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    Extensive Experience
    British Power Group's Management team has extensive experience in the renewable industry and has a wide range of energy solutions for any British business ranging from small SME's to large corporate clients

    Through our network of trusted energy partners, we have over 25 years of experience in the renewable industry and have an enviable track-record of deliverance over the same period.

    Our projects are designed to cover a whole range of financial benefits to the client and can include:

    - Solar Pv
    - Voltage Optimisation
    - Electric Car Charge Units
    - Energy Brokerage

    All of these are available to the client on a Zero Capital, no cost basis and help to reduce energy overhead costs at the same time.

    Voltage Optimisation
    British Power can also help you optimise the energy to your electrical equipment so you can make big savings on your bills.

    Optimising your voltage input will not only bring financial savings but increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce your downtime and maintenance costs. This is achieved with the installation of highly efficient voltage optimising equipment which we install and supply at a zero cost basis. This will ensure the power to your site is maintained at 220v.

    To find out more about our Voltage Optimisation service please do not hesitate to get in touch with British Power.

    Commercial and Industrial Solar
    We offer the full turnkey solution when it comes to Photovoltaic Solar Power solutions.

    Free Solar Pv System? Rest Assured You're in Safe Hands

    It works like this. We can help you to secure funding for your solar power installation project and help you to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time! This is offered on the basis that you agree to lease the air above your roof for a period of 25 years. You then enter into a Power Purchase Agreement.

    British Power then funds and builds your rooftop solar powered system after which we have ownership of the system and enter into a power supply agreement with you to sell the power at a price. This agreement provides a real material saving over a term of 25 years. You are then able to pay a lower price for the energy you use achieving long term financial savings and reducing your carbon footprint.

    The price you pay is also completely protected over the long term unlike other agreements where energy price increases are common.

    Efficient EV Chargers - Payment options to suit your business
    Why not become part of the UK's fastest growing EV Charging Network with a British Power cost free, risk free end to end solution. Whether you want to purchase our commercial EV chargers outright, want to minimise upfront investment by leasing charging infrastructure or simply want a fully funded solution - we've got you covered. Here are how the different purchase options work

    Client Funded
    Purchase the equipment outright - Receive residual income and increase both footfall and revenues

    A Compelling Offering
    - We install the equipment and handle all associated groundworks as required
    - Support as Standard Metering for kWh billing.
    - 3 years subscription to Cloud Vehicle Management Service

    Fully Funded
    - Zero upfront cost supply, installation & maintenance of charging equipment fully funded via BPG's partners
    - Proposed term of funding solution 10 year contract
    - Revenue Generation Price to charge set by BPG and keep 5% of the revenue

    If you would like further details about any of the renewable energy solutions British Power Group offers please visit the main website.

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