BGB - Experts at Engineering Smart Rotary Solutions

BGB - Experts at Engineering Smart Rotary Solutions

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    BGB - Experts at Engineering Smart Rotary Solutions

    BGB specialise in the design from concept, manufacturing and marketing of its own range of niche market products. Development is influenced by having a clear understanding of the operational environment. World class, durable & fit for purpose products are created by working closely with international customers. The design process is innovative to ensure that product technology is enhanced for modern day applications.

    Products and services include: -

    - Design and manufacture of electrical slip ring assemblies for rotary applications
    - Configuration and supply of wireless Ethernet bridge systems

    Markets include: -

    - Wind turbine control and power transfer
    - Water and sewage treatment
    - Packaging machines

    Engineering - Slip Rings, Slip Ring Assemblies and Brush Holders

    Established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders, the business progressed into the production of electrical slip rings during the 1980s. Whilst BGB continues to supply both brush holders and slip rings as standard component parts, today's core activity is the design and manufacture of specialised slip ring solutions.

    The Company continues to develop slip ring technology in conjunction with global customers. Partnerships are formed through working closely with clients' design engineers and having the operational flexibility to meet their requirements.

    Products and services for rotary applications include:

    - Standard slip rings
    - Standard brush holders
    - Standard slip ring assemblies
    - Design & manufacture of bespoke electrical slip ring assemblies to customer specification

    Telemetry - FORJ

    BGB's fibre optic rotary joint (FORJ) is ideal for high speed data-transfer on many applications. Constructed in stainless steel, Optilinc has exceptional durability protecting the unit from dust and water ingress to IP65 and is not influenced by vibration, humidity, heat, magnetism or other typical disturbances.

    The Optilinc system has been thoroughly developed in BGB's R&D Lab and is now being implemented by leading wind turbine manufacturers. The Fibre optic rotary joint (FORJ) can transfer data at a rate up to 1Gb/s and can be offered with media converters to suit protocols and requirements.

    Applications include:

    ...- Wind Turbines
    ...- ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
    ...- Vehicle Turrets
    ...- Robotics
    ...- Fibre Optic Cable Reels
    ...- Rotating Media Displays & TVs
    ...- Medical Systems
    ...- Radar Antennas
    ...- Security Systems
    ...- Material Handling Systems
    ...- Video Surveillance Systems
    ...- Marine Propulsion Systems
    ...- Sensor Platforms
    ...- Packaging Machines
    ...- Rotating Laser Cutters
    ...- And many more...

    Other BGB products include: Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM), Media Converters and optical fibre cables.

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    Products and Services

    1. Aquaculture
    2. Aquaculture Lighting
    3. Architectural Lighting Equipment
    4. Brush Gear
    5. Brush Holders
    6. Brushholders
    7. Cable Reels
    8. Camera Systems
    9. Capacitive Systems
    10. Carbon Brush Holders
    11. Carbon Brushes
    12. Cctv Systems
    13. Collector Columns
    14. Connectors
    15. Crane Accessories
    16. Crane Repairs & Spares
    17. Crane Spare Parts
    18. Cummins Generators
    19. Decorative Displays
    20. Fibre Optic Rotary Joints
    21. FORJ
    22. FORJ Slip Ring Assemblies
    23. FORJs
    24. Generator Spares
    25. Gold Wire Slip Rings
    26. GSM Telemetry
    27. Induction Systems
    28. Lighting For Aquaculture
    29. Luminaries
    30. Marine Lighting
    31. Marine Wind Turbine
    32. Media Converters
    33. Optical Cables
    34. Photoperiod Manipulation
    35. Pressure Testing
    36. Radar Components
    37. Radar Equipment Supplier Suppliers
    38. Radio Telemetry
    39. Radio Telemetry Equipment
    40. Remote Monitoring
    41. Remote Security
    42. Rotary Brushes
    43. Rotary Cables
    44. Rotary Joints
    45. Rotary Power
    46. Rotary Products
    47. Rotary Shaft Encoder
    48. Rotary Systems
    49. Rotary Testing
    50. Rotary Unions
    51. Rotating Electrics
    52. Security Monitoring
    53. Slip Ring
    54. Slip Ring Assemblies
    55. Slip Ring Contacts
    56. Slip Rings
    57. Slipring
    58. Sliprings
    59. SMS Telemetry
    60. Submersible Cables
    61. Submersible Connectors
    62. Submersible Lighting
    63. Telemetry
    64. Telemetry Antennas
    65. Telemetry Cases
    66. Telemetry Control Systems
    67. Telemetry Flight Cases
    68. Telemetry Links
    69. Telemetry Load Cells
    70. Telemetry Systems
    71. Underwater Cables
    72. Underwater Cameras
    73. Underwater Connector
    74. Underwater Connectors
    75. Underwater Monitoring Systems
    76. Underwater Pressure Testing
    77. Video Surveillance Systems
    78. Waste Water Industry
    79. Wave Division Multiplexers
    80. WDMs
    81. Web Based Telemetry
    82. Wind Turbine Slip Rings
    83. Wireless Broadband
    84. Wireless Cctv
    85. Wireless Enabled Systems
    86. Wireless Ethernet Bridge
    87. Wireless Link
    88. Wireless Monitoring
    89. Wireless Networks
    90. Wireless Telecoms
    91. Wireless Telemetry
    92. Wireless Video
    93. Wiring Looms
    94. Yacht Lights


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems ISO 14001 Environmental management ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) – Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification

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