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    Advanced Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centres

    EDP Europe Limited has specialised in the design and supply of critical infrastructure solutions to the Data Centre and Enterprise IT environments for over 33 years. Its aim over this time has been to provide a broad portfolio of leading-edge systems designed to optimise the overall performance of its customers' IT environments no matter their size. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe can support throughout the lifecycle of a Data Centre to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, and security.

    EDP Data Centre Solutions specialise in advanced infrastructure solutions and services that focus on optimising the performance and efficiency of critical Data Centre white space environments. With EDP's vast experience in Data Centre white space EDP Data Centre Solutions (EDP DCS) has assisted many Data Centres with improving their airflow management, enabling them to optimise their cooling and make energy efficiency gains. EDP DCS supports architects, designers and Data Centre Managers deliver a white space environment optimised for performance today and able to grow to meet future demand.

    Find out more about EDP DCS by visiting its microsite

    Aisle Containment Systems
    Aisle Containment has been a core element of Data Centre design for a long time and is a proven solution for improving airflow management. Aisle Containment segregates hot and cold air streams; major principles in following airflow management best practices. In doing so it helps enable the optimisation of Data Centre cooling systems that improves their efficiency and effectiveness.

    There are two main types of aisle containment systems: Cold Aisle Containment where the cold aisle is enclosed, or Hot Aisle Containment where the hot aisle is enclosed and the hot exhaust air from IT equipment is directed into the return plenum and back to the CRAC units.

    EDP DCS designs, manufactures, and installs its own bespoke aisle containment systems, that can be used in new-build, retro-fit or hyperscale projects, and are designed and tailor-made to fit clients' exact requirements. EDP DCS's bespoke systems are independent of rack manufacturer and can be used in aisles where there are differences in rack heights, or where gaps between racks occur caused through missing racks or building support columns.

    Featuring end of aisle doors that open to the full 1200mm of an aisle and are incredibly stable, gap in-fill panels, and FM global roof panels its aisle containment systems will assist you in optimising your Data Centre's cooling system.

    EDP Distribution provides solutions for its clients that support and solve day-to-day requirements within their Data Centre operations, many of which are held in stock, including:

    Airflow Management Solutions
    To efficiently cool Data Centres and computer rooms the set points on cooling systems need to rise. One of the best ways to improve cooling efficiency is to make sure airflow management best practices are being followed. Theses best practices include ensuring that floor grilles are correctly positioned in cold aisles only, unused rack space and other gaps in racks are blanked off with blanking panels and air barriers, and cable cut-outs within the raised floor are sealed.

    EDP Distribution distributes airflow management solutions that help its clients improve their cooling efficiency. These solutions include EziBlank, HotLok and PlenaFill blanking panels; KoldLok raised floor grommets and floor grilles from Triad that improve the delivery of the cold air from the raised floor. EDP Distribution also supplies other products that improve airflow management including aisle containment systems and solutions to improve the cooling performance of network switches (Geist SwitchAir / HotLok SwitchFix).

    AisleLok Modular Containment provides an out-of-the-box aisle containment solution, that can be self-installed in minutes and provides similar benefits and results as a fully enclosed aisle containment system.

    Fibre Optic Solutions
    EDP Distribution is a stock holding distributor for HUBER+SUHNER, a leading provider of end-to-end fibre connectivity solutions that are both modular and scalable and help deliver the highest packing densities on the market today. These high-quality and high-performance fibre networking solutions ensures that your Data Centre not only meets the performance levels required today, but has the backbone needed to meet future Data Centre growth. Solutions that help save time, reduce costs, mitigate risks, optimise space, improve productivity and future proof fibre connectivity.

    These end-to-end fibre connectivity solutions include high-density CDRs (Optical Distribution Frames), IANOS 19" fibre management system, fibre trays and modules, a full range of Single Mode and Multi-Mode cables including installation cable, pig tails, patch cords and pre-terminated cables including the latest MTP Pro trunk cables.

    MTP Connectivity Available From Stock
    MTP connectivity is the future for delivering the high-speed bandwidth provided by parallel optics.

    EDP Distribution stocks HUBER+SUHNER's latest MTP trunk cables that utilise US Conec MTP Pro connectors that offer quick and easy in-field polarity and gender reconfiguration. When coupled with the IANOS fibre management system it facilitates network infrastructure that can grow to meet future demands.

    EDP Distribution also provides a fibre cable cutting service for both Single Mode and Multi-Mode installation fibre cable, enabling clients to order the exact lengths of fibre cable required for projects helping them to reduce cable waste and costs.

    Other fibre network solutions available include:

    - Fujikura Splicing Equipment - Including the leading Fujikura 90S+ fusion splicer, as well as other models and fibre cleavers.

    - Cable testing and inspection equipment from AFL.
    - AFL One-Click fibre cleaners.
    - Network transceivers from Nexgen.

    Custom PDUs
    EDP Distribution realises that not everyone's rack power requirements are the same and a one-size-fits-all approach leaves you with a PDU that is not right for you.

    Custom-designed, bespoke PDUs can be configured to meet the requirements you desire with the features you need now or want for the future. They can be either single or 3-phase and rated up to 63A, with the outlet configuration you need be it C13, C19, UK plug or Schuko. Custom PDUs can be dumb or intelligent and can be terminated with a choice of plugs.

    PDUs can be configured to provide remote or local power monitoring. With Intelligent PDUs monitoring the entire power strip or individual outlets. There is even the option of remote power cycling. And custom PDUs are not just AC rated, EDP Distribution also offers DC powered PDUs amongst other power solutions.

    Manufactured and supported in the UK, they provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for distributing power to IT equipment within a rack environment.
    If you have a rack power requirement, make sure you contact EDP.

    Rack Access Control - Rack Access Security Systems
    With tightening regulatory and compliance requirements affecting information security, the need for better physical security and controlled access to IT racks to protect the assets housed within has never been greater.

    EDP Distribution, offers a cost-effective, retro-fitting intelligent locking and access control system that provides real-time reporting on the status of individual cabinet doors, issuing alerts when unauthorised events occur. The system can be configured so that individuals can only access specific doors, with the door handles providing a visual indication as to which can be accessed. It is also possible to trigger the opening of individual doors remotely, enabling secure and controlled access for visiting engineers.

    This system can be coupled with a dual-access reader that provides access control through either fingerprint or RFID card or via a combination of both. The solution stores data locally eliminating the need to store and manage biometric data. For greater security the system can interface to video encoders that can be triggered when racks are accessed.

    Scanner Charging Racks
    EDP Distribution offers a solution to provide secure charging of high-value handheld scanners and associated printers widely used in transportation and logistics industries - The High-Density Device Dock (HD3). HD3 is a secure charging rack for the central management and charging of handheld scanner equipment and is available in a range of sizes with varying capacities. The HD3 is capable of securely charging multiple devices concurrently and works with popular brands including the Zebra TC55, TC56 and TC75 devices. HD3 Charging Cabinets are also available to work with iPads, iPhones and other tablets or mobile devices.

    The HD3 has a fully welded construction with locking telescopic vented shelves for improved airflow. Integrated LED lighting and acrylic window help manage devices when the door is closed.

    Through its Data Centre Solutions and Distribution divisions EDP Europe offers a full range of additional services and solutions to support Data Centre and Enterprise IT environments, these include:

    - A range of 19" rack solutions, in various sizes, from Wall Boxes to multi-compartment Co-Location racks.
    - Micro Data Centres for in-premise computing including soundproof, air-conditioned, and water-cooled racks.
    - Raised access floors, along with suspended structural ceilings.
    - IT Security cages.
    - Data Centre cleaning and additional services such as live floor replacements.
    - Computer crash carts and sever lifters to aid equipment installation.
    - Environmental monitoring and DCIM.

    If you are looking for services or solutions and new ways of improving the overall performance of your Data Centre or Enterprise IT environment, please do not hesitate to call EDP Europe Limited.

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