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Albion Handling Limited

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    Albion Handling Limited

    Roller, Belt & Loading Conveyors & Lifting Equipment

    At Albion Handling we can get your things on the move and keep your products in place with the wide range of highly efficient and cost effective conveyor and storage products we have to offer.

    For over twenty years we have been providing a wide range of industrial sectors with an equally wide range of Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment to meet their specific needs.

    Albion Handling is able to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of conveyor and material handling solutions to the UKs South West including both new and used conveyor systems, storage and loading equipment, pallet racking and live storage conveyors.

    We provide to customers with a variety of application requirements such as the food, packaging manufacturing, assembly and recycling industrial sectors to name but a few.

    Roller Conveyors
    Belt Conveyors
    Loading Conveyors
    Pallet Conveyors
    Conveyor Spares
    Storage & Lifting


    Roller Conveyors
    Albion Handling supplies a range of UK manufactured roller conveyors which are ideal for unloading or general use in packing and production areas.

    Belt Conveyors
    From inclined belt conveyors and flat belt conveyors through to mobile belt loading conveyors and used mobile belt loading conveyors Albion Handling can offer professional advice on all areas of belt conveyor applications.

    Pallet Conveyors
    Both powered and gravity fed pallet conveyors are available.

    Powered roller conveyors are well suited where pallets have to travel greater distances and where it is not necessarily practical to have a decline or automation system installation.

    Gravity roller conveyors however offer the most cost effective application for pallet handling and do not require a power supply. They can also be easily installed and are available in either multi-lane or full width so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Conveyor Spares
    Albion Handling can also assist you with all of your conveyor spare parts requirements including:

    Roller End Stops
    Flexible Conveyor Connectors
    Flexible Conveyor End Stops
    Steel Conveyor Rollers
    Drive Bands

    Storage & Loading
    Albion Handling supply a vast range of British made conveyors of all types and to further compliment this service we supply a range of storage and loading equipment including steel shelving, pallet racking, live storage conveyors, container loading and unloading conveyors.

    Advice and Customer Support

    Using a wealth of knowledge gained over twenty years Albion Handling has the ability to provide advice on all applications of conveyor, material handling and storage solutions so if you need help on a certain type of conveyor or other equipment please get in touch.

    Worldwide Delivery
    Secure Payment

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of solutions Albion Handling is able to provide. If you would like to find out more please visit our online shop or give us a call.

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