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    Klauke UK Ltd

    Klauke UK Ltd - Cable Crimping Tools

    Klauke is a world-class manufacturer of cable crimping tools, connectors and hand-tools for the electrical connecting industry. A vast range is manufactured in Remscheid Germany, and distributed worldwide through an international sales network.

    Production of professional hand-tools complement the connector manufacture, enabling the offer of a complete crimping or cutting solution, certified to International and Military standards such as Def Stan, DIN, VDE, IEC. Hand tools range from small plier-type tools, through ratchet tools, hydraulic tools, and the fast growing market of fully power driven portable battery-hydraulic tools.

    Klauke Mini Crimping Tools

    Now based on 10.8V Li-Ion technology, the new line of Klauke Mini tools has been enhanced to bring you even better performance with improved ergonomics.

    Used for crimping of cables up to 150mm2 and cutting of various cables and solid materials up to 32mm in diameter, the new range is robust and powerful. Ergonomic 2-component bodies, fit perfectly in your hand with the soft rubber pads providing non-slip comfortable operation.

    A strong LED illuminates your work area providing additional clarity in dark working conditions inside control cabinets.

    Klauke Battery Crimping & Cutting Tools

    The New Generation cable crimping tools are powered by 18volt 3.0Ah Li-ion batteries giving more capacity and faster charging times.

    The �Intelligent Pressing System� (IPS) provides a continuous crimp monitoring system where users are notified immediately if the required force is not reached. This allows cable sizes up to 1000mm2 to be terminated.

    Certificate your work!

    The IPS System further allows users to download the work undertaken by the tool and print certificates for clients, underwriting the compression generated.

    Klauke Electrical Connection Systems

    Providing the true termination solution, Klauke manufactures a comprehensive range of compression terminals from a variety of materials.

    Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Bi-metallic connectors are manufactured to the highest standards, enabling cable terminations to be realised from 0.1mm2 to 1000mm2 cable sizes. The combination of the tooling and connector manufacture enables us to offer a true termination �system�.

    Klauke Plier Range

    Pliers are differentiated by the colour of the grip. The red-yellow series comprises the VDE pliers for working under voltage, for use up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC.

    They are manufactured and tested according to the latest test criteria of the most recent European norm IEC60900:2004. The blue-yellow series denotes the standard uninsulated range of products.

    These new Klauke grips also stand out with their extraordinary ergonomics. The user also has a marker field on the inside of the handles which can be used to label or customise their tools. An integrated damping element is another new feature, which helps prevent penetration of the grip coverings if the tool is dropped.

    Klauke Screwdriver Range

    The coordinated screwdriver series is another focal point. From the workshop screwdriver with hexagonal blade to the precision mechanic's and safety screwdrivers, a high-quality line of products was developed with ergonomic and design safety factors in mind.

    Long-style bits, various sets, measuring tools and markers, as well as VDE safety tools and hard-shell tool cases round off the hand tool range.

    Klauke Tool Kits

    Through strategic collaboration with Greenlee, Klauke also has access to core competencies in the fields of punching tools/dies, cable installation technology, testing instruments and laser measuring devices as well as tools and measuring devices for communications technology.

    Klauke thereby provides a comprehensive range of products and creates innovative system solutions that benefit the user.

    Klauke Cable Harness Solutions

    Klauke offers an assembly and processing service ranging from complex wiring harnesses to single wires to a variety of assembly work.

    We have the ability to process wires using the latest automatic cut, strip and terminate machines with each machine having its own integral crimp force monitoring. Industries currently served include, Household appliances, White Goods, Lawn Care, Automotive & Lighting. Along with our welding and over moulding facilities Klauke can offer a full manufacturing service including complete product build to customer specification.

    Klauke Cable Harness Solutions

    Klauke as an innovative partner for installers, distributors and industry has a long experience in electrical components.

    Innovation means for us systematic development of new and application oriented solutions. New ideas and developments of products are very much sourced from our negotiations with users. Your requests and demands are the basis of our developments. Skilled and qualified employees make these developments reality � from the idea, prototypes and extensive tests until the start of production.

    �It is the continuous product innovation from a dedicated team of development Engineers, which stands Klauke as the world leader in connectors, crimping and cutting tools.�

    UK Service & Repair Facilities

    The aftercare of our customers has always been high on our agenda. Our team of highly skilled engineers at our UK service centre provide inspection, repair & servicing of Klauke and Greenlee branded tools. All services are conducted in accordance with our stringent quality standards and ensure our customers are happy to use and recommend our tools.

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