TENEO (UK) Limited

TENEO (UK) Limited

Jasmin House, Ayscough Street, West Marsh Industrial Estate
Grimsby Lincolnshire
DN31 1TG

  • UK supplier of label printing, tagging & packaging equipment
  • Bespoke printing & labelling solutions
  • Labels in matt, semi gloss, high gloss & direct thermal papers
  • UK Supplier
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    TENEO (UK) Limited

    Labelling Solutions

    Teneo (UK) is a leading UK supplier of label printing, packaging and tagging solutions.


    We offer customers a complete range of cost effective labelling solutions to cover all of their bespoke printing needs so whether you require labels on rolls, A4 sheet or labels for a sprocket fed dot matrix printer we will deliver.

    Using various adhesives we can also adapt our labelling to suit all applications even on the most difficult substrates.

    In-House Design

    Our own in house design team will work alongside you to create a design from scratch or offer a new design to meet your current needs.

    Computer Labels
    Digital Labels
    Medical Labels
    Outdoor Labels
    Pre-Printed Labels
    Plain Labels
    Scale Labels
    Textile Labels
    Speciality Labels

    Packaging Equipment

    To meet our customer packaging needs Teneo (UK) offers a wide range of cost effective solutions in the form of high performance equipment and machinery.

    From Heat Sealers, Tray Thermosealing, Bag Openers and Hand Wrappers through to L-Bar Sealers, Tape Dispensers, Twist Tie Machines and Packaging Materials we are your one stop shop for all of your packaging needs.

    Packaging Products

    All Packaging Tapes Available
    Single, Decorative, Twin Wire Twist Ribbon
    Polycore Non-Metallic
    Tie Wraps & Cable Ties
    Polypropylene Wicketed Bags Perforated/Non Perforated
    Polythene Layflat Tubing
    Vacuum Bags
    Water Activated Plain/Reinforced/Pre-Printed Tape

    ISO 9001:2000

    The team here at Teneo (UK) is committed in providing its customer with a second to none service and strives towards excellence throughout the company.

    We operate a highly efficient quality management system equivalent to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

    Having no allegiance to any particular manufacturers also means we are able to cherry pick only the best products to meet our customers label and packaging needs.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 15:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    American Express
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    Products and Services

    1. 2D Barcode Scanner
    2. 2D Barcode Scanners
    3. 2D Barcode Verifier
    4. 2D Corded Barcode Scanners
    5. 2D Cordless Barcode Scanners
    6. Back Neck Sealers
    7. Bag Opener
    8. Bar Code Label Printed
    9. Bar Code Label Printer
    10. Bar Code Label Printing
    11. Bar Code Printer
    12. Bar Code Printers
    13. Bar Code Printing
    14. Bar Code Scanner
    15. Bar Code Scanning Equipment
    16. Bar Code Verification
    17. Barcode Label Printed
    18. Barcode Label Printer
    19. Barcode Label Printer Repairs
    20. Barcode Label Printer Sales
    21. Barcode Label Printers
    22. Barcode Label Printing
    23. Barcode Printer Repairs
    24. Barcode Printer Sales
    25. Barcode Printers
    26. Barcode Printers Repairs
    27. Barcode Printing
    28. Barcode Printing Software
    29. Barcode Scanner
    30. Barcode Scanner Repairs
    31. Barcode Scanners
    32. Barcode Scanners Repairs
    33. Barcode Scanning
    34. Barcode Scanning Equipment
    35. Barcode Verification
    36. Barcode Verifier
    37. Bespoke Labels
    38. Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
    39. Bottle Label Printers
    40. Bottle Label Printing
    41. Cab Barcode Printer
    42. Cable Label Printer
    43. Cable Label Printers
    44. Chemical Label Printers
    45. Chemical Label Printing
    46. Coldseal Packaging Materials
    47. Colour Coded Label Printing
    48. Computer Labels
    49. Constant Heat Sealer
    50. Corded Barcode Scanners
    51. Cordless Barcode Scanner
    52. Cordless Barcode Scanners
    53. Custom Design Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    54. Custom Digital Labels
    55. Custom Label Printed Security
    56. Custom Label Printing
    57. Custom Printed Labels
    58. Customer Label Printing
    59. Desktop Barcode Printers
    60. Digital Label
    61. Digital Label Printer
    62. Digital Label Printers
    63. Digital Label Printing
    64. Digital Labels
    65. Direct Heat Sealer
    66. Double Side Thermal Transfer Printer
    67. Fixed Position Barcode Scanners
    68. Food Label Printers
    69. Food Label Printing
    70. Fragile Printed Labels
    71. Glass Printed Labels
    72. Gold Printed Labels
    73. Hand Held Heat Sealers
    74. Hand Operated Heat Sealer
    75. Hand Wrappers
    76. Handheld Barcode Scanners
    77. Hands Free Barcode Scanners
    78. Hazardous Label Printers
    79. Hazardous Label Printing
    80. Heat Sealer
    81. Heat Sealer Table
    82. Heat Sealer With Cutter
    83. Heat Sealers
    84. Heat Sealers With Cutter
    85. Heat Sealers Without Cutter
    86. Heat Shrink
    87. Heat Shrink Industrial
    88. Heat Shrink Labelling
    89. Heat Shrink Supplier
    90. Heat Shrink Systems
    91. Heatshrink
    92. Heatshrink Supplier
    93. Heavy Duty Packaging Material Handling Equipment
    94. Heavy Duty Packaging Material Lifters
    95. Impulse Heat Sealer
    96. Industrial Barcode Printers
    97. Industrial Barcode Scanners
    98. Industrial Printed Labels
    99. Inline Barcode Verification
    100. L-Bar Sealers
    101. Label Printed Supplier
    102. Label Printer
    103. Label Printer Applicators
    104. Label Printers
    105. Label Printers Portsmouth
    106. Label Printing
    107. Label Printing In Portsmouth
    108. Label Printing Machines
    109. Label Printing Portsmouth
    110. Label Printing Services
    111. Label Printing Software
    112. Label Printing Solutions
    113. Label Prints
    114. Laminated Printed Labels
    115. Magnetic Heat Sealer
    116. Magnetic Impulse Heat Sealer
    117. Medical Labels
    118. Medium Capacity Impulse Heat Sealer
    119. Microelectronics Packaging Materials
    120. Mobile Barcode Printer
    121. Mobile Barcode Printers
    122. Mobile Barcode Scanner
    123. Mobile Barcode Scanners
    124. Mobile Label Printer
    125. Office Label Printers
    126. Office Label Printing
    127. Offline Barcode Verification
    128. On Demand Label Printing
    129. Outdoor Labels
    130. Packaging Machine
    131. Packaging Machinery
    132. Packaging Machines
    133. Packaging Material Distributors
    134. Packaging Material Handling
    135. Packaging Material Handling Equipment
    136. Packaging Material Lifters
    137. Packaging Material Lifting
    138. Packaging Material Lifting And Handling
    139. Packaging Material Lifting And Handling Equipment
    140. Packaging Material Lifting Equipment
    141. Packaging Material Positioners
    142. Packaging Material Suppliers
    143. Packaging Materials
    144. Pharmaceutical Label Printers
    145. Pharmaceutical Label Printing
    146. Plain Labels
    147. Polyethylene (Pe) Coated Barrier Packaging Materials
    148. Polythene Heat Sealers
    149. Portable Barcode Scanner
    150. Portable Barcode Scanners
    151. Portable Heat Sealer
    152. Pre-Printed Labels
    153. Printed Label
    154. Printed Labels
    155. Printed Labels Uk
    156. Product Label Printers
    157. Product Label Printing
    158. Promotional Label Printers
    159. Promotional Label Printing
    160. Retail Barcode Verifier
    161. Reverse Printed Labels
    162. Roll Label Printers
    163. Roll Label Printing
    164. Rugged Corded Barcode Scanners
    165. Rugged Cordless Barcode Scanners
    166. Sale Of Packaging Materials And Machines
    167. Sales Of Self Seal Packaging Materials
    168. Scale Labels
    169. Screen Printed Labels
    170. Screenprinted Labels
    171. Security Heat Sealer
    172. Security Label Printers
    173. Security Label Printing
    174. Self Adhesive Label Printer
    175. Self Adhesive Label Printers
    176. Self Adhesive Label Printing
    177. Semi Automatic Heat Sealers
    178. Semi-Automatic Impulse Heat Sealer
    179. Sheet Packaging Materials
    180. Sheeted Label Printers
    181. Sheeted Label Printing
    182. Specialist Printed Labels
    183. Speciality Labels
    184. Stainless Steel Heat Sealer
    185. Stock Label Printers
    186. Stock Label Printing
    187. Subsurface Label Printing
    188. Subsurface Printed Labels
    189. Symbol Barcode Scanner
    190. Symbol Barcode Scanners
    191. Tagging Products
    192. Tamper Label Printers
    193. Tamper Label Printing
    194. Tape Dispensers
    195. Textile Labels
    196. Thermal Label Printers
    197. Thermal Label Printing
    198. Thermal Ribbon
    199. Thermal Ribbons
    200. Thermal Transfder Labels
    201. Thermal Transfer
    202. Thermal Transfer Labels
    203. Thermal Transfer Overprinters
    204. Thermal Transfer Printer
    205. Thermal Transfer Printers
    206. Thermal Transfer Printing
    207. Thermal Transfer Ribbon
    208. Thermal Transfer Ribbons
    209. Thermal Transfers
    210. Trade Barcode Verifier
    211. Trade Label Printing
    212. Tray Thermosealing
    213. Twist Tie Machines
    214. Under Surface Screen Printed Labels
    215. Variable Printed Labels
    216. Vial Label Printing
    217. Warehouse Label Printers
    218. Warehouse Label Printing
    219. Wholesale Packaging Material Distributors
    220. Wholesale Packaging Material Suppliers
    221. Wholesale Packaging Materials
    222. Window Printed Labels
    223. Wireless Barcode Printer
    224. Wireless Barcode Scanner
    225. Wireless Barcode Scanners
    226. Xeikon Digital Label Printing

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