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Biopharma Group

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  • Supplier of equipment to the pharmaceutical industry
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    Biopharma Group

    Biopharma Group

    Biopharma is proud not to be a catalogue company and our aim is to provide you with equipment and/ or services that best meet your process requirements. The key to our success is many combined years of experience in the processing industries and our in-depth knowledge of the equipment we supply. We have an experienced, technical service/ maintenance department and strong links with our suppliers that enables us to support you throughout the life of your equipment. Additionally, our on-site freeze drying laboratory offers a range of services in product and process development.

    Whatever your project, make the most of our expertise - talk to one of the team today.

    Why Biopharma?

    Biopharma Group is a recognised industry leader in freeze drying & associated process technologies such as solvent removal and high pressure homogenisation with our in-house expertise at the disposal of our customer with dedicated divisions in the UK, Ireland, France and USA.

    Our aim is to meet the precise needs of our customers' projects, and will agree a work programme and budget that is appropriate to the size and stage of the project, whether this be for a freeze dryer, powder filler, analytical instrument, individual analysis or a complete formulation development programme. Our philosophy is to augment our customers’ in-house expertise and work together to make each project a success.

    Freeze Drying Analytical Instruments
    Biopharma provide freeze drying analytical instruments for a range of applications:

    Lyostat - The Lyostat Freeze Drying Microspcope provides data & image capture and analysis. It is PC controlled, allowing the user to make a video of their sample.

    Lyotherm DTA electric impedance analyser - The Lyotherm3 combines thermal & electrical techniques, the dual analysis adds an extra dimension to the data.
    Lyophilization Cycle Development
    When it comes to Lyophilization cycle development biopharma technologies france can help. Our freeze drying cycles will provide safe and reliable processing. Initial analysis will provide key data about the products essential characteristis. Available post process characterization analysis includes XRD, mDSC, SEM and DVS.

    Our lyophilization cycle development is robust, repeatable and efficient, it is also well positioned to meet FDA guidelines.
    Freeze Drying Equipment, Services & Training Courses
    The team at Biopharma Group are the experts when it comes to freeze drying!

    Freeze drying is our speciality. From equipment to product and process development, maintenance and validation to analytical equipment or training, we provide a complete package. The systems and services we offer are highly flexible with a range of options and accessories to meet both your technical and commercial requirements. If you don’t see what you need, or if you aren’t sure what you need, please contact us – we’re certain we’ll be able to help.
    Processing Equipment
    Biopharma offers a range of vial handling equipment and solutions from rotary vial washers to full aseptic processing lines for biotech production and pharmaceutical applications all of which have been created for their cleanliness, efficiency, quality and ease of use to the operator.
    Laboratory Equipment
    We offer a range of laboratory equipment that has been created to simplify and streamline the work of scientists. It also offers flexibility and efficiency in the smallest possible benchtop footprint so to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

    Laboratory Equipment includes:

    - Volumetric Powder Fillers
    - Shell Bath Freezer
    - Analytical Instruments (FDM, DTA & Electrical Impedance)
    Available exclusively from Biopharma Group in the UK & Ireland The high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems from Genevac have been specifically designed for use in biology, chemistry and analytical scientific applications and are world renowned for their reliability and high performance more information of which may be found by visiting our website.
    High Pressure Homogenisation
    We are able to provide a range of both air powered and electrically powered Avestin high pressure homogenisation products that are ideal for a whole range of applications within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical industries. These include particle size reduction, cell lysis, nanoparticles, emulsions and liposome preparation.
    Preparative Chromatography

    As exclusive agents, Biopharma are pleased to be able to supply preparative chromatography product solutions from Sepiatec GmbH throughout the UK & Ireland. Sepiatec GmbH is a world leading separation solutions provider with unrivalled expertise in the field. Renowned across industries from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical, the separation technologies offered allow profound process optimisations whilst vastly accelerating processing time.

    Whatever your project needs we are here to help so why not make the most of our expertise and talk to one of our sales team today.