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    Weldlogic Europe Ltd

    Weldlogic Europe Ltd are leading Weld Positioners and are market leaders supplying products and solutions for micro-joining applications in a broad range of industries; these include sensors, aerospace, medical, nuclear, micro-electronic, battery, motor sport and general industrial.

    For over 25 years Weldlogic has lead the market with innovations in micro-TIG and micro-Plasma welding. Its range of state of the art Linear and Computerised power sources are capable of delivering precise current, voltage and travel over programmable weld schedules. Along side these power sources are a range of welding lathes, turntables and linear seam welders. The company’s philosophy is to work in close partnership with its customers, to realise process solutions that meet their exact need. Whether customisation of standard equipment or full turnkey automated machinery is required Weldlogic has the answer.

    Weldlogic specialises in the precision end of the market offering both Pulsed Tig and Micro Plasma solutions to production problems.

    Welding Lathes
    With over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture for welding technology Weldlogic Europe now sets the standard with a range of the industry’s most versatile, precision and rugged welding lathes. The innovative construction incorporates a steel tube backbone that provides a rigid open work area for the loading of parts and automatic upgrades.

    Our new torch tower is the most versatile welding lathe available with features to include motorised carriage, adjustable slide and rotary positioner to allow torch entry from every angle.

    Seam Welders
    Weldlogic is able to supply a comprehensive range of Seam Welders from standard PLS seam welders, PLS-A automatic seam welders and continuous flow seam welders through to combination roller/seamer packages.

    The range of PLS seam welders have been created for straight line welding of all weldable materials in thicknesses ranging from0.005” to ˝” and lengths of up to a staggering 15 feet. Suitable for TIG, MIG, Plasma, Sub-Arc and Laser Welding these models offer a range of optional features including programmable welding controls.

    Transducer assemblies
    Transducer assemblies, such as diaphragms to bodies and cases and connectors to housings, must be hermetically sealed and mechanically sound. The joining of such components requires a low heat input process to avoid internal damage and distortion, yet provide a strong, consistent weld. Weldlogic has developed several processes with impact for the sensor’s market and has taken the transducer industry full circle with the introduction of laser technology to compliment the micro-tig and plasma product lines. The full compliment of micro-joining processes available through Weldlogic demonstrates our ongoing commitment to this.

    Metal bellows
    Metal bellows have many uses, such as conducting gas or liquid between two members which may vibrate or be susceptible to shifting. Bellows are also used in instruments in which the bellow can respond to pressure differences by expanding or contracting. Weld consistency is obviously of great importance. It is also obvious that weld speed is important because of the thousands of feet many bellows companies must weld everyday. Weldlogic’s Pulsed Micro-Arc PA-10/100-STD Power Supply, when set properly, increases weld speed by 40% while at the same time creating a consistent weld bead. The Weldlogic Arc is stable at less than ˝ an ampere, well under industry standards that require extremely accurate welds at 1 ampere or less.

    Inert Weld Chambers
    The use of welding equipment in a glove box welding chamber is not new, but the demands of industry are presenting new opportunities for the advanced designs of Glove Box Weld Chambers, and in particular the new generation of Automated Weld Process Equipment.

    Welding Gloveboxes (Inert Gas Chambers)
    In industrial sectors where the ever increasing demand for high quality welded components is required the benefits of the Glovebox Welders offer cleaner welds, crack free welding and less downtime due to reworking of parts.

    Weldlogic Europe now offers a range of both standard and custom Glove Box welders for use within these industry’s with two categories available Purge and Re-circulated so for more information please head over to our main website.

    Welding Power Supplies
    Weldlogic Europe now offer an innovative range of welding systems from highly accurate low current welding power supply systems for welding thin parts through to 400 ampere capacity windows based TIC/Plasma systems.

    Lathe Welding Systems
    With around 25 lathe welding systems available the range of models from Weldlogic Europe is one of the most comprehensive anywhere around.

    From the AWS-200/400 6100 automatic ARC welding station through to the AWS-6100 system with pulsed Yag lasers this range of lathe welding systems offers solutions for every industrial welding requirement.

    Custom Welding Systems
    As experts in the provision of custom welding systems Weldlogic is able to take a customer product through to a fully working production system by utilising standard Weldlogic building blocks and integrating them with custom made tooling and fixturing.

    From concept through weld development through to production Weldlogic Europe will solve your production issues.

    Welding Vision Systems
    In today’s industrial environment more and more manufacturers are being forced to not only improve the quality of their welded components but supply and deliver within shorter lead times.

    One particular issue where time was being wasted was where the operator had to spend time lining up the tungsten electrode with the welding line to produce an accurate weld.

    By listening to our customers Weldlogic Europe has now designed and manufactured a simple vision system that allows the operator to accurately position the tungsten electrode over the joint line and view the welding sequence. More detailed information about this system may be found at our website.

    Heavy Duty Manipulators
    Weldlogic Europe supply a wide range of heavy duty manipulators including column and boom welding manipulators, micro column and boom welding manipulators, midi column and boom welding manipulators and power column and boom welding manipulators.

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    Products and Services

    1. Accelerometers
    2. Air Seals
    3. Airbag Accumulators
    4. Aircraft Blade Repair
    5. Aircraft Components
    6. Aircraft Vane Repair
    7. Alloy Welding
    8. Aluminium Welding
    9. Aluminum Welding
    10. Arc Welding
    11. Arc Welding Accessories
    12. Arc Welding Equipment
    13. Artificial Hips
    14. Aspiration Needles
    15. Automated Precision Welding
    16. Automated Welding Equipment
    17. Automated Welding Systems
    18. Automatic Arc Welding Equipment
    19. Automatic Lathes
    20. Automation Equipment Welding
    21. Barometer Capsules
    22. Bellows
    23. Bourdon Tubes
    24. Capacitor Cans
    25. Catheter Guide Wires
    26. Ceramic To Metal Seals
    27. CNC Lathe
    28. CNC Lathes
    29. CNC Welding
    30. Coil End Joining
    31. Collet Lathe Chucks
    32. Contract Welding
    33. Convoluted Hoses
    34. Copper Beryllium Capsules
    35. Cryogenic Tubes
    36. Dental Instruments
    37. Detonators
    38. Diaphragm Bellows
    39. Die Repair
    40. Electric Welding Equipment
    41. Electron Beam Welding
    42. Electronic Components
    43. Electronic Tubes
    44. Electronic Valves
    45. Enclosures
    46. Explosive Detonators
    47. Filters
    48. Fine Laser Welding
    49. Fine Welding
    50. Fine Wires
    51. Flange To Bellows
    52. Flexible Metal Bellows
    53. Flexible Metal Hoses
    54. Float Assemblies
    55. Float Switches
    56. Food Containers
    57. Fuel Filters
    58. Fuel Tanks
    59. Glove Boxes
    60. Gyroscopes
    61. Hermetically Sealed Components
    62. High Speed Welding
    63. Hip Joints
    64. Horizontal Steel Turntables
    65. Hydraulic Fittings
    66. Hypodermic Needles
    67. Igniters
    68. Indexing Turntables
    69. Industrial Automatic Turntables
    70. Industrial Automatic Welding
    71. Industrial Oxygen Sensor
    72. Industrial Turntables
    73. Injection Needles
    74. Instruments
    75. Insulin Pumps
    76. Jet Engine Air Baffles
    77. Laser Seam Welding
    78. Laser Welding
    79. Laser Welding - Jewellery
    80. Laser Welding Services
    81. Laser Welding Wires
    82. Lathes
    83. Light Bulb Filaments
    84. Linear Transducers
    85. Lithium Batteries
    86. Load Cells
    87. Machine Vision
    88. Machine Vision Systems
    89. Magnetrons
    90. Mass Flow Controllers
    91. Material Handling Turntable
    92. Meat Injection Needles
    93. Mechanical Seals
    94. Mechanised Welding Equipment
    95. Metal Belting
    96. Metal Capsules
    97. Metal Diaphragms
    98. Metal Enclosed Relays
    99. Metal Meshes
    100. Metal O-Rings
    101. Metal Seals
    102. Micro Die Repair
    103. Micro Electronic Enclosures
    104. Micro Switches
    105. Micro Tool Repair
    106. Microwave Devices
    107. Mineral Insulated Cables
    108. Miniature Hard Facing
    109. Monitors
    110. Motors
    111. Mould Repair
    112. NADCAP Welding
    113. Needles
    114. Nuclear Components
    115. Nuclear Fuel Rods
    116. Orbital Welding
    117. Orbital Welding Equipment
    118. Orthopaedic Components
    119. Oxygen Analysers
    120. Oxygen Analysis Equipment
    121. Oxygen Analyzer
    122. Oxygen Analyzers
    123. Oxygen Gas Sensors
    124. Oxygen Level Sensors
    125. Oxygen Monitoring Equipment
    126. Oxygen Sensing
    127. Oxygen Sensors
    128. Pacemaker Battery
    129. Pacemaker Covers
    130. Piezoelectric Devices
    131. Pipe Butt Welding Machines
    132. Pipe Manipulators
    133. Pipe Welding
    134. Pipe Welding Machines
    135. Plasma
    136. Plasma Consumables
    137. Plasma Torch Parts
    138. Plasma Torch Spares
    139. Plasma Torches
    140. Plasma Welding
    141. Plasma Welding Torches
    142. Pneumatic Fittings
    143. Power Supplies
    144. Precision Instruments
    145. Precision Welding
    146. Pressure Devices
    147. Pressure Transducers
    148. Probes
    149. Programmable Welding Systems
    150. Radiator Cores
    151. Refrigeration Capsules
    152. Relay Cans
    153. Robotic Welding Equipment
    154. Rotary Turn Tables
    155. Sanitary Cans
    156. Seals
    157. Seam Welded Components
    158. Seam Welders
    159. Seam Welding
    160. Sensors
    161. Sensors Oxygen
    162. Sheet Metal Tig Welding
    163. Solar Batteries
    164. Solenoid Components
    165. Special Purpose Welding Equipment
    166. Specialist Welding
    167. Specialty Cabling
    168. Spot Welders/Welding
    169. Spot Welding
    170. Stents
    171. Surgical Baskets
    172. Surgical Instruments
    173. Tantalum Capacitors
    174. Temperature Measuring Components
    175. Thermal Batteries
    176. Thermo Wells
    177. Thermocouples
    178. Thermostats
    179. Thin Wall Pipe
    180. TIG Welding
    181. TIG Welding Electrodes
    182. TIG Welding Equipment
    183. TIG Welding Parts
    184. TIG Welding Rods
    185. TIG Welding Spares
    186. Tig Welding Wire
    187. Titanium Fabrications
    188. Titanium Steel Welding
    189. Titanium Welding
    190. Titanium Welding Rods
    191. Transducers
    192. Transistor Cans
    193. Transmitters
    194. Tube Closures
    195. Tube Fittings
    196. Tube Manipulators
    197. Tube Mill
    198. Tube Mills
    199. Tungsten Filaments
    200. Tungsten Inert Gas Robot Welding Equipment
    201. Turbine Blade Repair
    202. Turn Table
    203. Turntable
    204. Turntable Systems
    205. Turntables
    206. Used Welding Equipment
    207. Vacuum Tubes
    208. Vision Camera Systems
    209. Vision Systems
    210. Water Purification Devices
    211. Weld Backing Tape
    212. Weld Positioners
    213. Welders Welding
    214. Welding
    215. Welding Consultancy
    216. Welding Consultants
    217. Welding Consumables
    218. Welding Controllers
    219. Welding Curtain
    220. Welding Curtains
    221. Welding Education
    222. Welding Equipment
    223. Welding Equipment And Tools
    224. Welding Equipment Hire
    225. Welding Equipment Servicing
    226. Welding Equipment Suppliers
    227. Welding Gas FlowFlowmeters
    228. Welding Glasses
    229. Welding Gloves
    230. Welding Inspection
    231. Welding Lathes
    232. Welding Machine Repair
    233. Welding Machinery
    234. Welding Machines
    235. Welding Metal
    236. Welding Positioning Equipment
    237. Welding Products
    238. Welding Purge Bags
    239. Welding Repairs
    240. Welding Services
    241. Welding Stainless Steel
    242. Welding Steel
    243. Welding Tables
    244. Welding Training
    245. Welding Turntables
    246. Welding Wire
    247. Welding Wire Distributor
    248. Welding Wire Distributors
    249. Wire End Joining
    250. Wire Stainless Welding Equipment
    251. Zirconia Oxygen Sensors

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