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    TI-TEK (UK) Ltd

    Welcome to Ti-Tek we specialise in all things titanium, we are a leading stockist and supplier of Titanium Raw Materials, available in a wide range of different grades and forms like Titanium Sheet, Titanium Bolts, Titanium Tube, Titanium Bar Grade 5 and much more. Ti-Tek ensure that all of their material are fully traceable and sourced only from approved mills, this helps us fall in line with our commitment to quality.

    Our sheet metal is of the highest quality, this goes for all of our Titanium products. Our metals are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries including Aerospace, Chemical, Motor Sport, Medical, Oil & Gas and many more, below you will see some of the products we have to offer:


    Titanium Sheet and Plate

    We stock Titanium Sheet in a range of Grades; Grade 1, 2 and Grade 5. When choosing your Titanium Sheet make sure you chose the correct grade for your application, each metal sheet is graded to its different levels of thickness and weight. If you visit our website you will see a chart of all thickness and weights available for all of our sheet metal.

    Titanium Tube and Pipe
    If you are looking for tubing Ti-Tek stock Titanium Tube that we can supply seamless or welded at grade 2. Titanium Tubing is available in different sizes upon request, please contact a member of our team for further assistance. Should you not find the correct size tube on our website please contact us as different sizes are available upon request.

    Grade 5 and 2 Titanium Bar
    The most manufactured titanium alloy is Grade 5, Titanium Bar Grade 5 has a very high resistance to heat, is exceedingly high strength and can be used by the subsea and aerospace industries.

    We do not only stock Grade 5, we can Supply Grade 1 to 12. Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 are pure Titanium, the other grades are an Alloy, pure Titanium has a high strength to weight ratio and high corrosion resistance.

    6246 Titanium Bar
    6246 Titanium Bar combines high mechanical strength, high temperature stability, weldability and creep resistance up to temperatures of 550 C

    Titanium Bolts
    Titanium Bolts are very strong, they can be supplied with different thread sizes and ends. We offer aerospace quality grades and can apply a range of different finishes. Once again our Titanium Bolts are available in a range of different grades, all of which can be found on our website.

    Other Services Available

    Ti-Tek also offer a range of other services, our facility holds a large amount of stock servicing industries including Petro Chemical, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Motor Sport, Medical and much more. Every single piece of material we have to offer has been sourced from only approved mills, to fall in line with our commitment to quality all of our material is fully traceable.

    What Else Can We Do For You?
    There are a range of other services that Ti-Tek can offer, although we are Titanium Specialist all of our other services are first class:

    - Water Jet Cutting
    - Sawing
    - Machined Parts
    - Sheering
    - Technical Services (for Designers, Engineers & Buyers)

    If you are looking for a Titanium Stockist or any of the above services then look no further than Ti-TEK. Please contact us with any queries and we will be happy to help, for further information click through to our website where you will find detailed specifications for all of our stocked material.

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    Products and Services

    1. AChrome Plating Anodes
    2. Aerospace Forgings
    3. Aerospace Metals
    4. Aerospace Nickel Alloys
    5. Alloy 600
    6. Alloy 625
    7. Aluminium Anodes
    8. Aluminium Coatings
    9. Anatase Titanium Dioxide
    10. Anode Re-Plating
    11. Anode Reconditioning
    12. Anode Refurbishment
    13. Beryllium Nickel
    14. Beryllium Nickel Semi Products
    15. Bolts
    16. Bone Screws
    17. Bright Nickel
    18. Bromate Cell Anodes
    19. BS EN 12472
    20. BS EN 1811
    21. Butterfly Valves
    22. Cannulated Titanium
    23. Cathodic Protection
    24. Cathodic Protection Anodes
    25. Cathodic Protection Components
    26. Cathodic Protection Equipment
    27. Cathodic Protection Maintenance
    28. Cathodic Protection Repair
    29. Cathodic Protection Specialists
    30. Caustic Soda Cell Anodes
    31. CCN Machining Services
    32. Chlorate Cell Anodes
    33. Chrome And Zinc Finishing
    34. Chrome Molybdenum Flanges
    35. CNC Laser Cutting Services
    36. Copper Anodes
    37. Copper Nickel Forging
    38. Copper Nickel Iron Tubes
    39. Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium Trojan
    40. Copper Nickel Solids
    41. Copper Nickel Turnings
    42. Corrosion Resistant Alloy
    43. Corrosion Resistant Bolts
    44. Cupro Nickel Fittings
    45. Cupro Nickel Stockholders
    46. Cupro Nickel Tubes
    47. Cupro-Nickel Fabrications
    48. Cupro-Nickel Tube
    49. Duplex Bolts
    50. Duplex Stainless Steel Fasteners
    51. Duplex Stainless Steel Pipeline Fittings
    52. Duplex Stainless Steel Sheet And Plate
    53. Duplex Steel Pressure Vessals
    54. Duplex Steel Stockholder
    55. Electrochlorination Anodes
    56. Electrodialysis Anodes
    57. Electroless Nickel Composite Coatings
    58. Electroless Nickel Plating Service
    59. Electroless Nickel Plating Specialists
    60. Electroplating Anodes
    61. Eli Bar
    62. Engineering Fasteners
    63. Exotic Materials Fasteners
    64. Exotic Metals Bolts
    65. Foil Nickel
    66. Forgings
    67. Free Issue Coil Processing
    68. Granular PTFE
    69. Heat Exchanger Tube Components
    70. Heat Exchanger Tubes
    71. Heat Exchangers
    72. Hexagon Bolts
    73. Hexagonal Nuts
    74. High Nickel Alloys
    75. High Performance Alloys
    76. High Performance Nickel Alloys
    77. High Temperature Alloys
    78. Hot Rolled Nickel Alloy Bars
    79. ICCP
    80. Impressed Current Anodes
    81. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
    82. Laser Cutting Services
    83. Machining Services
    84. Magnesium Anodes
    85. Manufactured Bolts
    86. Medical Fasteners
    87. Medical Grade ELI Titanium
    88. Metal Manufacturing
    89. Metal Processing
    90. Metal Stockholders
    91. Metal Stockists
    92. Metal Supplier
    93. Milking Parlour Controls
    94. Mmo Anodes
    95. Molybdenum
    96. Molybdenum Stockholders
    97. Nickel Alloy
    98. Nickel Alloy Billet
    99. Nickel Alloy Blanks
    100. Nickel Alloy Blocks
    101. Nickel Alloy Bolts And Nuts
    102. Nickel Alloy Castings
    103. Nickel Alloy Coatings
    104. Nickel Alloy Distributors
    105. Nickel Alloy Fabrications
    106. Nickel Alloy Fabricators
    107. Nickel Alloy Fasteners
    108. Nickel Alloy Fittings
    109. Nickel Alloy Flanges
    110. Nickel Alloy Flanges And Fittings
    111. Nickel Alloy Flat Bars
    112. Nickel Alloy Foil
    113. Nickel Alloy Forgings
    114. Nickel Alloy Ingots
    115. Nickel Alloy Pipes
    116. Nickel Alloy Plate
    117. Nickel Alloy Powder
    118. Nickel Alloy Precision Machining
    119. Nickel Alloy Precision Strip
    120. Nickel Alloy Precision Tubes
    121. Nickel Alloy Profile Cutting
    122. Nickel Alloy Rods
    123. Nickel Alloy Sheet
    124. Nickel Alloy Spring Wire
    125. Nickel Alloy Stockholders
    126. Nickel Alloy Stockist
    127. Nickel Alloy Stranded Wire
    128. Nickel Alloy Strip
    129. Nickel Alloy Tape
    130. Nickel Alloy Tube
    131. Nickel Alloy Tubes
    132. Nickel Alloy Welded Tubes
    133. Nickel Alloy Winding Wire
    134. Nickel Alloy Wire
    135. Nickel Alloys Bars
    136. Nickel Alloys Sheet
    137. Nickel And Titanium Based Alloys
    138. Nickel Anodes
    139. Nickel Bar
    140. Nickel Base Alloy Plate
    141. Nickel Base Alloy Sheet
    142. Nickel Base Alloys Strip
    143. Nickel Chrome Alloys
    144. Nickel Chrome Stranded Wire
    145. Nickel Chrome Tape
    146. Nickel Chrome Wire
    147. Nickel Connectors
    148. Nickel Deposition Toolmakers
    149. Nickel Finish Bolt And Nuts
    150. Nickel Finishing
    151. Nickel Flash
    152. Nickel Foil
    153. Nickel Forgings
    154. Nickel Iron Wire
    155. Nickel Plated Glands
    156. Nickel Plated Steel Strip
    157. Nickel Plating
    158. Nickel Plating Service
    159. Nickel Plating Specialists
    160. Nickel Release
    161. Nickel Safety
    162. Nickel Safety Regulations
    163. Nickel Silver
    164. Nickel Silver Coil
    165. Nickel Silver Rod
    166. Nickel Silver Rolled
    167. Nickel Silver Service Centre
    168. Nickel Silver Sheet
    169. Nickel Silver Stockists
    170. Nickel Silver Strip
    171. Nickel Silver Tube
    172. Nickel Silver Wire
    173. Nickel Steel Toolmakers
    174. Nickel Stockholders
    175. Nickel Strip
    176. Nickel Stripper
    177. Nickel Super Alloys
    178. Nickel Testing
    179. Nickel Wire
    180. Nickel Wire Mesh
    181. Niobium Components
    182. Niobium Foil
    183. Niobium Stockholders
    184. Non Corrosive Fasteners
    185. Non Ferrous Bolts
    186. Non Ferrous Metal
    187. Non Ferrous Metal Stockholders
    188. Non Ferrous Stockholders
    189. Non-Ferrous Fasteners
    190. Non-Standard Bolts
    191. Nuclear Industry Fasteners
    192. On Titanium Plating
    193. PBlack Nickel Plating
    194. Petrochemical Fasteners
    195. Plate Heat Exchangers
    196. Platinised Niobium
    197. Platinised Tantalum
    198. Platinised Titanium
    199. Platinised Titanium Anodes
    200. Platinized Nickel
    201. Rutile Titanium Dioxide
    202. Sacrificail Anodes
    203. Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers
    204. Stainless Steel Duplex Type
    205. Stainless Steel Duplex Type Bars
    206. Stainless Steel Sheet
    207. Strip Metals
    208. Studs Titanium
    209. Super Alloy Bolts And Nuts
    210. Super Alloy Valves
    211. Super Duplex Fasteners
    212. Super Duplex Stainless Steel
    213. Super Duplex Steel
    214. Tantalum Bolts
    215. Tantalum Components
    216. Tantalum Condensers
    217. Tantalum Nuts
    218. Tantalum Stockholders
    219. Tantalum Washers
    220. Threaded Titanium
    221. Tin Anodes
    222. Titanium
    223. Titanium Aerospace Plates
    224. Titanium Aerospace Sheets
    225. Titanium Alloy Fasteners
    226. Titanium Alloy Machining Services
    227. Titanium Alloy Plate
    228. Titanium Alloy Shafts
    229. Titanium Alloy Sheet
    230. Titanium Alloys
    231. Titanium And Stainless Steel Baskets
    232. Titanium Anode Electrodes
    233. Titanium Anodising
    234. Titanium Bar
    235. Titanium Bar Grade 5
    236. Titanium Baskets
    237. Titanium Billet
    238. Titanium Board Stiffeners
    239. Titanium Bolts
    240. Titanium Bolts And Nuts
    241. Titanium Brazing
    242. Titanium Bushes
    243. Titanium Castings
    244. Titanium Cathodes
    245. Titanium Coatings
    246. Titanium Coiled Sheet
    247. Titanium Companies
    248. Titanium Components
    249. Titanium Conversion Kits
    250. Titanium Cutting Services
    251. Titanium Dioxide Chemicals
    252. Titanium Dished Ends
    253. Titanium Ducting
    254. Titanium Electron Beam Welding
    255. Titanium Eli Bar
    256. Titanium Eye Speculum
    257. Titanium Fabrications
    258. Titanium Fasteners
    259. Titanium Fingers
    260. Titanium Fittings
    261. Titanium Fixings
    262. Titanium Flanges
    263. Titanium Flat Bar
    264. Titanium Foil
    265. Titanium Foil Sheet
    266. Titanium Forging
    267. Titanium Forgings
    268. Titanium Grade 2
    269. Titanium Grade 5
    270. Titanium Immersion Water Heaters
    271. Titanium Impellers
    272. Titanium Ingot
    273. Titanium Intraocular Lens Injectors
    274. Titanium Jig Sections
    275. Titanium Laser Cutting Flatforms
    276. Titanium Laser Cutting Services
    277. Titanium Laser Cutting Tubular Forms
    278. Titanium Level Gauges
    279. Titanium Machining Specialists
    280. Titanium Machinists
    281. Titanium Mesh
    282. Titanium Micro Wire
    283. Titanium Milling
    284. Titanium MMo Anodes
    285. Titanium Nitride Coating Service
    286. Titanium Nozzles
    287. Titanium Nozzles Wave Soldering
    288. Titanium Nuts
    289. Titanium Ophthalmic Forceps
    290. Titanium PCB Carriers
    291. Titanium Pedicle Screws
    292. Titanium Perforated Baffles
    293. Titanium Pipe Fittings
    294. Titanium Pipework
    295. Titanium Plate
    296. Titanium Ploughs
    297. Titanium Precision Engineering
    298. Titanium Probe Sheaths
    299. Titanium Products
    300. Titanium Rings
    301. Titanium Rivets
    302. Titanium Rods
    303. Titanium Round Bar
    304. Titanium Screws
    305. Titanium Seating Components
    306. Titanium Selective Soldering Nozzles
    307. Titanium Shafts
    308. Titanium Sheet
    309. Titanium Spinnings
    310. Titanium Springs
    311. Titanium Stockholder
    312. Titanium Stockholders
    313. Titanium Stockist
    314. Titanium Stockists
    315. Titanium Strip
    316. Titanium Suppliers
    317. Titanium Suture Anchors
    318. Titanium Tapered Flange
    319. Titanium Tube Bending
    320. Titanium Tubes
    321. Titanium Turning
    322. Titanium Valves
    323. Titanium Washers
    324. Titanium Wave Riders
    325. Titanium Wave Solder Machine Spares
    326. Titanium Welding
    327. Titanium Wire
    328. TTechnical Porous Nickel Toolmakers
    329. Tube Bending Machines
    330. Tungsten Bolts
    331. Vitreoretinal Titanium Instruments
    332. Waterjet Cutting
    333. Welded Titanium Tube
    334. Wire
    335. Wire Stockholder
    336. Zinc Anodes
    337. Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating
    338. Zinc Nickel Plating
    339. Zirconium
    340. Zirconium Bolts
    341. Zirconium Nuts
    342. Zirconium Pipes
    343. Zirconium Plates
    344. Zirconium Rods
    345. Zirconium Sheets
    346. Zirconium Valves
    347. Zirconium Washers


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