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ABC Training Services Ltd

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Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire
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    ABC Training Services Ltd

    ABC Training Services provides one of the most comprehensive health and safety training courses around all of which are offered to a wide range of sectors and all this is done at competitive rates.

    All courses are carried out either on a one to one or in a group basis making us very flexible in fitting around your specific business needs no matter how large or small.

    We also offer a range of E-learning courses such as social care and health & safety.

    Areas covered include but are not limited to:

    � First Aid At Work
    � Emergency First Aid
    � General Safety Awareness
    � Manual Handling
    � Sports
    � Paediatrics
    � Anaphylaxis
    � Asbestos Training
    � Food Safety
    � Fire Marshall Training
    � Automated External Defibrillation
    � Epi-Pen Training
    � Forklift Training
    � Risk Assessment

    Event Support
    In addition to the above safety courses we offer an extensive event safety cover service so if you're thinking of hosting an event, exhibition or other we can provide you with dedicated healthcare professionals and first aiders so whether it�s a small garden party for a charity or large corporate event we are here to keep you safe.

    Health & Safety
    Where general Health & Safety is concerned ABC Training Services offers participants a chance to learn vital skills and essential information for the safe handling of equipment and goods.

    First Aid in the Workplace
    Having someone in the workplace that has undergone first aid training is vital for any business. We offer a highly efficient first aid training course which can be taken flexibly over an 18 hour period. It can also be split into sessions run over 10 weeks.

    The certification achieved for this course itself lasts for 3 years.

    Manual Handling
    The line-up of high-quality safety training courses continues with manual handling which is a totally practical based course that requires no final examination.

    This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of Health & Safety training courses ABC Training Services is able to provide. To find out more or to book a safety course please visit our website. Alternatively please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday 09:00 to 17:00
    Sunday 09:00 to 17:00

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Online Bill Payments

    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 30 days
    Key Personnel
    Colin Dawson
    Colin Dawson Managing Director
    Steven  Hawksworth
    Steven Hawksworth Health and Safety Manager
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    Products and Services

    1. Awareness Of Dementia
    2. Awareness Of Diabetes
    3. Awareness Of Epilepsy
    4. Burns First Aid Kit
    5. Catering First Aid Kits
    6. Cheap Forklift Training
    7. CITB
    8. CITB Training Course
    9. CITB Training Courses
    10. Construction Health And Safety Training
    11. Counterbalance Fork Lift Training
    12. Counterbalance Forklift Training
    13. Counterbalance Forklift Truck Training
    14. Customised First Aid
    15. Dementia Awareness
    16. Demolition Health And Safety Training
    17. Domestic First Aid Kits
    18. Duty Of Care Courses
    19. Emergency First Aid
    20. Emergency First Aid At Work
    21. Emergency First Aid At Work Course
    22. Emergency First Aid Trainer
    23. Emergency First Aid Training
    24. Emergency Pediatric First Aid
    25. Event First Aid Cover
    26. Event First Aid Services
    27. Family First Aid
    28. First Aid
    29. First Aid Appointed Person
    30. First Aid Assessor
    31. First Aid At Work
    32. First Aid At Work Course
    33. First Aid At Work Courses
    34. First Aid At Work Instructor Courses
    35. First Aid At Work Requal Course
    36. First Aid At Work Requalification Course
    37. First Aid Basic Life Support Training
    38. First Aid Boards
    39. First Aid Boxes
    40. First Aid Courses
    41. First Aid Cover
    42. First Aid Cover For Events
    43. First Aid Equipment
    44. First Aid For Farms
    45. First Aid For Mental Health
    46. First Aid For Parents
    47. First Aid For Schools
    48. First Aid For Sports
    49. First Aid Instructor
    50. First Aid Instructor Courses
    51. First Aid Instructors
    52. First Aid Kit
    53. First Aid Kits
    54. First Aid Posters
    55. First Aid Refresher Courses
    56. First Aid Response
    57. First Aid Risk Assessment
    58. First Aid Signs
    59. First Aid Station
    60. First Aid Supplies
    61. First Aid Trainer
    62. First Aid Training
    63. First Aid Training Books
    64. First Aid Training Course
    65. First Aid Training Courses
    66. First Aid Training Kent
    67. First Aid Work
    68. Fork Lift Trainers
    69. Fork Lift Training
    70. Fork Lift Training Course
    71. Fork Lift Training In House
    72. Fork Lift Training On Site
    73. Fork Lift Truck Training
    74. Fork Lift Truck Training Course
    75. Fork Lift Truck Training Courses
    76. Forklift Trainers
    77. Forklift Training
    78. Forklift Training Academy
    79. Forklift Training Cost
    80. Forklift Training Course
    81. Forklift Training Courses
    82. Forklift Training On Site
    83. Forklift Training Prices
    84. Forklift Truck Training
    85. Forklift Truck Training Courses
    86. Health & Safety Training
    87. Health And Safety Courses
    88. Health And Safety Consultants
    89. Health And Safety Courses
    90. Health And Safety Trainer
    91. Health And Safety Trainers
    92. Health And Safety Training
    93. Health And Safety Training Companies
    94. Health Safety Training
    95. Holiday First Aid Kits
    96. HSE Accredited First Aid Training
    97. HSE First Aid Training
    98. Industrial Health And Safety Training
    99. IOSH Courses Online
    100. IOSH E-Learning
    101. IOSH ELearning
    102. IOSH Management And Operatives
    103. IOSH Managing Safely Courses
    104. IOSH Managing Safely Training
    105. Iosh Training
    106. IOSH Working Safely
    107. IOSH Working Safely Courses
    108. IOSH Working Safely Training
    109. Occupational Health & Safety Training
    110. Office Health & Safety Training
    111. On Site Fork Lift Training
    112. Online Health And Safety Courses
    113. Online Health And Safety Trainer
    114. Online Health And Safety Trainers
    115. Online Health And Safety Training
    116. Online Health And Safety Training Courses
    117. Online IOSH Managing Safely Courses
    118. Online IOSH Managing Safely Training
    119. Online IOSH Training
    120. Online IOSH Working Safely Courses
    121. Online IOSH Working Safely Training
    122. Onsite Forklift Training
    123. Paediatric First Aid
    124. Paediatric First Aid Courses
    125. Pediatric First Aid
    126. Printed First Aid
    127. Stainless Steel First Aid Cabinets
    128. Telescopic Forklift Training
    129. Travel First Aid Kits
    130. Travelling First Aid Kits
    131. Vehicle Mounted Forklift Training
    132. Workplace Catering First Aid Kits
    133. Workplace First Aid Kits

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