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    AutoGate Services

    AutoGate Services is a very successful family-owned and run company, with over 20 years experience in the electric gate and automation industry; built on recommendations from satisfied customers - from the minute you phone our team - you'll know that we really are meticulous, interested in your needs and as passionate about gates as we say we are.

    Based in North Hertfordshire and covering the whole of the county, as well as Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, most of Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Essex and North London. We offer beautiful hardwood, durable metal, a combination of those two, along with composite and aluminium boarded gates. We limit our area in order to provide excellent after-sales care and call-out service.

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    High Quality Hardwood, Metal, Metal Framed Aluminium or Composite Gates
    We appreciate there'll be a choice of retailers available to you, mostly selling 'off-the-peg' items which potentially could serve your purpose but sadly, not all images shown online today reflect the reality of the product you may receive. Both poor fit and inferior quality could determine the gate(s) is not such great value when you consider having to purchase a replacement. You can trust AutoGate Services will only use high quality products with known provenance from our trusted suppliers and that they'll be installed by our employed teams.

    Automatic Gates - Commercial Gate Systems
    Based in Hertfordshire, AutoGate Services hand-craft all gates here at our extensive site and all gates are available in various styles, materials (including hardwood, metal, a combination of those, together with aluminium, or composite), from the very traditional, to something really quite modern and are generally formed of a single gate leaf (hinged on one side of the driveway), two separate leaves, hinged on either side of the driveway (meeting in the middle to form) a pair of swing gates. A single gate leaf that has wheels on the bottom, which then slides along in a track inserted into the driveway surface (a sliding gate - great option if you are restricted for parking space, manoeuvrability or the ground is a little uneven), this gate choice can also be created to give the appearance of a pair. And lastly, a cantilever gate -similar to the sliding gate, but rigidly fixed at one end (usually onto a concrete plinth) and suspended in the air, a little way off the ground, so that it glides freely when in operation - the perfect solution for sloping driveways, and commercial properties where constant heavy vehicles/machinery using the entrance could adversely impact on a sliding gate rail.

    Servicing and Maintenance
    We employ a dedicated team of Service Engineers and our Servicing and Maintenance packages exist on the following basis: a one-off service, an Annual Service Plan, Bi-annual Service Plan or Quarterly Service Plan, all of which are available to owners of existing automated gate(s), newly installed projects, Property Management Companies, Commercial Businesses, Schools and colleges alike.


    Autogate Services | Sliding Electric Gate Installation

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    Products and Services

    1. Access Automation
    2. Access Control
    3. Access Control Gates
    4. Access Gates
    5. Airport Security Gates
    6. Aluminium Commercial Gates
    7. Aluminium Gates
    8. Aluminium Industrial Gates
    9. Aluminium Railings
    10. Anti Scale Barriers
    11. Automated Barrier
    12. Automated Barriers
    13. Automated Electric Gate
    14. Automated Electric Gates
    15. Automated Gate
    16. Automated Gates
    17. Automated Sliding Gates
    18. Automatic Barrier
    19. Automatic Barriers
    20. Automatic Gate
    21. Automatic Gates
    22. Automatic Rising Barrier
    23. Automatic Rising Barriers
    24. Automatic Rising Bollard
    25. Automatic Rising Bollards
    26. Barriers
    27. Bespoke Aluminium Gate
    28. Bespoke Aluminium Gates
    29. Bespoke Hardwood Gate
    30. Bespoke Hardwood Gates
    31. Bespoke Metal Gate
    32. Bespoke Metal Gates
    33. Bespoke Wood Gate
    34. Bespoke Wood Gates
    35. Cantilever Gate
    36. Cantilever Gate Motors
    37. Cantilever Gates
    38. Cantilevered Gate
    39. Cantilevered Gates
    40. Car Park Barrier
    41. Car Park Barriers
    42. Car Parking Barrier
    43. Car Parking Barriers
    44. Childrens Play Area Fencing
    45. Childrens Play Area Gates
    46. Coded Keypads
    47. Commercial Fencing
    48. Commercial Gates
    49. Concealed Gate Closer
    50. Concealed Gate Closers
    51. Domestic Gates
    52. Electric Gate
    53. Electric Gate Maintenance
    54. Electric Gate Repairs
    55. Electric Gate Servicing
    56. Electric Gates
    57. Electric Gates Maintenance
    58. Electric Gates Repairs
    59. Electric Gates Servicing
    60. Electrified Gate
    61. Electrified Gates
    62. External Gate Closer
    63. External Gate Closers
    64. Fence Gate Closer
    65. Fence Gate Closers
    66. Fencing Mesh
    67. Field Gate
    68. Field Gate Closer
    69. Field Gate Closers
    70. Field Gates
    71. Five-Bar-Field Gate
    72. Five-Bar-Field Gates
    73. Garage Door Automation
    74. Garage Door Motor
    75. Garage Door Motors
    76. Garage Door Replacement Motor
    77. Garage Door Replacement Motors
    78. Gas Springs
    79. Gate Closer
    80. Gate Closers
    81. Gate Fencing
    82. Gate Gas Closer
    83. Gate Gas Closers
    84. Gate Gas Ram
    85. Gate Gas Rams
    86. Gate Gas Spring
    87. Gate Gas Springs
    88. Gate Hinges
    89. Gate Latches
    90. Gate Lock
    91. Gate Locks
    92. Gate Motor
    93. Gate Motors
    94. Gate Products
    95. Gate Safety Edges
    96. Gate Strut
    97. Gate Struts
    98. Gate Supplier
    99. Gates
    100. Gates And Railings
    101. GSM Wireless Intercom System
    102. Hardwired Audio Intercom System
    103. Hardwired Video Intercom System
    104. Hardwood Gate
    105. Hardwood Gates
    106. Heavy Duty Welded Mesh Panel
    107. Heavy Duty Welded Mesh Panel Fencing
    108. Heras Fencing
    109. Hidden Gate Closer
    110. Hidden Gate Closers
    111. Hydraulic Gate Closer
    112. Hydraulic Gate Closers
    113. Hydraulic Self-Closing Gate Hinge
    114. Hydraulic Self-Closing Gate Hinges
    115. Industrial Fencing
    116. Industrial Flood Gates
    117. Industrial Gates
    118. Industrial Security Fencing
    119. Industrial Steel Gates
    120. Keypad Gate Lock
    121. Keypad Gate Locks
    122. Kindergarten Gate Closer
    123. Kindergarten Gate Closers
    124. Lock Latch
    125. Locking Gate Latch
    126. Locking Gate Latches
    127. Magnetic Entry Loop
    128. Magnetic Exit Loop
    129. Magnetic Gate Lock
    130. Mesh Fencing
    131. Metal Fencing
    132. Metal Gate
    133. Metal Gates
    134. Metal Railings
    135. Ornamental Fencing
    136. Ornamental Railings
    137. Pair Aluminium Gates
    138. Pair Hardwood Gates
    139. Pair Metal Gates
    140. Pair Wood Gates
    141. Palisade
    142. Palisade Fencing
    143. Palisade Fencing Manufacturer
    144. Palisade Fencing Supplier
    145. Palisade Gates
    146. Palisade Security Fencing
    147. Park Railings
    148. Pedestrian Gate Closer
    149. Pedestrian Gate Closers
    150. Perimeter Fencing
    151. Piston Gate Closer
    152. Piston Gate Closers
    153. Plastic Coated Wire Fencing
    154. Play Area Gate Closer
    155. Play Area Gate Closers
    156. Play School Gate Closer
    157. Play School Gate Closers
    158. Playground Gate Closer
    159. Playground Gate Closers
    160. Prison V Guard Mesh Fencing
    161. Push Button For Entry
    162. Push Button For Exit
    163. Railings
    164. Railings And Gates
    165. Residential Gate
    166. Residential Gates
    167. Residential Pairs Of Gates
    168. Retail Fencing
    169. Retractable Security Gates
    170. Safety Barrier
    171. Safety Barriers
    172. Safety Edges
    173. Safety Gate Closer
    174. Safety Gate Closers
    175. School Automated Gate
    176. School Automated Gates
    177. School Electric Gate
    178. School Electric Gates
    179. School Gate
    180. School Gate Closers
    181. School Gates
    182. Security Aluminium Gate
    183. Security Aluminium Gates
    184. Security Automated Barrier
    185. Security Automated Barriers
    186. Security Automated Bollard
    187. Security Automated Bollards
    188. Security Automatic Barrier
    189. Security Automatic Barriers
    190. Security Automatic Bollard
    191. Security Automatic Bollards
    192. Security Barrier
    193. Security Barriers
    194. Security Bollard
    195. Security Bollards
    196. Security Electric Gate
    197. Security Electric Gates
    198. Security Gate
    199. Security Gate Closer
    200. Security Gate Closers
    201. Security Gates
    202. Security Hardwood Gate
    203. Security Hardwood Gates
    204. Security Metal Gate
    205. Security Wood Gate
    206. Security Wood Gates
    207. Self Closing Gates
    208. Self-Closing Gate Spring
    209. Self-Closing Gate Springs
    210. Single Aluminium Gate
    211. Single Metal Gate
    212. Single Wood Gate
    213. Sliding Gate Motor
    214. Sliding Security Gates
    215. Specialist Gate
    216. Specialist Gates
    217. Sport Fencing
    218. Sport Ground Fencing
    219. Sports Fencing
    220. Sports Ground Fencing
    221. Square Fencing
    222. Stainless Steel Bollard
    223. Stainless Steel Bollards
    224. Stainless Steel Gate Fittings
    225. Steel Commercial Fencing
    226. Steel Commercial Gate
    227. Steel Commercial Gates
    228. Steel Railings
    229. Swing Gate
    230. Swing Gates
    231. Swing Security Gates
    232. Temporary Fencing
    233. Temporary Security Fencing
    234. Ticketing Gates
    235. Timber Fence Supports
    236. Timber Fencing
    237. Timber Posts
    238. Traffic Barrier
    239. Traffic Barriers
    240. Traffic Bollard
    241. Traffic Bollards
    242. Trusted Partnered Suppliers
    243. V Guard Fencing
    244. Vertical Bar Aluminium Gate
    245. Vertical Bar Aluminium Gates
    246. Vertical Bar Metal Gate
    247. Vertical Bar Metal Gates
    248. Vertical Bar Railings
    249. Vertical Steel Bar Gate
    250. Vertical Steel Bar Gates
    251. Weld Mesh
    252. Weld Mesh Fencing
    253. Weld Mesh Panel Fencing
    254. Welded Mesh Fencing
    255. Welded Mesh Panel Fencing
    256. Welded Security Fencing
    257. Wire Mesh
    258. Wire Mesh Fencing
    259. Wire Netting
    260. Wireless Audio Intercom System
    261. Wood Feather Edge Fencing
    262. Wooden Fencing
    263. Wrought Iron
    264. Wrought Iron Fencing
    265. Wrought Iron Gates
    266. Wrought Iron Work

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