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    JLS Supplies Ltd

    We established our Engineering-Supplies web-site in 2005 specialising in the on-line and tele-sales supply of threading tools, including taps and dies, thread gauges (screw plug and screw ring gauges) and associated engineering supplies. Our aim is to supply a reliable cost effective service to our customers

    We have the ability to supply large orders for blue chip companies worldwide to single items for the model engineer.

    Our Product Range Includes:
    Standard and special HSS & HSSe Apex, TWT and Volkel taps and dies, Vcoil Thread Repair, Coventry chasers, Coventry dieheads, thread rolling equipment, screw plug thread gauges, screw ring gauges and associated workshop products from stock. We supply quotations to manufacture specials on request.

    With over 30 years engineering experience in manufacturing, sourcing and supply we provide a reliable and economical service to suit each of our customers´┐Ż requirements. We strive to surpass our customers´┐Ż expectations and quality within our industry and offer a service beyond expectations within budget.

    Left Hand Taps & Dies
    Left Hand Taps & Dies are used to cut a thread in the reverse direction. Left hand taps are used to produce a thread into a bore such as a nut and left hand dies are used to produce an external thread such as on a bolt or shaft.

    We offer one of the widest ranges of left hand taps and dies from BA, BSF and BSP to BSW, UNC & UNF and Metric. Custom made left hand taps and dies can also be produced to your own specifications so why not get I n touch to find out more.

    Right Hand Taps & Dies
    Again right hand taps produce a thread into a bore or nut for example and right hand dies produce a thread onto a shaft such as a bolt for example. JLS offers a huge range of right hand taps and dies so whether you require a metric thread, BSW thread or an MEE thread used in Modelmaking we have the solution. Custom made right hand taps and dies also available on request.

    Thread Gauges Supplier
    We supply a whole range of Go and No Go internal and external thread and plain gauges from stock. Why not head over to our online shop where you'll find one of the largest ranges of thread gauges anywhere around. Alternatively if you have any special requirements please get in touch for a quotation.

    Products for all industries
    Our products are supplied to a wide range of industries worldwide from Engineering workshops to Automotive to Motor sport to Electrical generating to Ministry of defence to Construction to Aerospace to Agricultural to Oil industry and hobby model engineers.

    The range of industries and customers we serve is testament to our flexibility and willingness to take on new practices when requested.

    Engineering products from various suppliers
    To complement our core threading tools business we offer worldwide supply of our competitive range of engineering products including, v-coil thread repair kits, v-coil wire inserts and associated taps, Twist Drills and Milling Cutters to name a few.

    We work alongside many single sourcing programmes and if your company is committed to a supplier reduction program or single sourcing. We are willing to supply either directly or indirectly with your chosen outsourcing supplier.

    Competitive Pricing
    Without high overhead costs, we're also able to maintain competitive prices without jeopardising product quality and offer a personal service at all times, we aim to dispatch items via our courier within one working day, however we do offer next day guaranteed services on request.

    Our mission is to continuously improve through avoiding problems ahead of time. This gives us greater efficiency and control through our supply process and to offer "best value" on products supplied without compromising on quality.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
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    Saturday Closed
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    Pro-Forma 30 days
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