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    Bowers Group

    An Unrivalled Choice of High Quality Precision Measuring Equipment

    Bowers provides an unrivalled metrology service to include one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality measuring equipment and calibration services.

    As one of the UKs leading suppliers of affordable precision measuring solutions Bowers is also able to provide bespoke system design and laboratory based UKAS calibration services.

    At Bowers our reputation has been built on the Group ethos of striving for excellence not only in the products we supply but also in the wide range of quality services we are able to offer our customers.

    We now aim to continue building on this hard earned reputation in order to exceed our customers’ expectations and offer a range of products from leading brands including Moore & Wright, Bowers, Baty and CV Instruments who offer the largest selection of portable and bench hardness testers in the UK.

    Bowers is able to provide a comprehensive range of high precision solutions for an equally comprehensive range of applications in industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Civil Engineering, Medical, Machine Tools, Workshop Tools and Electronics to name but a few.

    Bore Gauging

    When it comes to Bore Gauging Bowers Group is able to supply an impressive range of products designed and manufactured with ergonomics in mind.

    Products such as the NEW XT3 Digital Bore Gauge with its ergonomic design, large LCD display with simple 2-button operation and 4 preset memories.

    It also features a proximity RS232/USB output with optional built in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bi-directional communication with a capacity range of 2-300mm, resolution 0.001mm/0.00005”, a blind bore measurement from 2mm – 6mm and above 12.5mm.

    Optical Measurement

    Bowers is also able to supply a wide range of Optical Measurement products from the well known non-contact measurement product supplier Baty.

    The Baty `Shadograph` range is now the industry standard in profile projectors, hand tools and vision systems and offers solutions for almost every measurement application in today’s manufacturing sectors.

    This range of high performance optical measurement products include Digital Readouts, Baty Vision Systems such as the VuMaster 2D Manual/2D CNC, ShadoMaster, the Baty R14 and the Baty R400 bench mount profile projector with its 400mm screen.

    Hand Tools

    Bowers offers a range of high quality and affordable hand tools designed for the shop floor including, Hardened Stainless Steel Framed Dial Callipers, Large digital External Micrometers, Internal Minor Callipers, Moore & Wright Micrometers and Ultra-Light Accessories.

    Bowers also offers a range of affordable measuring and instrumentation products under the heading of Value-Line such as External Micrometers, Digital Point Micrometers and digital External Micrometers so to find out more about this range please visit the Bowers Group website.

    Calibration, repair and service

    Although the range of products from Bowers have been designed and manufactured to give many years of reliable use we do recommend you have them serviced and calibrated on a yearly basis.

    We offer an unrivalled fast and efficient service and calibration and repairs service to ensure your equipment stays at its very best.

    For further information regarding Bowers Group, our products and services please visit our website or speak to one of our team, thank you.

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    26. Height Gauges
    27. Indicators
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    32. Measuring Equipment
    33. Measuring Equipment Manufacturer
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    48. Pipeline Testing Equipment
    49. Pipeline Testing Equipment Manufacturer
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    51. Portable Hardness Tester
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    53. Portable Metrology
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    56. Roundness Testing Machine
    57. Roundness Testing Machines
    58. ROV Testing Equipment Manufacturer
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    60. Ship Hull Non Destructive Testing Equipment
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    62. Solo Testing Equipment
    63. Spin Action Rivet Nut Hand Tools
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