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    Sheerspeed Shelters Ltd

    Commercial / Work Umbrellas

    Sheerspeed Shelters Ltd has been in the Tent & Marquee manufacturing industry for over 35 years specialising in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Quick to Erect Portable Lightweight Tents & Shelters. We Supply to Police, Fire and Rescue, Utility Companies (Gas Water Electricity), Ministry of Defence, Telecommunications, Entertaining & Promotional, Ambulance Services and Mobile servicing units to mention a few.

    We offer an extensive range of Speedtents & Marquees for all occasions from small garden applications to County show standards in many colours at affordable prices either from stock or made to order.

    They are quick to erect in a matter of seconds and all fabrics are Flame Retardant for safety. Marquees & Speedtents fold away just as quickly for storage or transportation.

    Lightweight Work Tents
    All work tents from Sheerspeed Shelters are flame retardant and non-conductive. The Sheerspeed range includes products from Economy / Budget to Mid-range and Premium range lightweight work tents, dark room, tunnel and triangle �A� tents. Sheerspeed Shelters offer a full design service. We specialise in the supply of RF welded tent offering 100% waterproof seams in conjunction with our unique translucent material where by NATURAL light transmits into the tent offering good colour distinction and less operator fatiguing over time spent in the tent.

    Elephant Welding Tents
    We offer a number of Elephant Welding Tent models designed to cover every aspect of your welding applications including Welding Elephant Tents with Trans Roofs and more. Materials that meet standards BS7837, EN1598, LPS1215. As well as standard sizes these welding tents can be manufactured to bespoke sizes.

    Railway Tents
    As the largest supplier of Railway maintenance and Track welding tents we supply Welding screens, Nonconductive welding screens, Welding umbrellas, Welding screens, Welding umbrellas, Umbrella clamps and Jointers umbrellas in a wide range of styles, all of which are Network Rail approved and nonconductive. We have over 30 tent designs approved by Network Rail authority to select from. We manufacture and design bespoke products for specific customer applications.

    Police Crime Scene Tents
    For the past 35 years Sheerspeed Tents has been supplying the Police with a comprehensive range of Police and Crime scene tents, from body bags through to Forensics tents and Marquees / Gazebos, Karsten Tenten, Tentworld Unlimited, Square Working tent, Trotec tents, 5-seconds tent, Decency tents, Personnel tents, Search tents and all styles whether Concertina Marquee, Gazebo or Speed tent pop up tent designs.

    Instant Gazebo Manufacturer
    We offer a number of styles and frame sizes for our quality and hard wearing Marquees and Gazebo products, from square to rectangular and hexagon with or without side walls. These product can be extended in foot print coverage as well as height to meet specific needs. Full Printing services are available of all descriptions, Dye sublimation, Heat press, PVC prints etc.

    Welding Screens / Curtains
    At Sheerspeed we offer a wide selection of welding screens / curtains that are flame retardant and keep debris away from the welding area. Our welding screens and curtains are available in a range of sizes and can be branded with your company logo.

    Forensic Services

    Sheerspeed Shelters supply specialised Blackout tents for forensic applications made from all materials such as PVC / polyester / nylon etc. for laser light use and associated sensitive work. Our unique fabrics deliver super performance for longevity and Blackout performance. White outside and Black interior materials offer a cooler working environment when in hotter climates.

    Work Umbrellas
    Sheerspeed offers a wide range of Nonconductive work umbrellas in a wide choice of colours and designs to cover every aspect of your working practices. Economy umbrellas, Mid-range umbrellas, Heavy duty umbrellas all to service the industries Electricity, Utilities, Piping, Telecommunications, Railways, Pub umbrella, Promotional umbrellas, Tote board umbrellas.

    Mobile Vehicle Tent
    Fire and Rescue, Mobile Transit Tents, Mobile Vehicle Tents, Scene of Crime mobile tents, Forensic tents, and more. Work tents that can be designed to directly attach to vehicles of all descriptions and additionally be operated independently from the vehicle. Standard designs can be altered to directly suit different types of vehicles. Quick erect pop up tents offer the advantage of a compact fold size for storage and good wet storage properties with PVC materials.

    As a leading supplier of tents and shelters Sheerspeed Shelters is able to supply PVC Translucent Telecom Tents, Solid Telecom Tents and BT Tents at competitive prices. Currently the preferred 12a tent supplier to BT and designed and delivered products to Virgin Mobile, BT Openreach, Thales. Tents can be branded and made to bespoke special sizes.

    Incident Tents & Incident Screens
    We supply a number of specialised products including Incident Tents, Decontamination Tents, NHS Tents and Tunnel Tents. Whether on construction sites, during track work, for temporary storage of components or in case of accidents and deployments in crisis areas, the assembly work tents and mobile screen fences from Sheerspeed provide optimum conditions for focussed and safe work. Sheerspeed is a leading supplier of incident screens with a full range of designs and styles. All colours are available in many material types including PVC incident screens, lightweight polyester screens, Heavy-duty PVC screens, PVC mesh screens, Canvas screens, Trotec and many more.

    Fire, Search & Rescue
    To find out more or to view our complete range of Fire, Search and Rescue Marquees please go to our online shop. Search & rescue tents (SAR) manufactured from all the denoted colour references depending upon application are supplied to all sizes. Tents available to specific designs including optimising size and weight for air travel restrictions.

    Portable Screening
    Hi-Vis Screens, Incident Screens, Welding Screens and more may be found on our website. Screens are designed to be portable and quick erecting. Portable incident screens are available in a full range of colours and/or multicolour options. Providing products for the Retail environment, Safety shielding, Medical screening, Airport screens, Hard standing kits to support screening with compact folding design and infinite adjustment to cater for all conditions.

    Piping Shelters
    From Piping Speed tents to Large Piping Shelters, Sheerspeed Shelters can provide you with a shelter to meet your specific piping needs. Strong long lasting and robust up specification materials are used to withstand higher levels of operator abuse. Bespoke shelters to accommodate the different pipe diameters and pipe materials including extra height tents and shelters. We supply all the major piping equipment hire companies in the UK.

    Filming Tents
    Filming Tents and Dark Room Tents, whatever your requirements we can offer you a range of filming tents in various sizes and price ranges. Pop up, Instant marquees, Gazebos, Concertina tents, Speed tents are all available work tents for purchase and specific customer design requirements. The different tent types frames such as Speed tent, pop-up, instant awnings, gazebos, tubular frames etc. are all available. Hire range of tents for Police and Forensic, scene filming in various colours ready to supply.

    Modular Shelters & Modular Screens
    Modular Shelters, Screening and Display Frames from Sheerspeed Shelters are also available at competitive prices. Modular shelters are manufactured from a patented design using nonconductive poles and a ball shaped design connection. Framework enables a large flexibility of designs to be achieved to support all applications.

    Site Tents
    PVC Solid Site Tents, PVC Translucent Site Tents and more can be found on our website so please feel free to browse. Elephant Welding tents can be offered in Concertina frames, Pop-up, Marquee, tubular frames either in aluminium, steel or non-conductive fiberglass materials. As well as standard sizes these welding tents can be manufactured to bespoke sizes. VC Solid Elephant Site Tents, PVC Translucent Elephant Site Tents and more can be found on our website so please feel free to browse.

    Hire Facilities
    For all of your Hire requirements Sheerspeed Shelters supply one of the largest ranges of Work Tents, Marquees and Shelters for the hire industry. Work tent products are extremely robust with highly upgraded materials to cater for this arduous environment for both cover materials and frame structures.

    Film Industry Tents and Shelters
    For the film industry we offer a wide range of waterproof tents and shelters. No matter if you are in the studio or on location our film industry tents will protect both you and your equipment.

    Smart Meter Work Tents
    Smart meter work tents are designed for maximum protection. The can be used in all weather elements and are easy to assemble.

    NDT Shelters
    Our non destructing testing shelters provide a blackout environment that has been purposely built for NDT. They are waterproof and can be assembled quickly.

    EV Charging Work Tents
    Our EV charging tents provide a safe, waterproof environment that lets in natural daylight to prevent operator fatigue. Our EV tents can support the domestic or commercial installation of DC EV charge points and power cabinets.

    Accessories & Spare Parts
    We offer a huge range of Accessories and Spares for shelters, tents, umbrellas and more including Ground Stakes, Plastic Moulded Weights, Ballast Bags, Gutter Kits, Carry Bags, Windows etc. Our Spare parts and Repair services extend to products purchased from other manufactures and are not specific to products purchased from Sheerspeed.

    Repair Service

    Assembly Videos

    Big Inch Tent - tent for large diameter pipes Speed tent covered roof + tent joining

    Track welding tent assembly Railway

    Mesh Screening Black 1900mm

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