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    Street Furnishings Ltd

    Street Furnishings Ltd has been developing and supplying an impressive range of street furniture products including bollards, barriers, parking posts, guardrailing and signage since 1989.

    We are now the dynamic one stop shop for all UK equipment for highways such as road zebra crossings, street furnishing, road signs and more.

    Traffic Bollards & Highway Maintenance Products
    We are able to supply a wide range of products specifically designed for highway maintenance such as traffic bollards and signage.

    Our range of high quality and robust signage products have been chosen to cover every application from standard give way signs through to no entry signs and local area directional signs. All street signage products supplied by us are manufactured in all grades of reflective and non-reflective material.
    Decorative Bollards & Amenity Bollards
    Under this category Street Furnishings Ltd offers a great range of decorative bollards which have been designed to meet virtually any application where bollards are required.

    We supply fixed, fold down, removable and telescopic bollards for parking restriction situations, bollards to delineate areas in reflective, cast iron and wooden, stainless steel, concrete and recycled and polyurethane versions.

    Bollards for directing traffic are also available for keep left signs, verge posts and cycle routes. We supply a range of bollards for protective purposes such as anti-ram raid, pavement protection and mild steel bollards.

    We also provide range decorative bollards manufactured in fancy cast iron, wood and stainless steel.
    Traffic Management, Temporary Signage, Roadworks Equipment
    Under this category Street Furnishings is able to supply a vast range of products that are used in roadworks applications.

    All products above are designed and manufactured to meet the `Safety at Street Works and Roadworks Code of Practice and Recommendations` contained in Chapter eight.

    Additional equipment available includes, vehicle accessories, measuring equipment, workman tents, traffic lights and spill management kits.
    Pedestrian Guardrailing Crash Barriers & Fencing
    We offer a wide range of pedestrian Guardrailing, rails and post combinations to cover an equally wide range of applications, from bow top fencing and palisade fencing to crash barriers for car park environments.

    Guardrailing is well suited for applications such as children's play areas in recreation parks and with the use of high-vis colours with additional panels they are perfect for making routes to school safer particularly where motorists are met by the excellent visual reminders.
    Amenity & Street Furniture
    Street Furnishings supply cycle parking, public seating, signage and litterbins to cover a wide range of situations from the traditional park bench through to cycle stands, boundary signs and tree protection so to find our more please visit our website where you'll find a number of PDF downloads available containing detailed information.
    Car Parks & Access Control
    We supply all types of bollards for restricting parking areas, road studs and white lining for parking bays etc.

    These items include barriers, gates, traffic mirrors, access control systems, amenity lighting and speed ramps.

    As far as car park maintenance is concerned we offer a range of quality grit bins, signage, wheel clamps, temporary barriers, cones and lamps etc.
    Solar Powered Products
    Street Furnishings is now able to offer a range of solar powered products including bollards, centre island refuge beacons and belsiha beacons. Further information on these products may be found by visiting our website.
    Night Owl Bollards & Bounce Back Systems
    Night Owl is one of our new products and offers a highly effective highway sign solution for both night and day use.

    It utilises a fluorescent `Diamond Grade` material on the front and DG3 non-fluorescent material on the sign graphic itself.

    Graphics can be applied to front and back of the bollard and importantly to the side edge providing a high level of transitional visibility.

    For more information about Street Furnishings Ltd please visit our website or get in touch.

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    6. Aluminium Barriers
    7. Anti – Terrorist Automatic Bollards
    8. Anti Ram Bollards
    9. Anti Scale Barriers
    10. Anti Vandal Security Barriers
    11. Anti-Terrorist Static Bollards
    12. Architectural Bollards
    13. Armco Barriers
    14. Armco Traffic Barriers
    15. Automated Barriers
    16. Automatic And Manual Security Barriers
    17. Automatic Arm Barriers
    18. Automatic Arm Bollards
    19. Automatic Barrier Safety Systems
    20. Automatic Barriers
    21. Automatic Bollards
    22. Automatic Rising Arm Barriers
    23. Automatic Rising Bollards
    24. Automatic Rising Security Barriers
    25. Automatic Security Barriers
    26. Automatic Vehicle Barriers
    27. Barrier Seal
    28. Barrier Seals
    29. Barrier Security Seals
    30. Barrier Systems
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    32. Bespoke Furniture
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    41. Car Park Barriers
    42. Car Park Bollards
    43. Car Park Manual Barriers
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    45. Car Parking Barriers
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    47. Cast Iron Bollards
    48. Cavity Barriers
    49. Cavity Fire Barriers
    50. Cavity Wall Fire Barriers
    51. Coffin Bollards
    52. Composite Bollards
    53. Concrete Barriers
    54. Concrete Barriers For Sale
    55. Concrete Bollards
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    57. Concrete Road Barriers
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    60. Contaminated Ground Barriers
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    64. Crash Protection Barriers
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    66. Crash Test Barriers
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    70. Curved Barriers
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    83. Flood Barriers
    84. Flood Defence Barriers
    85. Fluted Bollards
    86. Fold Down Bollards
    87. Folding Barrier Systems
    88. Gas Ground Barriers
    89. Gates Barriers Security
    90. Grab Barriers
    91. Granite Bollards
    92. Granite Street Furniture
    93. Ground Barriers
    94. Heavy Duty Automatic Barriers
    95. Heavy Duty Steel Security Barriers
    96. Height Gage Barriers
    97. Height Restriction Barriers
    98. High Security Barriers
    99. Hoop Barriers
    100. Horizontal Fire Barriers
    101. Hydraulic Barriers
    102. Hydraulic Bollards
    103. Illuminated Bollards
    104. Intrinsically Safe Barriers
    105. Jersey Barriers
    106. LED Bollards
    107. LED Street Furniture
    108. Light Barriers
    109. Light Bollards
    110. Lighting Bollards
    111. Made To Measure Street Furniture
    112. Manual Arm Barriers
    113. Manual Rising Barriers
    114. Manual Security Barriers
    115. Manual Swing Barriers
    116. Marine Bollards
    117. Metal Bollards
    118. Mild Steel Bollards
    119. Mirrors And Parking Barriers
    120. Mojo Barriers
    121. Motor Cycle Barriers
    122. Noise Barriers
    123. Ornamental Bollards
    124. Outdoor Barriers
    125. Outside Barriers
    126. Pallet Racking Protection Barriers
    127. Parking Barriers
    128. Parking Bollards
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    130. PAS 68 Bollards
    131. Pedestrian Barriers
    132. Perimeter Barriers
    133. Personnel Barriers
    134. Plastic Barriers
    135. Plastic Safety Barriers
    136. Polypropylene Bollards
    137. Polyurethane Bollards
    138. Precase Concrete Barriers
    139. Precast Concrete Bollards
    140. Protection Barriers Pallet Racking
    141. Protective Barriers
    142. Protex Barriers
    143. Rack End Barriers
    144. Ram Raid Barriers
    145. Recycled Plastic Bollards
    146. Recycled Plastic Street Furniture
    147. Recycled Street Furniture
    148. Removable Bollards
    149. Removable Hoop Barriers
    150. Retractable Barriers
    151. Retractable Bollards
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