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    Calendar Lady Promotions Ltd

    Welcome to Calendar Lady Promotions

    Check our our YouTube page for a range of videos on our promotional items

    Welcome to Calendar Lady Promotions we have been specialising in Corporate Gifts, Advertising Calendars and Diaries for over 15 years now. Our team are very experienced in their field and strive on customer satisfaction.

    Our products on offer are subtle but powerful forms of advertising and really help to push your company name out there, we now stock the brand new 2025 Promotional Calendars which make excellent business gifts that come branded with your company logo.

    2025 Calendars

    We now stock 2025 corporate calendars ready to be personalised with your company details and made into a year long advertising gift offering you long term exposure. Due to calendars lasting a full year our 2025 bespoke calendars are possibly the most cost effective marketing method available!

    2025 Diaries

    2025 is a great start to you get your brand-name out and about - and what better way to reward customer loyalty than a personalised gift that is bound to be used, and will expose your brand for the entire year, 365 days.

    Be sure to select the right type of diary whether it be a pocket diary or full-size A4 diary with day-to-view or week-to-view layouts.


    NO minimum orders for clothing

    With embroidered company workwear, the quality of the actual embroidery is often overlooked. There are many examples of high quality clothing with poor, bunched-up embroidery on which spoils the whole corporate look...! Yes, the standard of the garment is important and we can provide samples, but we are confident and experienced in both aspects of producing high quality corporate embroidered work wear.

    Personalised Sweets

    Branding never tasted this good!

    Gain some fabulous advertising exposure with personalised sweets and it's a win-win when it comes to getting your company name to the tip of the customer's tongue. We have some slick ideas that you can use with personalised food goodies such as:

    - Ice lollies with branded lolly sticks - visual branding after a well enjoyed treat
    - Different flavoured ice-creams with large-brand print areas
    - Promotional sweets with totally custom printing in full colour

    Branded Mugs

    Brand-Boosting Promotional Mugs

    Hand out a business gift that's sure to grab attention to your Business' brand. Promotional Mugs actually become a favourite in the home and office and with a good colour coordination it's not hard to see why.

    Corporate gifts such as a mug can last for absolutely years as they are practically bomb proof. We've got one in the office that was handed to us over ten years ago!

    Printed Pens

    Long-Lasting Advertising on Personalised Stationery

    Promotional Pens are still the most popular business giveaway, taking a massive 30% slice of the entire UK Business Gift market. The Promotional Pens and Pencils you are using now probably has someone's branding printed on the barrel. We deal with all the UKs biggest Custom Pens manufacturers and importers, so we can get you the right type of printed stationery at the best prices.


    As a supplier of Promotional Powersticks, Calendar Lady is able to brand your product with your company logo in up to 4 colours. We also supply a range of powersticks with a transparent finish all of which are extremely handy for charging mobile phones and other devices such as satnavs and mega pixel cameras.

    These high performance USB mobile chargers can be charged themselves from an electric socket or from your PC. Why not leave your customer with a handy modern gadget that carries a constant reminder of your company.


    Calendar Lady Promotions is a UK supplier of Promotional Power Banks. These products are great for charging mobile phones or other devices such as tablets etc.

    This lipstick size product has a USB socket and small lead and is capable of recharging your device in a matter of minutes. It can be branded in full colour to become an impressive product your customer will be able to keep and use.

    Power Sticks

    It's always important to think carefully about the type of promotional item you want to give away to your valued customers.

    It needs to be valuable enough for your customer to keep hold of and even better be able to use on a regular basis so they take notice of your company details time and time again.

    The latest trend is a branded Power Stick or Power Bank.

    We can brand your promotional power stick to make people notice your company logo in a clear and distinctive way so your customers will remember where it came from.

    Logo Branded Cosmetic Promotional Items

    We provide a new range of products that includes; Cosmetics, lLip Balm, Nail Files, Hand Sanitisers and much more, all braded to your company colours and logo.


    Although Calendars are our speciality we offer a wide variety of products including:

    - Promotional Eye Mask Branded In Full Colour
    - Promotional Rosettes
    - Foldable Sports Bottle
    - Promotional LED Fan
    - Logo Branded Beach Ball
    - USB Flash Drives
    - 2025 Diaries
    - Corporate Golf Gifts
    - Clothing
    - Personalised Sweets
    - Eco Friendly Bags
    - Branded Mugs
    - Printed Pens
    - USB Flash Drives
    - Keyrings
    - Stationery
    - Desktop Items
    - 2024 Calendars
    - Other Promotional Products

    Desk Calendars 2022

    Do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff for a free quote on any items you with to be branded with your logo.

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