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    British Falcon Plastics

    British Falcon Plastics is one of the UKs leading plastic packaging designers, manufacturers and suppliers.

    We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of plastic packaging anywhere around. Every single one of our packaging products are bespoke, unique and specifically manufactured to meet our clients particular needs.

    Products and Services

    - Food Packaging
    - Healthcare Packaging
    - Preparation Trays
    - Collation and Trays
    - Display Packaging
    - Wax Melts and Mould Forms
    - Clamshell Packaging
    - Gift Box Inserts
    - Design and Prototype Development
    - In-House Design Team
    - Rapid Turnarounds

    Food Packaging

    Food Grade Plastic Packaging
    BRCGS AccreditedFrom our BRCGS accredited manufacturing facility based in Devon we regularly manufacture packaging specifically for the food industry so whether it's a short or long run of production we guarantee our food grade packaging won't be the weak link in your production chain.

    Chocolate Packaging
    When it comes to chocolate packaging it is often important to stop the chocolate moving around when handled, our inserts for chocolate packaging do just that. A design that can provide that quality feel to best showcase your product and be attractive to the consumer.

    Biscuit Trays
    Biscuits are fragile when handled and transported and so they need the right design to not only protect the product but also to best display your quality product.

    Recyclable Plastic Packaging

    Our thermoformed recyclable plastic packaging (RPET) contains 80% recycled materials, its is 100% recyclable and suitable for both freezing and food contact. If for any reason RPET is not a suitable choice for your packaging requirements please contact us and we will find a suitable alternative.

    Healthcare Packaging

    British Falcon Plastics have a vast experience in the design and production of vacuum formed packaging for the most demanding of industries none more so than the healthcare sector.

    Strict Hygiene Measures

    We operate a strict hygiene culture within our manufacturing facility.

    Preparation Trays

    Where preparation trays are concerned British Falcon Plastics trays are carefully manufactured and stack packed to ensure quality and ease of use at your plant so please get in touch to find out more.

    Clamshell Packaging

    When it comes to ease of use and packing products our clamshell packaging is designed and produced to be versatile and perfect for those delicate items such as Easter eggs and soft cakes.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of plastic packaging services British Falcon Plastics is able to provide. Please visit our website of get in touch to find out more.

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