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Langley Design

Unit L (Gate 1), Chelworth Industrial Estate
Swindon Wiltshire

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    Langley Design

    Supplying Street Furniture Packages To Over 150 Projects A Year

    With many years of experience in the street furniture market sector Langley Design is able to deliver a wide range of practical solutions to meet the ever increasing demands for high quality robust external facilities including:

    � Benches
    � Tables
    � Seats
    � Shelters

    � Recycling & Litter Bins
    � Cycle Parking
    � Pergolas

    � Door barriers
    � Planters
    � Storage


    We are a company of �innovative problem solvers` who provide customers with a comprehensive service from the initial consultation through to delivery to meet your exact requirements including your budget.

    As bespoke street furniture suppliers we build fit for purpose cost effective products. Our made to order service also includes bringing items to the site for inspection prior to manufacture.

    Flexibility - Custom External Furniture Solutions

    All of our manufacturing processes take place here in Wiltshire so we are always able to respond rapidly to any design changes including renewable design data.

    With a special expertise in the education sector Langley Design is able to offer sound advice on products for outdoor teaching environments, studying outdoors and varying heights depending on the age of intended users, from reception through to secondary schools.


    Plinth mounted tables requiring no fixings and can be installed easily after groundworks have been carried out. What's more as we make everything to order Langley Design can adjust the heights as and when required.


    Benches make up the core element of our products. We are always happy to advise on the most economical way to carry out your bench installations so please get in touch to find out more.


    Seating always forms an integral part of any school environment particularly in social areas. We will design and manufacture your seating to match your specific needs both in price and practicality.

    Recycle & Litter Bins

    Our range of litter bins and recycling containers provide the perfect solution for all of your rubbish collection requirements, from striking stand out designs to products that are intended to fade into the background so why not get in touch for expert advice.

    Cycle Parking

    Cycle parking is always a major concern for building projects and is part of the overall site travel plan.

    At Langley Design we are able to maximise your space for your cycle parking needs with a range of solutions designed to solve most problems encountered during this process.

    Door Barriers

    Door barriers don�t just help to keep doors open and prevent them from projecting too far they also protect pupils when in playground environments.

    We manufacture door barriers in various shapes and sizes from a simple hoop profile through to tapping rails for the visually impaired so whatever your requirements are we are here to offer advice.


    External shelters are becoming increasingly popular as architects have to find provision where weather protection is necessary such as walkways, outdoor teaching, parent waiting and buggy parks. Our shelters are specifically designed to meet BS EN 1991, Eurocode1 (EC1) Parts 1-1, 1-3, and 1-4 and for wind and snow imposing loading.

    This is just a small sample of the wide range of innovative products we are able to design and manufacture so for more details please go to our website.

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