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    Affixit Adhesive Tape

    Technical Adhesive Tapes and Foam Tapes

    From single sided adhesive tape and double sided adhesive tape to foam pads and specialist anti slip tapes, Affixit offers one of the most comprehensive manufacturing and supply services in the UK.

    All adhesive tapes and adhesive foam products available can be delivered the very next day if ordered before 2pm so to find out more why not head over to our online shop.

    ��� � Foam Adhesive Tape
    ��� � Technical Adhesive Tape
    ��� � Bespoke Adhesive Tape
    ��� � Accessories
    ��� � Adhesive Transfer Tape (ATG)
    ��� � Tape Dispensers
    ��� � EPDM Membrane
    ��� � Hook and Loop Tape
    ��� � Magnetic Tape
    ��� � Reflective Tape
    ��� � Velcro
    ��� � Spray Adhesive

    The complete list of over 40 adhesive tapes and foam products can be found by visiting our website but briefly comprise of tapes for every possible industrial, construction, commercial and transport application.

    Our Mission
    Whatever your application you can rely on Affixit to provide you with the perfect solution. We will make sure you get the job done quickly, efficiently and whats more at a competitive price.

    Manufacturing & Converting
    From a purpose built manufacturing facility based in Suffolk containing state of the art converting machinery we produce a vast range of cost effective solutions to meet every single one of our customer�s needs.

    Leading World Manufacturers
    As partner to some of the world�s leading adhesive tape and adhesive foam tape manufacturers including Scapa and Tesa, Affixit is able to convert and deliver a huge range of high performance products so if you would like further information please visit our website or get in touch.

    Bespoke Adhesive Tapes
    Our unique experience in the industry also means we can provide you with the ultimate bespoke adhesive tape service so if you're looking for something which is not run of the mill or even extremely different we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
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    Saturday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. 1Mm Double Sided Tape
    2. 2Mm Double Sided Tape
    3. 3M Double Sided Tape
    4. 3M Industrial Double Sided Tape
    5. Acoustic Foam Tapes
    6. Acrylic Double Sided Tape
    7. Acrylic Foam Tape
    8. Acrylic Foam Tapes
    9. Adhesive Double Sided Tapes
    10. Adhesive Foam Tape Suppliers
    11. Adhesive Foam Tapes
    12. Adhesive Hang Tabs
    13. Adhesive Hook And Loop Tape
    14. Adhesive Pvc Foam Tapes
    15. Adhesive Remover
    16. Adhesive Tapes Glue Dots
    17. Adhesive TapesGlue Dots
    18. Aluminium Foil Tape
    19. Aluminium Foil Tapes
    20. Anti Slip Tape
    21. Anti Slip Tape Accessories
    22. Anti Slip Tapes
    23. Anti-Slip Tape
    24. Antislip Tape
    25. Antislip Tapes
    26. ATG Tape Dispensers
    27. ATG Tapes
    28. Automotive Foam Tapes
    29. Black & Yellow Anti Slip Tape
    30. Black Anti Slip Tape
    31. Bond Breaker Tape
    32. Bottle Neck Hang Tabs
    33. Box Top Hang Tabs
    34. Brown Packing Tape
    35. Bumper Stops
    36. Bumper Stops Manufacturer
    37. Bumper Stops Supplier
    38. Bumperstops
    39. Carpet Tape
    40. Carpet Tapes
    41. Clear Anti Slip Tape
    42. Clear Hang Tab Slot Hole Store
    43. Clear Packing Tape
    44. Cross-Weave Packing Tape
    45. Crossweave Tape
    46. Custom Printed Packing Tape
    47. Cylinder Hang Tabs
    48. Cylindrical Bumper Stops
    49. Denso Tape
    50. Die Cut Foam Tapes
    51. Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tapes
    52. Double Sided Adhesive Flooring Tapes
    53. Double Sided Foam Pads
    54. Double Sided Foam Tape
    55. Double Sided Foam Tapes
    56. Double Sided Pe Foam Tape
    57. Double Sided Pvc Foam Tapes
    58. Double Sided Self Adhesive Foam Tapes
    59. Double Sided Tape
    60. Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty
    61. Double Sided Tapes
    62. Draught Sealing Foam Tapes
    63. Duct Tape
    64. Easy Peel Double Sided Tape
    65. Ejected Hole Hang Tabs
    66. EPDM Membrane
    67. EPDM Tape
    68. Epdm Tapes
    69. Exhibition Carpet Tape
    70. Expanding Foam Tape
    71. Expanding Foam Tapes
    72. Exterior Double Sided Tape
    73. Extra Strength Double Sided Tape
    74. Extra Strong Double Sided Tape
    75. Fine Line Masking Tapes
    76. Fire Retardant Hook And Loop Tape
    77. Flashing Tape
    78. Flexitail Hang Tabs
    79. Floor Tapes
    80. Flooring Tapes
    81. Foam Pads
    82. Foam Tape
    83. Foam Tape Gaskets
    84. Foam Tapes
    85. Foil Tape
    86. Foil Tapes
    87. Fold Up Hang Tabs
    88. Gaffer Tape
    89. Glass Protection Pads
    90. Glass Transit Pads
    91. Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tape
    92. Glow In The Dark Tape
    93. Glue Dots
    94. Green Glue
    95. Hang Tabs
    96. Hang Tabs For Jewellery
    97. Hang Tabs Hook
    98. Hang Tabs With Adhesive Strip
    99. Hangtabs
    100. Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape
    101. Heavy Duty Duct Tape
    102. Heavy Duty Hang Tabs
    103. Hi Temp Masking Tape
    104. Hi Temp Masking Tapes
    105. Hi Temperature Masking Tape
    106. Hi Temperature Masking Tapes
    107. Hi Vis Duct Tape
    108. High Performance Adhesive Foam Tapes
    109. High Temperature Masking Tape
    110. Hook And Loop Tape
    111. Hook Hang Tabs
    112. Industrial Double Sided Tape
    113. Industrial Grade Double Sided Tape
    114. Insulating Adhesive Foam Tape
    115. Interior Hang Tabs
    116. Low Tack Masking Tape
    117. Magnetic Tape
    118. Masking Tape
    119. Masking Tapes
    120. Mounting Pad Foam Tapes
    121. Number Plate Fixing Pads
    122. Overbanding Tape
    123. Packing Tape
    124. Packing Tape Fragile
    125. Packing Tape Suppliers
    126. Packing Tape Wholesale
    127. Packing Tapes
    128. Pad Foam Tapes
    129. Paper Masking Tape
    130. Peel Double Sided Tape
    131. Perm Double Sided Tape
    132. Personalized Hang Tabs
    133. Pet Double Sided Tape
    134. Plastic Hang Tabs
    135. PlasticHang Tabs
    136. Plumbers Tape
    137. Plumbing Tape
    138. Polyester Foam Pads
    139. Polyimide Tape
    140. Polytunnel Repair Tape
    141. PPE Face Visors
    142. Primers
    143. Protective Tapes
    144. Ptfe Tape
    145. Red & White Anti Slip Tape
    146. Reflective Tape
    147. Reinforced Hang Tabs
    148. Resilient Floor Tape
    149. Rigid Hang Tabs
    150. Round Hole Hang Tabs
    151. Rubber Foam Tapes
    152. Security Hang Tabs
    153. Self Adhesive Flashing Tapes
    154. Self Adhesive Foam Tape
    155. Self Adhesive Foam Tapes
    156. Self Adhesive Hang Tabs
    157. Self Adhesive Hook And Loop Tapes
    158. Self Adhesive PTFE Tape
    159. Single Sided Foam Tape
    160. Single Sided Foam Tapes
    161. Slip Resistant Floor Tapes
    162. Slot Hang Tabs
    163. Specialist Double Sided Tapes
    164. Spray Adhesive
    165. Sticky Hook And Loop Tape
    166. Super Strength Double Sided Tape
    167. Super Strong Double Sided Tape
    168. Suspended Ceiling Foam Tape
    169. Technical Adhesive Tapes
    170. Technical Tapes
    171. Teflon PTFE Tape
    172. Toffee Tape
    173. UV Resistant Masking Tape
    174. Velcro
    175. Velcro Tape
    176. Very Strong Double Sided Tape
    177. Weather Strip Foam Tape
    178. Weatherstrip Foam Tape
    179. White Foam Magnetic Tape
    180. Yellow Anti Slip Tape

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