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  • Industrial robots as large format 3D Printers
  • Combining robotics with 3D Printing or Milling hardware
  • Consultancy, training, ongoing support & maintenance
  • CNC Robotics

    As pioneers in the field of industrial robot systems CNC Robotics is able to provide customers with an innovative range of full turnkey systems, so if you've been looking for a specialist robotic solution provider of 3D Printing Hardware, 3D Milling Hardware and 3D Printing Extruders who backs up their offering with consultancy, training and ongoing support then look not more.

    - 3D Milling Machines
    - 3D Printing Machines
    - 3D Printing Extruders
    - Large Format 6 Axis CNC Machines
    - Large Format 7 Axis CNC Machines
    - Large Format 8 Axis CNC Machines
    - Flexible Machining Systems
    - Specialised Automation Systems
    - End to End Support
    - Full Consultancy
    - Expert Training

    Large Format 6 Axis CNC Machines

    The benefits of Large Format 6 Axis CNC Machines:

    Large Format Printing - expansive working area for large components
    Near Net Parts - minimised machining and finishing with reduced material usage
    Complex Geometries - 6 axis flexibility to produce complex metal components
    Dual Wire Feed - rapid production of parts using two types of metal alloy

    We also provide robotic automation for large format 7 axis and 8 axis machines.

    Integrated Robotics

    CNC Robotics combines robotics with a range of 3D Printing and Milling hardware as well as software in order to design a full turnkey solution to meet each customer�s specific engineering and productivity needs.

    Metal 3D Printing Systems 'KUKA & CEAD'

    As a leading robotic solution provider CNC Robotics is able to use this new technology and turn it into large format 3D printing systems.

    Plastic Polymer 3D Printing Systems

    The integration of the new 'KUKA' robots along with a 'CEAD' 3D printing extruders has been created to provide the ideal platform for both large and complex 3D printing operations and is perfect for many production processes used in various industrial sectors today.

    More in depth information about the 'CEAD' and 'KUKA' system from CNC Robotics may be found at our website.

    Metal 3D Printing Systems 'MELTIO' Engine

    The 'MELTIO' Engine has been designed to use standard metal wire and is more than capable of producing clean and consistent layers using stainless steels, titanium alloys, carbon steels, nickel alloys, aluminium and copper making it well suited for a whole range of production applications.

    Want to Know More?

    Why not unlock your manufacturing potential by contacting CNC Robotics today and talk to one of our knowledgable team of engineers.


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