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    Manufacture of Rubber Grading Screens & Harvester Webs

    Rubber Grading Screens

    AgriWeb are specialists in the design and manufacture of Rubber Grading Screens and Harvester Webs. We offer highly innovative solutions for food production to companies not only in the UK and Ireland but to mainland Europe, Asia and the USA. Having been established since 1997 we have gained a wealth of experience in this sector and are able to offer our customers a wide range of products including specialist products for use in various other aspects of the food and drink production and packaging industry.

    Root Vegetable Grading Screens

    AgriWeb's highly efficient revolutionary rubber screens are designed to enable use on most types of grading systems and are suitable for a wide range of fresh products such as onions, potatoes, citrus fruits and flower bulbs. They offer significant advantages when compared to more traditional types wire and plastic screens. Being manufactured from lightweight soft flexible rubber with contoured apertures reduces crop damage, higher levels of accuracy and reduces the risk of stones attaching themselves to the screen. These wear resistant reinforced rubber systems also offer a simple hook on fastener for reduced down time when fitting, require no tension adjustment and are silent in operation. AgriWeb soft screens can also be used as carry over screens.

    Perforated Rubber and PVC Belts

    Our food quality perforated rubber and PVC belts can be designed and manufactured to meet the customer�s exact specifications. They provide an excellent water removal and cushioning system by running the crops over the perforated conveyor belt to reduce bruising and in turn increase the value and profit of your crop. Perforations can be manufactured to almost any size and shape, the smallest being 7mm, and with fastener options ranging from stainless steel and alligator to spring steel they offer the perfect choice for food processing and quarrying applications.

    Rubber Profiles

    AgriWeb can provide a wide range of bespoke rubber products which again can be tailored to the customer�s requirements, including specialist products which can be used in other areas of food and drink production, packaging and quarrying applications. More information on these products and more may be found on our website.

    So if you would like to find out more about AgriWeb and the wide range of products and services we have to offer please contact us.