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  • Bespoke service for shock cord assemblies
  • Braids, Ropes & Load Securing Straps
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    PT Winchester Ltd

    Welcome to PT Winchester, we have been providing components to the Textile Industry for over 25 years,. During this time we have built up a huge range of products in providing a 'one stop' solution for our customers,. Using our considerable experience we select only quality products for our range - and this is why we are used by Professional Craftsmen across a variety of Industries.

    We provide professional service to our customers whether they are large manufacturing companies or private individuals looking for spare parts. Through sourcing products from our quality suppliers and providing extensive support, PT Winchester help all our customers to buy the best products for their application.

    PT Winchester are authorised distributors of VELCRO� Brand Products and we hold a large range of standard product, e.g. sew-on, self adhesive, weldable and flame retardant in sizes from 16mm to 100mm. Other VELCRO� Brand Products are available on request usually within 2 weeks.

    Cousin Rope
    We stock a large range of Cousin rope products suitable for many activities from kites to anchor ropes anything we don�t stock is usually available within 3 weeks.

    Webbing & Binding Tape
    We hold a wide range of webbing and binding tape, in a variety of materials, styles, colours and sizes.

    Cord is available in nylon, polyester, polypropylene and Jute, in many different forms and sizes for all possible applications, including military.

    Shock Cord
    We offer a wide range of shock cord and shock cord assemblies, including a bespoke service, where assemblies can be made to custom requirement.

    Sewing Thread

    Sewing thread is available in bonded nylon, bonded polyester, polyester/cotton and many other specialist types.

    Zips & Sliders
    We can offer zips and sliders, moulded or spiral on reels or made to specific lengths.

    Plastic & Metal Fittings
    Finally we stock a large range of plastic and metal fittings such as buckles, hooks, spot fasteners, eyelets and turn buttons.

    Our website contains our on-line shop where the majority of our stock lines can be purchased safely and securely. If there is any product that we do not stock our sales team will be happy to help source a product or give advice on where to obtain it. We can offer technical advice and recommend the best product for the customers application. If you are after a large quantity and want to review delivery and price, we will be happy to discuss this with you.


    Our sister site Tarpeze specialises in the supply of high quality Tarpaulin, Rope and Accessories. Our Tarpaulin is available for personal, commercial and industrial uses.

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    Key Personnel
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    Rosie Coles Sales & Website Manager
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    Molly Hines Sales Coordinator
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    Kerry Yandle General Manager
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    Products and Services

    1. 0-Rings
    2. Belt Webbing
    3. Black Ratchet Straps
    4. Blind Cord
    5. Blind Cords
    6. Bonded Nylon
    7. Bonded Nylon Thread
    8. Braid Cord
    9. Braided Cord
    10. Braided Cords
    11. Braided Polyester Thread
    12. Buckles
    13. Bungee Cord
    14. Bungee Elastic
    15. Button Rivet Fasteners
    16. Cable Fasteners
    17. Cable Tie Fastener
    18. Cable Tie Fasteners
    19. Cargo Ratchet Straps
    20. Cargo Straps
    21. Cheap Ratchet Straps
    22. Claw Hook
    23. Combination Buckles
    24. Cord Ends
    25. Cord Fittings
    26. Cord Rope
    27. Cord Thread
    28. Cord Twine
    29. Corespun Thread
    30. Cotton Cord
    31. Cotton Tape
    32. D Rings
    33. Elastic Cord
    34. Elastic Cord Distributer
    35. Elastic Cord Distributor
    36. Elastic Cord Supplier
    37. Elastic Tape
    38. Elasticated Cord
    39. Endless Ratchet Strap
    40. Endless Ratchet Straps
    41. Eyelet
    42. Eyelets
    43. Fastener And Fixing
    44. Fastener And Fixings
    45. Fastener Distributor
    46. Fastener Supplier
    47. Fasteners
    48. Fasteners Distributor
    49. Fasteners Distributors
    50. Fastners
    51. Fixings And Fasteners
    52. Front Release Buckle
    53. General Tarpaulins
    54. Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap
    55. Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps
    56. Hook & Loop Fasteners
    57. Hook And Loop
    58. Hook And Loop Cable Tie
    59. Hook And Loop Cable Ties
    60. Hook And Loop Dots
    61. Hook And Loop Fastener
    62. Hook And Loop Fasteners
    63. Hook And Loop Systems
    64. Hook And Loop Tape
    65. Hook And Loop Ties
    66. Hooks
    67. Hooks Plastic
    68. Hot Knife Cutting
    69. Jute Sash Cord
    70. Keder
    71. Kevlar Cord
    72. Lacing Cord
    73. Lockable Buckles
    74. Lorry Ratchet Straps
    75. Lorry Straps
    76. Luggage Strap
    77. Metal Buckle
    78. Metal Buckles
    79. Metal Cam Buckle
    80. Metal Fasteners
    81. Mini Ratchet Straps
    82. Narrow Strap
    83. Nomex
    84. Nuts And Push On Fasteners
    85. Nylon Cord
    86. Plastic Buckle
    87. Plastic Buckles
    88. Plastic Fasteners
    89. Polyester Braid
    90. Polyester Cord
    91. Polyester Cord Stock
    92. Polyester Mono-Filaments
    93. Polyester Strapping
    94. Polyester Tape
    95. Polyester Tapes
    96. Polypropylene Cord
    97. Polypropylene Tape
    98. Polypropylene Tapes
    99. Press Fasteners
    100. Press Studs
    101. Printed Polypropylene Tape
    102. Push-On Fasteners
    103. PVC Coated Webbing
    104. Rachet Straps
    105. Ratchet Handle
    106. Ratchet Strap
    107. Ratchet Straps
    108. Ratchet Straps For Sale
    109. Ratchet Tie Down
    110. Ratchets Straps
    111. Rope
    112. Rope Cutter
    113. Rope Suppliers
    114. Ropes
    115. Round Elastic Cord
    116. Self Adhesive Hook And Loop Tapes
    117. Self Adhesive Velcro
    118. Sewing Supplies
    119. Sewing Thread Supplier
    120. Sewing Threads
    121. Shock Chord
    122. Shock Chord Assemblies
    123. Shock Cord
    124. Shock Cord Assemblies
    125. Shockcord Hooks
    126. Side Release Buckle
    127. Side Squeeze Buckle
    128. Slider Buckle
    129. Snap Fasteners
    130. Snap Together Fasteners
    131. Snaphooks
    132. Special Marine Fasteners
    133. Spot Fastener
    134. Stainless Fasteners
    135. Stainless Fasteners And Fixings
    136. Stainless Steel Fasteners
    137. Steel Fasteners
    138. Steel Fasteners And Fixings
    139. Strap Ratchet
    140. Stretch Cord
    141. Tarpaulin
    142. Tarpaulins
    143. Thread Suppliers
    144. Tie Down Ratchet Straps
    145. Tie Down Straps
    146. Turnbutton
    147. Upholstery Fasteners
    148. Velcro
    149. Velcro Distributor
    150. Velcro Suppliers
    151. Velcro Tape
    152. Velcro Ties
    153. Waxed Cord
    154. Waxed Cotton Cord
    155. Webbing
    156. Webbing Elastic
    157. Webbing Products
    158. Webbing Slings
    159. Webbing Straps
    160. Webbing Supplies
    161. Webbings
    162. Woven Elastic
    163. Woven Polypropylene Webbing
    164. Woven Strapping
    165. Zip Pullers
    166. Zip Suppliers
    167. Zipper Pulls
    168. Zips


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