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    Axe & Status Machinery Ltd

    Axe & Status offers businesses in the metal cutting and fabrication industry one of the most comprehensive ranges of machinery and after sales services in the UK.

    The high quality and reliable supply service for flexible, value for money solutions we offer, enable customers to remain competitive, maintain low hourly rates and to meet the ever increasing demands of today's engineering industry.

    - CNC Metal Cutting Machinery
    - CNC Fabrication Machinery
    - CNC Pressbrake Tooling
    - CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery

    Manufacturers Include:

    Accurl - Fabrication Machinery
    Eumach - Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines
    Massa - Heavy Duty Turning Machines
    Accuway - Heavy Duty Slant Bed CNC Lathes
    Polygim - Swiss Type Sliding Head & Standard CNC Lathes
    Tuscan - Heavy Duty High Precision Manual and CNC Lathes
    Lazzati - Heavy Boring & Milling
    Millstar - Vertical and Horizontal Machining

    2-40 KW Fibre Laser Cutting Machine Supplier UK

    Covering the needs of businesses working within the Fibre Laser Cutting industry, Axe & Status supplies a range of machinery designed to achieve perfect results on a whole variety of materials. Our 2-40 KW fibre laser cutting machines are supplied by ACCURL, who are one of the world�s leading Top 10 manufacturers in the field of steel metal working machinery.

    High Speed CNC Press Brake Distributors

    Where CNC Press Brake machinery is concerned ACCURL�s range of high speed machinery is designed to not only greatly improve material handling but increase the quality of the parts being produced. The Hybrid press brake is built with high-end specifications. It has advanced motion technologies and is impressively quiet. With the integration of advanced safety equipment and options the ACCURL EuroMaster is the best in creating complex parts.

    Industrial Steel Fabrication Machinery Suppliers

    As one of the UKs leading industrial steel fabrication machinery suppliers, Axe & Status offer a wide range of high end CNC industrial steel fabrication machinery from ACCURL Pressbrake machines to Fibre Laser Cutting machines.

    CNC Sheet Metal Cutting Machines For Sale

    Since 1970, world leading manufacturers have entrusted Axe & Status as a UK distributor with the exclusive representation and supply of their machinery aimed at the UK and overseas sectors.

    These cost-effective solutions have been chosen to cover the needs of all aspects of today's demands where efficient manufacturing is paramount.

    ACCURL Fibre Lasers

    The ACCURL series of fibre laser cutting machines offer an unbeatable high production level and excellent cutting quality for thin and medium thickness sheets. The maximum sheet thickness depends on the chosen output power. The high energy efficiency of the fibre laser ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption. Suitable for a wide range of materials, including highly-reflective metals and high thickness mild steel. Ready for round, square and rectangular tubes.

    Black Series-ACCURL 15Kw Laser with Bevel Cutting Head

    This is only a small sample of the vast range of world leading metal cutting and fabrication machinery solutions Axe & Status provides. For more details about Axe & Status Machinery Ltd please visit their website.

    In safe hands with Axe & Status
    The key to keeping your equipment running efficiently is effective maintenance. The last thing you want to happen is for something to go wrong and you find your machine is out of action for some time. This can be costly for your company and can affect your reputation. To minimise downtime, Axe & Status have a dedicated Service department who provide machine tool servicing to our clients.

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