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Alba Instrumentation Ltd

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  • Ultrasonic flowmeters & moisture measurement analysers
  • Specialised servicers & suppliers
  • Compliant with British and European directives
  • UK Supplier
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    'Highly specialised servicers and suppliers of both Ultrasonic Flowmeters and Moisture Measurement Analysers'

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    Alba Instrumentation Ltd

    World Class Ultrasonic and Moisture Measurement Solutions
    As a leading independent specialist in the ultrasonic flowmeter and moisture analysis industry Alba Instrumentation is able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of highly efficient services to meet their specific needs.

    Products & Services

     • Sales of New Equipment and Ancillaries
     • In-Field Validation
     • Health Checks
     • Flow and Moisture Surveys
     • Flaregas Installations
     • Liquid & Gas Clamp-On Installations
     • Oxygen Analysis
     • Flue Gas Analysers Calibration
     • Mag Meter Verification
     • Moisture Probe Calibration
     • Replacements and Sample Handling System Design

    Our Aim
    It is the aim of Alba Instrumentation to help customers become more efficient, eco-friendly and compliant with all relevant British and European Directives.

    In-House Services
    Our own in house specialist are able to provide the complete support network starting with sales and sample system design through to installation project management and the commissioning of your equipment.

    Our team of field engineers offer a full range of mobile services all of which are recognised as the industry standard. Once completed, you will be provided with a certificate stating that the instrumentation in question is performing exactly to the manufacturer’s technical specifications.

    Where repairs are concerned, Alba Instrumentation offers a full range of repair, routine servicing, commissioning and trouble shooting services for dewpoint hygrometers and ultrasonic flowmeters.

    UKAS Calibration
    We also provide a full calibration service for all moisture sensors which can be carried out at 6 to 12 month intervals. Once again calibration certificates are provided for each instrument.

    The full list of instruments and equipment Alba Instrumentation is able to calibrate can be found at our website.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Air Flow Meter
    2. Airflow Meter
    3. Airflow Meters
    4. Armoured Variable Area Flowmeters
    5. Balancing Valve Flowmeters
    6. Batch Control Flowmeters
    7. Calibration Flowmeters
    8. Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeters
    9. Conductive Liquid Flowmeters
    10. Coriolis Flow Meter
    11. Data Logging Peak Flowmeters
    12. Diesel Flow Meters
    13. Differential Pressure Flowmeters
    14. Digital Flowmeters
    15. Direct Reading Flowmeters
    16. Domestic Water Meter Flow Meters
    17. Domestic Water Meter Flowmeters
    18. Electromagnetic Flow Meters
    19. Electromagnetic Flowmeters
    20. Electronic Flowmeters
    21. Flare Gas Flowmeters
    22. Flare Gas Mass Flowmeter
    23. Flare Gas Validation
    24. Flow Meter
    25. Flow Metering
    26. Flow Meters
    27. Flow Meters Calibration Equipment
    28. Flowmeter
    29. Flowmeter Calibration Equipment
    30. Flowmeter Commissioning
    31. Flowmeter Repair
    32. Flowmeter Servicing
    33. Flowmeters
    34. Hydraulic Flow Meters
    35. Hydraulic Flowmeters
    36. Impeller Flowmeters
    37. Liquid Flowmeters
    38. Liquid Turbine Flowmeters
    39. Mass Flow Meters
    40. Mass Flowmeters
    41. Mechanical Flow Meter
    42. Mechanical Flowmeter
    43. Mechanical Flowmeters
    44. Moisture Analyzer
    45. Moisture Measurement
    46. Moisture Measurement Equipment
    47. Moisture Probe Calibrations
    48. Moisture Probe Re-Certification
    49. Orifice Flowmeters
    50. Panel Mount Flow Meters
    51. Pitot Tube Flowmeters
    52. Positive Displacement Flow Meters
    53. Positive Displacement Flowmeters
    54. Powder Flowmeters
    55. Propeller Flowmeters
    56. PVC Digital Flow Meters
    57. Turbine Flow Meters
    58. Turbine Flowmeters
    59. Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flowmeters
    60. Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    61. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Commissioning
    62. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Repair
    63. Ultrasonic Flowmeter Servicing
    64. Ultrasonic Flowmeters
    65. VA Flow Meter
    66. VA Flowmeter
    67. Variable Area Flow Meters
    68. Variable Area Flowmeters
    69. Variable Area Mechanical Flow Meter
    70. Variable Area Mechanical Flowmeter
    71. Venturi Flowmeters
    72. Water Flow Meters
    73. Water Flowmeters
    74. Welding Gas FlowFlowmeters

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