The Claron Group

The Claron Group

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  • High quality hydraulic & pneumatic sealing products
  • Marketing seals under the Polyseal® name
  • High quality seals using many specialist materials
  • UK Manufacturer
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    The Claron Group

    Manufacturer of High Quality Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealing Products

    The Claron Group of companies are UK based manufacturers of high quality pneumatic and hydraulic sealing products and market a range of seals under the well-known Polyseal brand.

    Our product range includes seals and seal kits for all leading and major companies including:

    Ford, Caterpillar, Benford, Hiab, JCB, International, Grove, Massey Ferguson, Kato, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Komatsu, Hy-Mac, Kobelco and Thwaites.

    Our Hydraulic Seal product range includes Bearing Ring Packs, Backup Rings and PTFE O-rings which is further enhanced by our capability to produce custom designed products and complex components made to meet the customers own particular requirements. Our expertise and capabilities also includes the use of various specialist engineering plastics including PEEK, POM, UHMWPE, PCTFE and PA as well as the manufacture of products in sizes and designs to meet American, European and Asian housing standards.

    Seal Applications Cover

    - Double Acting Piston Seals
    - Single Acting Piston Seals
    - Rod Wipers
    - Rod Seals
    - O-Rings, Backup Rings and Flanges
    - Bearing Rings

    The Claron Group is equipped to meet the requirements and demands of all current sealing technology and our policy of continued product development and attention to quality ensures we will continue to meet future demands in the Pneumatics and Hydraulic industry. We operate a full quality control management system which is accredited to the BS EN ISO 9001; 2008 standard.

    More information about Claron Hydraulic Seals, applications and services may be found on our main website which also provides a search facility for our wide range of products.

    The 3 Sides of Our Business
    Claron (Plastics) Ltd

    Claron (Plastics) Ltd is a UK manufacturer of stock shapes based on PTFE compounds that are specifically developed for sealing systems. This range has achieved the approval and wide spread use of many industries including chemical and process plants. These machined products typically include Lantern Rings, Dip Pipes, Bellows and Valve Seats.

    Claron Hydraulic Services

    The hydraulic services side to Claron manufacture an extensive range of PTFE O-Rings, Back-Up Rings, Bearing Rings and Standard Seals, supplemented by our high quality production of complex components and our unsurpassed capacity for custom products.

    Claron Hydraulic Seals Ltd

    If your looking for quality pneumatic and hydraulic sealing systems then Claron Hydraulic Seals is the place. Our range encompasses the latest modern designs including polyurethane Rod Seals, One Piece Piston Seals and Wiper Seals. Our product ranges all meet European, Asian and American housing standards.

    Seal Kits UK
    Our Webshop - Seal Kits UK

    Seal Kits UK is the web shop trading arm of Claron Hydraulic Seals Ltd. You can purchase a wide range of mobile plant repair kits for JCB, Caterpillar, Massey Ferguson, Hitachi, Thwaites etc. that are all manufactured by Claron in the UK.

    See for our comprehensive range of kits for mobile plant.

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    Products and Services

    1. Acetal Bearings
    2. Acetal Machining
    3. Aerospace Seal
    4. Aerospace Seals
    5. Aircraft Seals
    6. Bearing Rings
    7. Bespoke Plastic Seals
    8. Bespoke Rubber Seals
    9. Bespoke Seals
    10. CNC Machining Delrin
    11. CNC Machining Nylon
    12. Composite Seals
    13. Cup Seals
    14. Custom Plastic Seals
    15. Custom Rubber Seal
    16. Custom Rubber Seals
    17. Custom Seals
    18. Customs Seals
    19. Distributor Seals
    20. Double Acting Piston Seals
    21. Elastomeric Seals
    22. Energised Seals
    23. EPDM Rubber Seals
    24. Excavator Seal Kits
    25. Gaskets & Seals
    26. Gaskets And Seals
    27. Heavy Duty Hydraulic Seals
    28. High Performance Seal Technologies
    29. High Performance Seals
    30. High Temperature O Ring Seals
    31. High Temperature Seals
    32. Hydraulic Oil Seal
    33. Hydraulic Oil Seals
    34. Hydraulic Seals
    35. Injection Moulded Seals
    36. Machining CNC Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    37. Manufactures Of Seals
    38. NBR Seal
    39. Nitrile R Seals
    40. Nitrile Rubber Seals
    41. Nitrile Seal
    42. Nitrile Seals
    43. Nylon Bushes
    44. Nylon Components
    45. Nylon Mouldings
    46. Nylon Washers
    47. O - Rings
    48. O -Ring
    49. O Ring
    50. O Ring Cord
    51. O Ring Faced Adaptors
    52. O Ring Nitrile
    53. O Ring Rubber
    54. O Ring Seal
    55. O Ring Seals
    56. O Ring Sets
    57. O Rings
    58. O Rings Commercial Spec
    59. O Rings Encapsulated
    60. O Rings Fluorosilicone
    61. O Rings Military Spec
    62. O Rings Nitrile
    63. O Rings Silicone Rubber
    64. O-Ring
    65. O-Rings
    66. Oil Seals
    67. P.T.F.E. Products
    68. Packing Seals
    69. PEEK CNC Turning
    70. PEEK Components
    71. Piston Seals
    72. Plastic Bearing Bushes
    73. Plastic Moulded Product Design
    74. Plastic Moulded Products
    75. Plastic Seals
    76. Pneumatic Seals
    77. Polyseal
    78. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) CNC Machining
    79. Polyurethane O-Rings
    80. Polyurethane Products
    81. Polyurethane Seals
    82. Precision Moulded Products
    83. PTFE
    84. PTFE Balls
    85. PTFE Bearing
    86. PTFE Bearings
    87. PTFE Bellows
    88. PTFE Components
    89. PTFE Compounds
    90. PTFE Lip Seals
    91. PTFE Machining
    92. PTFE Materials
    93. PTFE Parts Manufacturer
    94. PTFE Parts Supplier
    95. PTFE Products
    96. PTFE Seal
    97. PTFE Seals
    98. PTFE Seals Distributor
    99. PTFE Seals Manufacturer
    100. PTFE Seals Supplier
    101. PTFE Shaft Seals
    102. PTFE Spacers
    103. Ptfe Tape
    104. Ptfe Tube
    105. PTFE Tubes
    106. PTFE Turned Parts
    107. Rod Seals
    108. Rod Wipers
    109. Rotary Seals
    110. Rotary Shaft Oil Seal
    111. Rotary Shaft Seals
    112. Rubber Moulded Product
    113. Rubber Moulded Products
    114. Rubber Moulded Seals
    115. Rubber Seal Manufacturer
    116. Rubber Seals
    117. Seal Kits
    118. Seal Manufacturers
    119. Seals
    120. Seals & Gaskets
    121. Seals Bellows
    122. Seals Elastomeric
    123. Seals O Ring
    124. Seals Rubber
    125. Seals To Specification
    126. Single Acting Piston Seals
    127. Synthetic Rubber Seals
    128. Teflon PTFE Tape
    129. Teflon Seal
    130. Teflon Seals
    131. Tube Ptfe
    132. UHMWPe Machined Parts
    133. V Ring Seals
    134. Valve Seals
    135. Valve Stem Seals
    136. Viton Seals
    137. Washers Nylon
    138. Washers Polyurethane
    139. Wiper Seals
    140. WRAS Approved Seals

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