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    ACCON UK Ltd

    ACCON UK - One of the UKs leading environmental consultancies

    ACCON UK specialises in EIA's, noise, vibration, air quality, flood risk, contaminated land and lighting assessments, we have become on of the UK's leading environmental consultancies. Technical reposts and EIA's are required for many planning proposals to ensure you get the most robust, reliable and accurate results.

    We have many years of unrivalled cross sector expertise and experience providing effective solutions and comprehensive reporting to construction companies, developers, engineers and planners.

    Noise & Vibration

    ACCON UK are specialists noise and vibration consultants offering a wide range of acoustic and vibration consultancy services that includes assessments, surveys, monitoring and design. We have a team of in-house personnel some of which have over 40 years experience in a range of all areas.

    Air Quality

    Two of our specialist disciplines are Air Quality and Odour. We have worked on many projects throughout the UK and Europe, providing specialists services in air quality and odour assessment.

    Building Acoustics

    We cover all aspects of building acoustics like advice, measurement and testing.

    Services include:

    ..- Acoustic design for care homes, hospitals and educational buildings.
    ..- Architectural acoustic design for commercial and residential buildings.
    ..- Acoustic design & measurement for council chambers, theatres and halls.
    ..- Sound insulation testing
    ..- Noise assessment for HVAS systems

    Daylight & Lighting Services

    ACCON UK are able to provide sunlight and daylight assessments, microclimatic impacts of overshadowing, light pollution and strategy reports, ecological impacts of lighting and much more. We are able to take these issues to architects, developers and surveys in order to ensure the new buildings meet planning requirements.

    Flood Risk Assessment

    Flood risk assessments are available for both commercial and residential developments or any scale. It is very important to consider the susceptibility of land to flooding for planning applications.

    Other services

    ACCON UK is also able to provide other services like ecological assessments and contaminated land assessments. Detailed information on everything we provide can be found on our website.