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    Cobalt Conveyors

    A One Stop Shop for Clients Seeking Materials Handling Solutions

    Cobalt Conveyors was established in 2007 and is part of the Cobalt Group of companies. The Cobalt Group provides a wide range of products and facilitates a one stop shop for clients seeking materials handling solutions. We can work in any industry, but many of our clients hail from the engineering, food production, health and beauty, garment handling, optical, warehouse and automotive industries.

    Cobalt Conveyors fully embodies the skills and experience needed by any company seeking conveyor solutions.

    From concept to completion Cobalt conveyors has the knowledge and skills to deliver a quality service. Without meaning to be unoriginal, this can be either the simple replacement of a roller, a small one-off roller conveyor or the complete design and installation of a full turnkey system. A complete conveyor system can incorporate the integration of additional pieces of equipment: Palletisers; wrappers; strappers; X-Ray & check weighing machines; robotic pick and place systems; leak detection equipment and coding systems.

    With a trusted reputation for first class conveyor installation Cobalt Conveyors constantly strives to marry a quality product with a quality service.

    Belt Conveyors

    Cobalt can offer a wide range of belt provision, manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium extrusion with PU, rubber or plastic chain belting. Designed to provide smooth and continuous flow of product under positive control, belt conveyors can be used to instigate a change in elevation via incline or decline. Whether our customers need to move a small package weighing only grams or bulkier stock, there is a conveyor in our range to handle it. From assembly to dispatch our conveyor belt solutions will make production more efficient and safer for your frontline personnel.

    All our conveyor belt solutions are modular in design and can be integrated into any factory or warehouse environment.

    FlexMove Conveyor/Plastic Chain Conveyor

    The flexibility of the FlexMove conveyor system can encompass straights, bends, inclines and declines in one continuous run. With it you are always in control. The simple aluminium or stainless steel based plastic chain conveyor system is easy to assemble, change or update. Available with different system chain widths of 35mm, 63mm, 83mm, 103mm and 150mm and larger widths based on using multiple lanes.

    How do we offer optimization in capital investment, space and time? Our cost effective system provides vast amount of layout capability, minimal components variation, design simplicity, efficient space utilization, enhanced productivity and ease of installation. This unique yet aesthetic design is flexible, clean, self lubricating, low noise, and low friction, and low maintenance, corrosion free and lightweight.

    The Flexmove comprehensive range of standard and modular components is manufactured with the latest technological advancements in aluminium extrusion and casting, precision fabrication, injection moulding and metal forming methods. The end result is a collection of high-quality components within precise manufacturing tolerances. Through concept of standardization and interconnectivity, all Flexmove components can be easily connected and installed using hand tools. This feature allows the system to be installed or reconfigured in less time than a conventional conveyor system.

    Overhead Conveyors

    Cobalt Projects delivers bespoke, highly efficient and safe integrated overhead conveyors systems. In particular these excellent systems can function effectively in the paint and powder coatings manufacturing environment without succumbing to stress or fatigue in the high temperatures common in that production process.

    Lineshaft Conveyors

    Conveyors Lineshaft is available in light, medium and heavy duty sections that are dependent upon the size and weight of your product. The light duty section has a 35mm diameter, whilst the medium and heavy duty section has a 50mm diameter roller. All are available in a variety of inside frame widths from 312mm up to 1012mm and use the most efficient and industry leading motor gearboxes.
    Gravity Roller Conveyors

    A highly economical and simplest form of transporting loads from one point to another. Minimal effort is required in the movement of goods whether it is manual assistance or gravitational force. Depending on the size and weight of the load being carried Cobalt can supply either a light, medium or heavy duty conveyor.

    Zero Pressure Conveyors

    Cobalt's progressive assembly conveyor system offers a production aid with impressive energy efficiency and quiet operation using the latest highly efficient 24vDC motorised roller technology and control system.

    We know that versatility is the key whether it is used in straight line or through a curved section; Cobalt can tailor make a system to suit your application.

    Pallet Handling Conveyors

    Cobalt Conveyor's Pallet Conveyor is a rugged, easy to install, simple and safe to operate system designed for moving larger loads. It can accommodate any pallet size through standard modules whether driving a long section of conveyors or allowing product to accumulate. We can also offer pallet de-stackers, motorised turntables, chain transfer units and integrate with existing or new palletising systems.

    Features of Cobalt Conveyor Installations

    Products can queue without any build up of pressure so aiding smooth product transfer and efficiency of operation.

    Efficiency & Economy:
    Although our industry is probably slower than most about grasping the importance of thinking 'green' when it comes to providing materials handling solutions, Cobalt is always being asked by our clients to develop conveying systems that are as environmentally friendly as possible with the definite priority of being energy efficient. In reality, this translates into using higher efficient motor gear boxes, using control systems which turn off conveyors automatically when not in use and choosing 24vDC motorised rollers with intelligent plug and play technology.

    Low Noise Levels:
    Our conveyor belts are designed to operate within acceptable noise levels for most working environments.

    Health and Safety:
    All features of Cobalt's Conveyor Systems fully comply with current health and safety regulations.

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    182. Pallet Conveyors
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    184. Pallet Roller Conveyors
    185. Panther Conveyor
    186. PCB Cleaning Conveyor
    187. PCB Conveyor
    188. PCB Conveyors
    189. Perforated Conveyor Belting
    190. Pharma Conveyors
    191. Pharmaceutical Conveyors
    192. Pizza Conveyors
    193. Plastic Chain Conveyors
    194. Plastic Chain Slat Conveyors
    195. Plastic Parts Handling Conveyor
    196. Plastic Parts Handling Conveyor Robot Systems
    197. Pneumatic Conveyor
    198. Pneumatic Conveyors
    199. Pocket Conveyor
    200. Portable Conveyor
    201. Potato Conveyors
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    203. Powder Coating Conveyor
    204. Powder Conveyor
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    206. Powder Conveyors
    207. Power Roller Conveyors
    208. Powered Roller Conveyors
    209. Pu Belt Conveyors
    210. Puma Conveyor
    211. Quarrying Conveyors
    212. Recycling Conveyors
    213. Roller Bed Conveyors
    214. Roller Conveyor Manufacturers
    215. Roller Conveyor Systems
    216. Roller Conveyors
    217. Rotary Conveyors
    218. Rotating Conveyors
    219. Rubber Conveyor Belting
    220. Scaffolding Conveyor
    221. Scrap Conveyor
    222. Scrap Conveyors
    223. Screw Auger Conveyor
    224. Screw Conveyor
    225. Screw Conveyor Design
    226. Screw Conveyor Manufacturer
    227. Screw Conveyors
    228. Sealer Conveyor
    229. Seed Conveyors
    230. Shaker Conveyor
    231. Shaker Conveyors
    232. Skid Conveyors
    233. Slat Conveyors
    234. SMT Conveyors
    235. Soil Conveyors
    236. Sortation Conveyors
    237. Special Purpose Conveyors
    238. Spiral Conveyor Manufacturers
    239. Spiral Conveyor Systems
    240. Spiral Conveyors
    241. Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems
    242. Stainless Steel Conveyors
    243. Stainless Steel Slat Conveyors
    244. Swan Neck Conveyors
    245. Swarf Conveyors
    246. Telescopic Conveyors
    247. Transfer Conveyors
    248. Trough Conveyors
    249. Troughed Belt Conveyors
    250. Tubular Drag Conveyors
    251. Turntable Conveyors
    252. Vacuum Conveyors
    253. Vector Conveyor Systems
    254. Vehicle Loader Conveyors
    255. Vertical Belt Conveyors
    256. Vertical Conveyor Systems
    257. Vertical Conveyors
    258. Vibrating Conveyor
    259. Vibrating Conveyor Systems
    260. Vibrating Conveyors
    261. Vibratory Conveyor
    262. Vibratory Conveyor Systems
    263. Vibratory Conveyors
    264. Warehouse Conveyor Systems
    265. Waste Conveyor Systems
    266. Weigh Conveyors
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