Flexible Connectors for Pumps & Equipment
    The Supaflex rubber expansion bellows are manufactured from E.P.D.M. with multiple nylon and steel wire and come complete with zinc plated mild steel flanges, tied or untied with threaded rods and anti-vibration top hat washer on oval flanges.

    Vacuum Degassers
    Please consult us if you would like information on the supply and installation of vacuum degreasers and we will guide you through all the necessary stages for your installation project.

    For more information about any of the products described above please contact us or visit our website where you will find one of the most comprehensive ranges of products along with examples of installations and further technical data.

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    Products and Services

    1. Air Bellows
    2. Air Separators
    3. Air Spring Rubber Bellows
    4. Angular Bellows
    5. Anti -Vibration Mountings
    6. Anti –Vibration Mounting
    7. Anti Vibration Mount
    8. Anti Vibration Mountings
    9. Anti Vibration Mounts
    10. Anti-Vibration Mounting Feet
    11. Anti-Vibration Mountings
    12. Antivibration Mountingsnd
    13. Articulated Expansion Joints
    14. Axial Bellows
    15. Axial Expansion Joints
    16. Axial Gland Seal Packed Bellows
    17. Bellow Expansion Joints
    18. Bellows
    19. Bellows Coupling
    20. Bellows Couplings
    21. Bellows Expansion Joints
    22. Bellows Protection
    23. Bellows Prototype Design
    24. Bellows Rubber
    25. Bellows Shaft Couplings
    26. Bellows Silicone Rubber
    27. Bridge Expansion Joint
    28. Buffer Vessel
    29. Buffer Vessels
    30. Chemical Dosing Pot
    31. Chemical Dosing Pots
    32. Chilled Water Buffer Vessel
    33. Chilled Water Buffer Vessels
    34. Circular Bellows
    35. Circular Bellows To Specification
    36. Compressed Air Separators
    37. Copper Bellows
    38. Copper Ended Expansion Joints
    39. Copper Expansion Bellows
    40. Decoupling Automotive Bellows
    41. Diaphragm Bellows
    42. Diaphragm Valve Bellows
    43. Dirt Separators
    44. Dosing Pots
    45. Edge Welded Bellows
    46. Exhaust Expansion Joints
    47. Expansion Bellows
    48. Expansion Bellows Articulated
    49. Expansion Joint
    50. Expansion Joint Fillers
    51. Expansion Joint Sealants
    52. Expansion Joints
    53. Externally Pressurised Expansion Joints
    54. Fabric Expansion Joints
    55. Fan Coil Units
    56. Fancoil Hose
    57. Fancoil Hoses
    58. Flange To Bellows
    59. Flexible Bellows
    60. Flexible Expansion Joints
    61. Flexible Hose
    62. Flexible Hoses
    63. Flexible Metal Bellows
    64. Flexible Pump Connectors
    65. Flexible Rubber Bellows Connectors
    66. Flue Gas Bellows
    67. Gimbal Bellows
    68. H&V Pipeline Equipment
    69. Hinged Bellows
    70. Horizontal Buffer Vessels
    71. Hydraulic Pipeline Equipment
    72. Industrial Bellows
    73. Lateral Bellows
    74. Low Velocity Headers
    75. Machine Cover Gaiter Bellows
    76. Magnetic Low Velocity Headers
    77. Medical Polyurethane (PU) Bellows
    78. Medical Polyurethane Bellows
    79. Metal Bellows Coupling
    80. Metallic Bellows
    81. Metallic Expansion Joints & Hoses
    82. Microbubble Air Separators
    83. Microbubble Dirt Separators
    84. Miniature Bellows
    85. Mollart Expansion Joints
    86. Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Pump Bellows
    87. Obsolete Pump Connectors
    88. Pipeline Bellows
    89. Pipeline Equipment
    90. Polyurethane (PU) Bellows
    91. Polyurethane (PU) Bellows To Specification
    92. Polyurethane Bellows
    93. Polyurethane Bellows To Specification
    94. Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
    95. PTFE Bellows
    96. PTFE Lined Expansion Joints
    97. Pump Connector
    98. Pump Connectors
    99. PVC Circular Bellows
    100. Rectangular Bellows
    101. Rectangular Expansion Joints
    102. Rubber Antivibration Mountings
    103. Rubber Bellows
    104. Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints
    105. Rubber Bellows Pumps & Equipment
    106. Rubber Bellows To Specification
    107. Rubber Expansion Bellows
    108. Rubber Expansion Joints
    109. Rubber Flexible Connectors
    110. Schrader Bellows Pneumatics
    111. Seals Bellows
    112. Specialist Expansion Joints
    113. Stainless Steel Bellows
    114. Stainless Steel Exhaust Bellows
    115. Stainless Steel Expansion Joints
    116. Stainless Steel Pump Connector Hoses
    117. Steel Bellows Coupling
    118. Steel Expansion Joints
    119. Threaded Bellows
    120. Trench Heating
    121. Universal Bellows
    122. Vacuum Bellows
    123. Vacuum Degassers
    124. Vertical Buffer Vessels
    125. Viton Expansion Joints
    126. Water Sample Coolers
    127. Welded Bellows

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