Fibrefusion Ltd - Composite Sandwich Panels

Fibrefusion Ltd - Composite Sandwich Panels

Unit 9E, Spencer Carter Works, Tregoniggie Industrial Estate
Falmouth Cornwall
TR11 4SN

  • Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Services
  • Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass and GRP Composite Panels
  • 3D CNC Milling and Routing
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    Fibrefusion Ltd - Composite Sandwich Panels

    Manufacturers of Composite Panels in GRP, Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre

    Fibrefusion Ltd designs and manufactures composite panels from carbon fibre, fibreglass and other high-performance fibres with similarly high-performance resins for a variety of industries and clients. They can use their hot bed laminating presses to make top quality flat panels to a precise thickness and then cut them to any shape.

    The versatility, strength and aesthetic properties of carbon fibre, GRP and fibreglass composite materials lend them to a wide range of applications and environments from packaging and medical equipment to aerospace, motor sport, and yachting. They can be extremely rigid, lightweight and durable.

    CNC Profiling

    Fibrefusion offer the very best in CNC profiling. They have two abrasive waterjet cutting machines both with 3m by 2m cutting beds. They also have the same sized CNC flat bed router with both 2D and 3D capabilities. This allows the precision cutting, profiling and routing of almost any material, from plastics and foam to timber, metal, granite and glass.

    The staff at Fibrefusion are trained in the use of CAD/CAM allowing error free data translation and the timely the realisation of your project.


    Fibrefusion have the following at your disposal;

    ...- Two 8' by 4' heated, 100 tonne presses and an oven for composites work
    ...- Two Flow CNC waterjet profiling machines, each with a 3m x 2m cutting envelope
    ...- Advanced nesting software and small cutting beam to minimise material wastage
    ...- Tekcel flatbed CNC router for 2D and 3D cutting and engraving
    ...- Comprehensive software capabilities for 2D and 3D machining
    ...- Surface finishing equipment
    ...- Vacuum Forming
    ...- Carbon Fibre Panel design
    ...- Full CAD/CAM integration and design flexibility
    ...- Service speed unmatched locally or nationally
    ...- Large material stocks


    Fibrefusion Ltd was founded in 2002 by two enthusiastic directors; Steve Neal and Paul Browning. They quickly moved to Falmouth, Cornwall and invested in a CNC abrasive water jet cutting machine to service their own panel shaping requirements. The company grew in size and word spread rapidly. After a short while, lots of people knew about their subcontract capabilities, the fast and efficient service and friendly and professional manner.

    Fibrefusion are constantly investing in software and equipment and can boast state of the art CAD and CAM facilities to ensure that our Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Services & CNC Routing Services are the best around. They have they very latest profiling software, solid modelling and precision machining on tap and have solid and trusted relationships with their suppliers providing rapid material deliveries for those more uncommon requests.

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    Pro-Forma 30 days
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