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  • Bespoke maintenance solutions
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    Coldcurve Ltd

    Welcome to Coldcurve - Electrical Automation Specialists

    At Coldcurve our main area of business involves several main areas being:

    ...� Mitsubishi Services including PLC, HMI and SCADA software
    ...� Control Panel Design
    ...� Motion Control
    ...� Wiring and Installation

    We also provide comprehensive technical support and breakdown services because at Coldcurve Ltd we understand that downtime costs money and our aim is to get you back into production rapidly. We offer our customers bespoke maintenance solutions whereby each contract is specifically designed to meet the customers individual requirements.

    Mitsubishi Services

    All of our software engineers have an extensive experience of Mitsubishi and a wide range of other leading manufacturers of HMI, SCADA software and PLC control systems. We have the capability to offer our customers totally new control systems to a new production system or can modify your existing system to improve its production performance, data logging and improved product information on many levels.

    Control Panels

    We build a wide range of control panel products of various sizes and complexity including wall mounted, multi bay and machine mounted enclosures and offer a complete design, programming, installation and maintenance service. We also have the capabilities to manufacture products from our customers own specifications. All of our products are manufactured from superior quality components from leading manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Moeller, Omron, Siemens, Schneider, Eldon, Beijer, Rittal and many more.

    Motion Control

    Coldcurve are also able to design and build Motion Control systems to replace old outdated systems to reduce costly repairs. These systems produce consistent accuracy which is impossible to achieve with manual systems. The modern equivalent makes it possible to check the process against algorithms and setting thousands of times a second. These systems are often incorporated into process, packaging machinery and assembly lines.

    Wiring and Installation

    At Coldcurve Ltd we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals by listening to their exact requirements, starting with the initial consultation right through to final commissioning of the system on completion.

    We offer our customers a wide range of wiring and installation services varying from small modification projects to complete retrofit of machines and large factory automation systems.

    Thermography Services

    Coldcurve Ltd also offers customers a Thermography Service for a wide range of applications. These systems are an easy way to identify apparent temperature differences in many applications including detecting loose or corrode electrical connections, electrical unbalance and overloads. They can be used to check electrical motors, industrial gearboxes, bearings, moving components, monitoring transformers, the level of contents in tanks, moisture in buildings and faulty under floor heating systems. For more information on our Thermography service please contact us.

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    Products and Services

    1. 3D Motion Control Equipment
    2. 3D Quality Control System
    3. AC Control Systems
    4. Access Control System Developers
    5. Access Control Systems
    6. Access Control Systems London
    7. Addressable Gas Control Systems
    8. Air Conditioning Control Systems
    9. Air Pollution Control Systems
    10. Aluminium Control Panels
    11. Automated Control Systems
    12. Automated Electrical Control Systems
    13. Automatic Control Systems
    14. Automation
    15. Automation Control Systems
    16. Automation Equipment
    17. Automation Solutions
    18. Automation System
    19. Automation Systems
    20. Automation Systems And Equipment
    21. Batch Control Systems
    22. Bespoke Automation
    23. Bespoke Automation Solutions
    24. Bespoke Control Panels
    25. Building Control Systems
    26. Building Thermography
    27. Catering Dough Mixers
    28. CCTV Control Panels
    29. Climate Control Systems
    30. Closed Loop Analog Control Systems
    31. CNC Control Systems
    32. Coach Mirrors
    33. Combustion Control Panels
    34. Commercial Electrical Contracting
    35. Commercial Electrical Contractors
    36. Control & Automation
    37. Control And Automation
    38. Control Panel
    39. Control Panel Design
    40. Control Panel Manufacturers
    41. Control Panel Switches
    42. Control Panels
    43. Control Panels - Assembly
    44. Control Panels - Cabinets
    45. Control Panels - Components
    46. Control Panels - Design
    47. Control Panels - Electrical
    48. Control Panels - Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
    49. Control Panels - Industrial
    50. Control Panels - Manufacture
    51. Control Panels - To Specification
    52. Control Panels And Temperature Controllers.
    53. Control Panels Commissioning
    54. Control Panels Customised
    55. Control Panels Design
    56. Control Panels NVIS
    57. Control Panels To Specification
    58. Control System Assembly
    59. Control System Design
    60. Control System Design And Manufacture
    61. Control System Installations
    62. Control Systems
    63. Control Systems Assembly
    64. Control Systems Automation
    65. Control Systems Design
    66. Control Systems Design And Manufacture
    67. Control Systems Installations
    68. Control Systems Manufacture
    69. Control Systems Manufacturer
    70. Control Systems Pneumatic
    71. Control Systems Software Design
    72. Crane Control Panels
    73. Custom Control Panels
    74. Customised Control Panels
    75. Customised Control Systems
    76. Data Aquaistion
    77. Data Aquisition
    78. Data Aquisition Software
    79. Data Aquisition Systems
    80. Data Entry Control Panels
    81. DC Control Systems
    82. Document Control Panels
    83. Dough Mixers
    84. Dust Control Systems
    85. Electric Control Systems
    86. Electrical Condition Reports
    87. Electrical Connection System
    88. Electrical Connector
    89. Electrical Connector Accessories
    90. Electrical Connectors
    91. Electrical Consultant
    92. Electrical Consultants
    93. Electrical Consultation
    94. Electrical Consulting
    95. Electrical Consulting Engineer
    96. Electrical Consulting Engineers
    97. Electrical Contacts
    98. Electrical Contracting
    99. Electrical Contractor
    100. Electrical Contractor Software
    101. Electrical Contractors
    102. Electrical Contractors Estimating Service
    103. Electrical Contractors Estimating Software
    104. Electrical Contrator
    105. Electrical Control
    106. Electrical Control Components
    107. Electrical Control Equipment
    108. Electrical Control Panel Installation
    109. Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers
    110. Electrical Control Panels
    111. Electrical Control Products
    112. Electrical Control Services
    113. Electrical Control Systems
    114. Electrical Controls
    115. Electrical Controls And Panels
    116. Electrical Controls Control Panels
    117. Electrical Installation
    118. Electrical Thermal Imaging
    119. Electro Hydraulic Control Systems
    120. Electro Pneumatic Control Systems
    121. Electronic Control Panels
    122. Electronic Control System Design
    123. Electronic Control Systems
    124. Embedded Control Systems
    125. Energy Control Panels
    126. Energy Control Systems Design
    127. Energy Control Systems Design And Manufacture
    128. Engineering Control Systems
    129. Engraved Control Panels
    130. Envirmental Control Systems
    131. Erosion Control Systems
    132. Extinguishant Control Panel Design
    133. Fan Control Panels
    134. Fire Control Panel Design
    135. Fixed Thermal Imaging Cameras
    136. Flow Controls
    137. Fluid Control Systems
    138. Gas Monitoring Control Systems
    139. Gas Turbine Control System Design
    140. Gas Turbine Control System Repair
    141. Gas Turbine Control Systems
    142. Generator Efficiency Control Systems
    143. Guillotine Control System
    144. Guillotine Control Systems
    145. H.M.I Programming
    146. Heating Control Panels
    147. High Voltage Electrical Contractors
    148. HMI
    149. HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    150. HMI - Human Machine Interfaces
    151. HMI Development
    152. HMI Human Machine Interfaces
    153. Home Automation Lighting Control Systems
    154. HPLC
    155. Hplc Tubes
    156. Human Machine Interface Control System
    157. Humidity Controller/Control System Manufacturers
    158. Humidity Controller/Control Systems Distributor
    159. Hydraulic Control Panels
    160. Hydraulic Control Systems
    161. Industrial Applications Control Systems
    162. Industrial Automatic Control Systems
    163. Industrial CNC Control Systems
    164. Industrial Control Panels
    165. Industrial Control Systems
    166. Industrial Electrical Contracting
    167. Infra Red Control Systems
    168. Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras
    169. Infrared Thermography
    170. Integrated Motor Control Systems
    171. Lighting Control Systems
    172. Load Control Systems
    173. Low Voltage Control System
    174. Low Voltage Control System Installation
    175. Low Voltage Control System Maintenance
    176. Low Voltage Control System Repair
    177. Low Voltage Control Systems
    178. Machine Safety Control Systems
    179. Machinery Control Systems
    180. Manufacturing Control Systems
    181. Measurement & Control Systems
    182. Measurement And Control Systems
    183. Mechanical And Electrical Contractors
    184. Mechanical Thermal Imaging
    185. Microprocessor Based Control Systems
    186. Motion Control
    187. Motion Control Components
    188. Motion Control Dampers
    189. Motion Control Equipment
    190. Motion Control Systems
    191. Motion Controlers
    192. Motion Controllers
    193. Motor Control Panels
    194. Motor Control Systems
    195. Motor Drive Control Systems
    196. Multi Pin Electrical Connectors
    197. NICEIC Qualified Electrical Contractors
    198. Noise Control Panels
    199. Open Loop Analog Control Systems
    200. Operator Interfaces (HMI)
    201. Outdoor Events Electrical Contractors
    202. P.L.C Programming
    203. Parking Control Systems
    204. Paxton Access Control Systems
    205. PLC
    206. PLC And SCADA Integration
    207. PLC Automation
    208. PLC Based Systems
    209. PLC Control Systems
    210. PLC Controller
    211. PLC Controls
    212. PLC Programming
    213. PLC Programming Software
    214. PLC Software
    215. PLC Software Programming
    216. PLC Software Service
    217. PLC Software Version Control
    218. PLC Systems
    219. PLC Training Course
    220. PLCC Analyser
    221. PLCC Analyzer
    222. Pneumatic Control Panels
    223. Pneumatic Control Systems
    224. Press Control Systems
    225. Pressure Control Systems
    226. Process Control Panels
    227. Process Control Systems
    228. Production Control System
    229. Programmable Control Systems
    230. Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
    231. Promotional Pashminas
    232. Proportional Control Systems
    233. Relay Logic Control Panels
    234. Remote Control Systems
    235. Retail Stock Control System
    236. Retail Stock Control Systems
    237. RGB Control Systems
    238. Robotic Control Systems
    239. Rod Control Systems
    240. Room Control Systems
    241. SCADA
    242. SCADA HMI
    243. SCADA Software
    244. SCADA Systems
    245. Servo Control Systems
    246. Shear Control Systems
    247. Shift Bell Control Systems
    248. Smoke Control System
    249. Smoke Control Systems
    250. Software - Electrical Contractor
    251. Solar Heater Control System
    252. Solar Hot Water Control System
    253. Solar Panel Control System
    254. Solar Water Heating Control System
    255. Static Control Systems
    256. Stock Control System
    257. Stock Control Systems
    258. Supervisory Corrugater Control Systems
    259. Telemetry Control Systems
    260. Temperature Control Systems
    261. Thermal Imaging
    262. Thermal Imaging Camera
    263. Thermal Imaging Cameras
    264. Thermal Imaging Sensors
    265. Thermal Imaging Services
    266. Thermal Imaging Software
    267. Thermal Imaging Surveys
    268. Thermal Imaging Systems
    269. Thermal Imaging Testing
    270. Thermography
    271. Thermography Camera
    272. Transformer And Rectifier Control Systems
    273. Trend Control Systems
    274. Variable Speed Control Systems
    275. Vibration Control System
    276. Vibration Control Systems
    277. Water Control Systems
    278. Water Heating Control Systems
    279. Waterproof Electrical Connectors
    280. Window Control Systems
    281. Windows Control Systems

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