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  • Established in Cambridge for over 30 years
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    Cambs Lock & Safe Ltd

    If you've been looking for a reliable and professional local locksmith in Cambridge and surrounding areas you've come to the right place because here at Cambs Lock & Safe Ltd we are a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths that specialise in all varieties of locks and security systems.

    Our Aim
    It is our aim to protect your home or business premises and as Master Locksmiths we have the ability to offer a wide range of services including access control systems, master key systems, UPVC multi-point locks as well as many other associated services.

    These services are further complimented by key cutting, repairing, opening and lock fitting to name but a few.

    Access Control
    Cambs Lock & Safe have been supplying and installing many types of locking devices for many years including security systems for emergency escape doors, Salto inspired access systems, automatic escape locks, keypads and more so why not get in touch today for a FREE survey.

    Master Key Systems
    Our master key systems have been designed to allow each person to only open the doors that are appropriate to their particular job function.

    Master key systems can be sophisticated and complex and that�s why we provide a specialist high security design service. If you'd like to find out more about our master key design and installation service please get in touch.

    Shop/Key Cutting Service
    As registered master locksmiths we stock all types of locks, padlocks, ironmongery and security products so please do not hesitate to get in touch with Cambs Lock & Safe Ltd

    Lock Repairs
    Where lock repairs are concerned we repair and replace all types of door locks, window locks and UPVC mechanisms all of which are fitted to BS3621 & DDA Standards.

    Why not check out the range of safes we supply. Once again these come with full installation.

    Ring Home Security Systems
    Whether you're looking for video door bells, wireless cameras or door chimes we supply and fit all configurations of Ring home security products.

    Security Grilles
    Security shutters, grills, bars and gates also available which can be designed and manufactured to your properties specifications and environment.

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of locksmith services Cambs Lock & Safe is able to provide so why not head over to our website to find out more.

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