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  • Designing and manufacturing flight cases
  • Protect sensitive equipment from the rigours of travel
  • Our flight cases are extensively used in many industries
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    Oakleigh Cases Ltd

    Flight Cases Hand Built To Last In The UK

    Oakleigh Cases Ltd are a supplier of a wide range of transportation cases including Flight Cases, Waterproof Cases, Storm Cases, Peli Cases, Road Trunk Flight Cases and Gator Cases. We also design and manufacture Metal Rack Systems, Foam Inserts and Accessories for our case products.

    Custom Flight Cases

    These include Musical Instrument Cases, Cases for Speakers, Consoles, DJ equipment and much more. Our custom Flight Cases are manufactured to your individual requirements, we can provide a solutions for any situation so get in touch with us now.

    Pelican Cases

    We supply a wide range of Waterproof Peli Cases for various applications including Peli Micro Cases, Peli Laptop and Tablet Cases, Top Loader Cases, Cube Cases and a wide range of Accessories. We supply Storm cases too, Available in black or yellow with press and pull latches and double layered soft grip handles with flush powerful hinges. These cases also come in a wide range of weights and sizes suitable for an equally wide range of applications.

    Road Trunks

    We manufacture standard road trunks to fit efficiently in your trunk. These general purpose cases are fully customizable and are available in a different range of colours. The extras like, foam lining, Plywood Trays, Removable Divisions, Label Dishes, Stacking Dishes, ect´┐Ż can be added to a standard road trunk. All our trunks are designed to withstand the most demanding situations. This is why we only use the highest quality fittigs and material to ensure that your kit arrives safely to and from its destination.

    Audio Visual Flight Cases

    Our range of Plasma Cases are designed for applications such as musical instruments, electronics, projectors, lenses and cameras. This range of highly durable and tough products is also available in a wide range of sizes and weights with braked castors, swivel castors, heavy ball, recessed handles and catches.

    Storm Cases

    Available in black or yellow with press and pull latches and double layered soft grip handles with flush powerful hinges. These cases also come in a wide range of weights and sizes suitable for an equally wide range of applications.

    Toolbox Cases

    We now provide a range of flight case toolboxes that are perfect for universal tools. These cases can also carry backstage equipment, and can be manufactured to custom designs, ensuring you get the look you want with the protection you need.

    Foam Inserts

    All of our Foam Inserts are manufactured and cut using high speed CNC equipment which ensures fast cutting times and accuracy. At Oakleigh Cases Ltd we use a close cell type polyethylene foam in a range of colours and densities so as to allow us to tailor the insert precisely to your exact requirements to fit your equipment.

    Rack Cases

    We can supply you with either Standard Racking or Shock Mounted Racking, all of which can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

    This is just a brief description of the range of transportation cases Oakleigh Cases Ltd are able to offer, but if you would like further information about our products please visit our website which contains much more detailed information including sizes, specifications, applications, prices and our up to date clearance items.

    Contact us today with any enquiries or for Custom Cases

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