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    Chameleon Web Services

    Your Trusted Digital Marketing Agency - SEO & Website Design

    2022 Winners

    Formed in 2001 Chameleon Web Services main aim was to provide a range of cost effective website design, SEO and internet solutions for small to medium size businesses and organisations in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

    Today our services extend to clients across the whole of the UK and beyond on an international level providing solutions for companies of all sizes and from all sectors.

    Our Services

    Chameleon�s high quality services are used on a daily basis and loved by thousands of people everywhere.

    Chameleon Web Services provides a highly effective range of services to companies that include some of the world�s leading brand names helping them achieve success on the internet at affordable prices.

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    Your local SEO Company achieving successful and long term results.

    One of the most important parts to a successful SEO campaign is in the planning. This involves looking at your competitors in your particular sector and finding out how and what they have achieved.

    We have to understand where your website already ranks before making any changes and also monitor the ranking improvements and backlinks to make sure everything is as it should be.

    Without power and trust from Google even the best content in the world will not appear on page one so we have to build content that Google will trust.

    Website Design

    As a clean, responsive and effective web design company Chameleon is able to turn great ideas into digital solutions for companies of all sizes.

    We are leading the way in the web design sector by creating websites that are used by thousands of visitors across a wide spectrum of market sectors.

    Social Media

    With many years of dedication and experience in this sector we are the chosen partner for many companies that spend time carefully selecting the companies they work with. When it comes to social media marketing we wrote the book!

    We offer a range of effective and cost efficient social media services including search engine optimisation, website design, development and maintenance and everything in between all of which are carried out in house by our team of experts.

    Google Adwords

    Having worked in all sectors for over 13 years we have an in depth knowledge of most businesses needs and can create a PPC campaign that will be targeted and aligned to Google guidelines using our team of qualified Google Adwords consultants.


    Why not grow your brand with our affordable advertising service?

    Digital marketing and display advertising is an incredible and flexible way of capturing a large audience.

    Chameloen is proud to be a partner of one of the leading providers of digital marketing, ` Elonex`. We work closely with Elonex and together deliver media to audiences of over 2 billion people with display advertising opportunities such as shopping centres, auction houses and digital roadside solutions.

    If you would like to find out more about our digital advertising service please get in touch to arrange a meeting at our Birmingham office or head over to our own website where you'll find information about the whole range of services from Chameleon Web Services.

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    • Chameleon Web Services Google Award

      Chameleon Web Services Google Award

      On Friday the 23rd of January 2015 Google held their Annual Google Maps Business View Awards of 2014 to congratulate the Google Approved Photographers and companies that work with them as partners.