Kee Safety Ltd News and PR from Kee Safety Ltd - Published 15 February 2019 There are several health and safety issues to be concerned about when working in a warehouse environment.
Kee Safety, a leading global supplier of safety solutions, provides a full product range that means whether staff are working internally or externally, at height or on the warehouse floor, they will always have a system in place to separate them from hazards.

Boasting such a wide product range, Kee Safety has the ability to solve a magnitude of challenges that employers and employees face when working in warehouses.

Requiring a strong, durable and flexible solution for the construction of railings, guardrails and safety barriers

The Kee Klamp® range of fittings comprises a comprehensive selection of simple to use, galvanised malleable cast iron fittings. These fittings allow pre-cut lengths of standard tubing to be connected together to form safety guardrails and other types of tubular framework structure.

All fittings within the Kee Klamp® range incorporate an integral socket screw which locks the fitting securely onto its tube to give an excellent slip load performance. The extensive range ensures that they can also cope easily with any changes in direction or gradient, and easily accommodate requirements for adapting or extending an existing structure.

Finding a compliant, self-closing system that provides staff with a safety solution when working on ground level.

Kee Gate® safety gates are particularly suited to provide safe access and egress around machinery and electrical equipment, on access platforms, step overs, stairways and ladders or as part of a demarcated route within a loading bay or warehouse. Kee Gate® ensures staff can fulfil their job, follow best practices and comply with current safety standards, without putting their safety at risk.

Kee Safety self closing safety gates are spring loaded so can automatically close behind the user, providing an added level of security and overcoming the potential for human error.

Having the ability to move goods safely up or down from mezzanines or raised working surfaces.

Pallet Gates from Kee Safety have been designed to allow workers to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, without the possibility of falling from height.

The Pallet Gates range features four different configurations to suit the type of operation required. Gates are available in range of sizes, from 1.4m to 1.9m pallet width and from 1.6m to 2.2m pallet height. They are constructed using Kee Klamp® galvanised or Kee Lite® aluminium fittings and tubes and can be linked to new and existing railing systems. Due to the nature of the system, in the event of the pallet gate being damaged from a forklift or general use, the individual fittings can be easily replaced. Gates are supplied part assembled for a quick installation.

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Kee Safety has the ability to solve a magnitude of challenges that employers and employee face when working in warehouses.

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