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Alrad Instruments Ltd

Alder House, Turnpike Road Industrial Estate
Newbury Berkshire
RG14 2NS

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    Alrad Instruments Ltd

    Industrial Cameras for Machine Vision with Industrial Lenses

    Alrad Instruments is a supplier of scientific instruments and equipment to the research and industrial sectors.

    Along with a product line up from some of the world's leading manufacturers, Alrad is also able to provide a range of associated services including installations, demonstrations and product support, all of which are aimed to place the emphasis on customer care.

    Alrad is made up of three trading divisions including Alrad Imaging, Alrad Photonics and Alrad Electronics.

    Alrad Imaging

    Alrad Imaging is one of the UKs leading suppliers of machine vision, industrial inspection, microscopy, scientific and research products.

    As a leading distributer of imaging equipment Alrad are able to supply a wide range of cameras, imaging software, frame grabbers, lighting products and in particular industrial cameras for machine vision with industrial lenses, laser line generators and photonic detectors.

    Alrad Photonics

    Alrad Photonics is one of Great Britain's foremost suppliers of power supplies, infrared detectors, photodetectors, laser diode modules, optoelectronic components, sockets, laser accessories and much more.

    Alrad Electronics

    As one of the UKs leading specialised distributers of electronics Alrad sell a wide variety of nuclear detectors and instruments and laser projection systems including a comprehensive range of analytical systems and high voltage products.


    Alrad have been in business since 1970 and in that time have built a huge portfolio of clients from a wide range of industrial sectors. We also have a wealth of suppliers around the world who are experts in their own particular field.

    All of the staff at Alrad are highly experienced and well trained who have been in electro-optical and high voltage applications for many years.

    To find out more about Alrad and the huge range of products and services we are able to offer please visit our website or contact us.

    We also welcome customers to visit our premises in person which is situated in Newbury, however to make your experience as productive as possible it may be worthwhile phoning for an appointment to ensure a product specialist is available to discuss your requirements.

    So why not buy from experts and buy with confidence

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:30
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:30
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:30
    Friday 09:00 to 16:30
    Saturday Closed
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    Pro-Forma 15 days 30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Analytical Systems
    2. Burst Detectors
    3. Camera Lenses
    4. Cameras
    5. Cctv Cameras
    6. Compact High Voltage Power Supplies
    7. Current Sensors
    8. Ddensitometers
    9. Densitometers
    10. Diffraction Gratings
    11. Digital Cameras
    12. Digital Microscope Cameras
    13. Digital Sensors
    14. Direct Current High Voltage Power Supply Converters
    15. Disturbance Emission
    16. Disturbance Immunity
    17. Electrical Thermal Imaging
    18. EMC Products
    19. Fibre Optic Lighting
    20. Fixed Thermal Imaging Cameras
    21. Green Beam Lasers
    22. HD Cameras
    23. High Precision Current Monitors
    24. High Voltage Power Supplies
    25. High Voltage Power Supplies
    26. High Voltage Power Supply
    27. High Voltage Power Supply Manufacturers
    28. High Voltage Radiation Detectors
    29. Holographic Gratings
    30. IC Measurement
    31. IC Test Equipment
    32. Image Analysers
    33. Image Digitizing
    34. Industrial Cameras
    35. Industrial Lenses
    36. Infra Red Sensor
    37. Infrared Camera
    38. Infrared Detector
    39. Infrared Optics
    40. Infrared Sensor
    41. Infrared Sensors
    42. Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras
    43. Laser Accessories
    44. Laser Application Power Supplies
    45. Laser Detectors
    46. Laser Diode
    47. Laser Diode Modules
    48. Laser Diode Systems
    49. Laser Lenses
    50. Laser Line Generators
    51. Laser Optics
    52. Laser Projection Systems
    53. Laser Safety
    54. Laser Safety Eyewear
    55. Laser Safety Goggles
    56. Laser Sensors
    57. LED Backlighting
    58. LED Strip Lighting
    59. Machine Vision
    60. Machine Vision Cameras
    61. Machine Vision Lenses
    62. Measuring System
    63. Mechanical Thermal Imaging
    64. Mini Burst Generators
    65. Near Field Probes
    66. Night Vision Cameras
    67. Optical Components
    68. Optical Inspection
    69. Optical Sensors
    70. Optical Signal Detection
    71. Photoelectric Sensors
    72. Photonic Detectors
    73. Preamplifier
    74. Pulse Generators
    75. RF Transformer
    76. Ruled Gratings
    77. Scanner Field Probes
    78. Sensors And Detectors
    79. Small Cameras
    80. Smart Cameras
    81. Thermal Image Cameras
    82. Thermal Imaging
    83. Thermal Imaging Camera
    84. Thermal Imaging Cameras
    85. Thermal Imaging Sensors
    86. Thermal Imaging Services
    87. Thermal Imaging Software
    88. Thermal Imaging Surveys
    89. Thermal Imaging Systems
    90. Thermal Imaging Testing
    91. Training Equipment
    92. Vision Camera Systems
    93. Vision Sensors
    94. Weatherproof Cameras
    95. X-Ray Systems

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