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    Alliance Industrial Doors Ltd

    Roller Shutter Doors
    Alliance Industrial Doors offers a wide range of roller shutter doors which can be used for an equally wide range of installation applications. We supply a range of roller shutter doors with various finish options including galvanised steel which can be powder coated or plastisol coated.

    High Speed Industrial Roller Shutters
    Our high speed roller shutters are extremely well suited for applications such as freezer rooms, shopping precinct access and loading bays and anywhere else where hygiene and cleanliness play a vital role.

    Fast Robust and Secure High Speed Doors
    Not only are our high speed doors ideal for warehouses and loading bays they can also reduce the ingress of dust and lower the risk of vermin infestation. Substantial savings can also be made with reduced heat loss so why not get in touch today to find out more.

    Insulated Roller Shutter Doors
    For all of your temperature controlled applications Alliance Industrial Doors supplies and installs a high efficient range of insulated roller shutter doors ideal for businesses involved in cold storage and food preparation processes.

    Shop Front Roller Shutters
    From industrial and retail through to security and leisure our fire rated shutters are all designed and manufactured to conform with the British Standard BS476 Part 22. Options can include powered, self-coiling or mechanically operated.

    Sectional Overhead Doors
    Commonly used for warehouse and factory applications, Alliance Industrial Doors range of top notch sectional overhead doors offer a high level of thermal performance as well as noise reduction properties. All can be tailored and finished to complement the look of your building.

    Fitting and Installation
    Dudley based Alliance Doors provides a highly reliable installation service. All installations are carried out by our expert fitters so you can rest assured your door will operate correctly and do exactly what you want it to do.

    If you've been looking for a reputable company that supplies and installs all types of high quality shutter doors Alliance Industrial Doors is the one to choose.

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