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Units 1&2 Creswell Business Park, Colliery Road
Worksop Derbyshire
S80 4BX

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  • Vacuum forming is adaptable and cost effective
  • Producing quality plastic parts
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    The Plastic Works Limited

    Based in Derbyshire,� The Plastic Works Limited offer a highly cost effective way of manufacturing plastic components for a whole range of industries and applications.

    Today vacuum forming is the most flexible process used for producing high quality plastic parts at a completive price and that�s why many companies from a wide range of industrial sectors return to The Plastic Works time and time again for their parts.

    With a policy of constant innovation, development and continued investment we are able to stay at the forefront of our competitors in this industry and provide our customers with a highly efficient and second to none service.

    Plastic Vacuum Forming
    The process of vacuum forming itself is extremely adaptable and can be used on a whole range of plastics in different colours, textures, thicknesses and UV stable plastics.

    We have expert knowledge of all plastic materials including:

    � ABS
    � Acrylics
    � Polyethylene
    � Polypropylene
    � Polycarbonate
    � HIPS
    � Materials to Meet Fire, Smoke & Toxicity Regulations

    Plastic vacuum forming is also cost effective because parts can be produced quickly with excellent results.

    Our Services
    The Plastic Works also provides a range of additional manufacturing services making us well placed to provide a one stop shop for many of our customers.

    � Vacuum Forming
    � Thermoforming
    � Ultrasonic Welding
    � 5 Axis CNC Routing
    � Design & Development
    � Patterns & Prototypes
    � Tool & Jig Making
    � Fabrication & Assembly

    Design & Development
    The Plastic Works has a highly efficient design and development system in place to produce your parts to the specifications, quality and aesthetics you require.

    We will work alongside you every step of the way to bring your realisations to reality and are happy to keep on working with you until you get the exact results you need.

    Patterns & Prototypes
    Prior to the final production of a component our designers will create an accurate prototype which will give them the chance to address any real world issues that may arise.

    We use both CAD/CAM and the traditional pattern making route to the production moulds for creating vacuum formed plastic samples taking them to the manufacturing stage.

    Whatever your plastic product and materials needs we will find the most adaptable and cost effective way to manufacture your parts and what's more at a competitive price.

    To find out more about The Plastic Works please visit our website, thank you.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:30
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:30
    Friday 08:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    21. Bonding Adhesive
    22. Chroming
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