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  • We Manufacture Sash Window Locks and Stops
  • Locks for Domestic and Commercial Applications
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    Bramah Security Equipment

    Bramah is London's Oldest Bespoke Security Lock Manufacturer

    Bramah was established in 1784 and is now London's oldest locksmith & security company.

    We manufacture Bramah and Rola locks both commercial and domestic applications. Our locks are supplied throughout the UK and overseas. We also supply and install a range of security products, Sash Locks and Stops.

    Bramah has a unique mix of capabilities and knowledge, we provide complete security solutions for a diverse range of industrial, commercial, retail and domestic clients. Our security solutions are designed to work well not just today but for many years to come.

    Our service is highly personalised ensuring your house, facility or flat will receive the same attention to detail as we would provide an architectural masterpiece.

    Bramah Locks - Bespoke Security Lock Manufacturer

    The history of Bramah lock is an interesting one, it was in 1784 that Joseph Bramah designed a round lock mechanism that was so complex and secure that he fitted it in his shop and offered a reward of 200 guineas to anyone who could open it.

    It was finally cracked in 1851 taking 52 hours spread over 16 days. 222 years later and the lock is now displayed in the London Science Museum.

    Bramah locks have become a well known name ever since the initial lock Joseph Bramah designed.

    Today they are in demand for a range of applications like jewellery cabinets, front doors and even explosives stores, Bramah offers something unique and unmatched.

    Below are some of the locks we can manufacture and supply:

    - Sliding Door Locks
    - Hinged Door Locks
    - Cabnet & Display Locks
    - Padlocks
    - Shunted Locks
    - Safes

    Rola Locks

    Rola Locks are part of the Bramah product line, they were named after the company designed the rolling Sash Window Locks and Stops in the 1950's.

    The range has expanded dramatically since then to cover alternate types of windows as well as back gates, perimeter French doors and garden sheds.

    Rola Locks are available in a wide range of finishes, including White, Brass and Nickel. As a special order we can supply Polished Chrome.

    All of the locks operate using the common Rola Key.

    Below are some of the locks we supply:

    - Window Locks
    - Locking Bolts
    - Multi Purpose Locks
    - Hinge Bolts
    - Keys & Fitting Tools

    Security Systems

    Bramah do not only specialise in locks, we are also specialist security systems installers. We have supplied and fitted security solutions to a diverse range of clients across the UK to solve practical security problems.

    We have experience in the following security areas:

    - Door Entry Systems
    - Security Lighting
    - Burglar Alarms
    - Access Control
    - CCTV

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 08:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 08:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 08:00 to 17:00
    Friday 08:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    American Express
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    23. Burglar Alarm Maintenance
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