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Andel Plastics Ltd

Unit 1 & 2 Monarch Trading Estate, 198 Kings Road, Tyseley
Birmingham West Midlands
B11 2AP

  • In-house toolroom, injection moulding facility
  • Accredited Class 7 Cleanroom for medical devices
  • Quality, precision and complex toolmaking solution
  • Quality Assurance
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    Andel Plastics Ltd

    Andel Plastics offers one of the most comprehensive toolmaking and injection moulding services, from initial consultation through to manufacture and delivery to a wide client base including the medical and pharmaceutical sectors where good manufacturing procedures are paramount.

    This unique service includes the inspection and bespoke packaging of medical components in our Class 7 Cleanroom where we provide solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

    Andel Plastics has a very flexible approach to manufacturing and able to provide customers with sampling and small batch runs through to volume and post-operative assembly.
    We also design and manufacture all mould tooling both used by ourselves and supplied to our customers.

    Our fully equipped injection moulding facility, houses twenty one machines with capacities ranging from 30 to 200 tonnes with particular abilities in insert and overmoulding procedures.

    Over the years Andel Plastics has built many long term relationships with material suppliers.

    This means we are well placed in the manufacture of not only commodity plastics but some of the more technically challenging engineering polymers which in turn allows us to offer our services to a far wider range of industries that have more diverse and complex needs.

    Our reputation has been built on our quality and engineering experience and providing customers with robust components which have been designed to reduce post operations and offer easy assembly. We do however offer customers a wide range of post mouldings and assembly services.

    Class 7 Cleanroom
    Having worked alongside the medical sector for many years has enabled us to acquire good manufacturing processes including the inspection and packaging of medical components.

    This procedure is carried out in our `award winning`, purpose built Class 7 Cleanroom environment to ensure all medical components manufactured reach customers contaminate free. This cleanroom is fully validated and working within the ISO9001 Quality Standard procedures.

    To further assure our customers in this area Andel Plastics is working towards regulated certification to ISO 12485.

    This philosophy continues within our cleanroom by providing a packaging service for bespoke procedure packs requested by individual surgeons to large batch requirements of the NHS.

    Andel Plastics has had many years of experience in the toolmaking and injection mould tools industry including precision CNC machining, spark and wire erosion. These disciplines can also be utilised to provide customers with a range of subcontract services.

    All tooling manufactured at Andel Plastics is produced using the finest tool steels and up to date CAD/CAM software so you can rest assured your mould tools will be of an extremely high quality, in fact we are so sure of this we offer our customers a ten year no maintenance guarantee for all of the tools we design.

    Aluminium Tooling
    Our customers have been asking and we have been listening... Andel can now aluminium tooling and inserts for low volume production and/or prototyping. We only use tooling grade aluminium which provides a lifetime of component production.

    Mouldflow Analysis
    Andel has recently acquired a Visiflow mouldflow analysis software systems that gives us the capability to offer a mouldflow analysis of the moulding process. This gives us far more flexibility in analysis allowing the gate position to be altered, providing information on possible areas of concern.

    Ultrasonic Welding
    We now offer ultrasonic welding that provides a strong and permanent bond between parts. This is a really useful service for components that are too complex or expensive to be moulded in an injection mould tool.

    Customer Base
    At Andel Plastics we have a consultative approach and work closely with customers to achieve the best solution possible. We often start work at the concept stage so that we have a thorough understanding of the challenges and requirements involved in each project. This means we can often make suggestions which result in cost savings at later stages.

    Sectors include:

    � Medical
    � Pharmaceutical
    � Industrial
    � Gas Flow & Water Metering
    � Automotive
    � Signalling
    � Electronics
    � Plumbing

    Whatever your industry and whatever your requirements Andel Plastics is here to respond so if you would like to discuss your toolmaking, manufacturing or Class 7 Cleanroom inspection and bespoke packaging needs please get in touch.

    Key Personnel
    Helena Flowers
    Helena Flowers Managing DIrector

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    Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Technical Manager
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