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    Cranage Veritas Limited

    Compliance Testing and Engineering in Ireland - For Electronic, Electrical, and Medical Devices

    We are an Irish company, located in Shannon, supported by a team of dedicated professionals working in the product certification and approvals business. Our team are proud of the strong relationships and connections we have built with Irish manufacturers.

    Our staff have many years experience in the product safety and product testing industries.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Cranage Veritas offers a range of specialist services ensuring you meet European, UK, and Worldwide product regulatory standards.

    Why risk having your product impounded by import authorities or rejected by Certification Bodies when we are here to help you?

    We have a track record of navigating clients through complex technical and sometimes conflicting situations involving standards and regulations. Cranage Veritas offers training and advice services within the medical devices sector.

    Helping You Achieve Global Market Access

    Our regulatory affairs guidance for electrical and medical devices helps to develop your project in line with international directives, regulations and standards for electrical/ electronic devices, and medical devices.

    We provide European manufacturers with a simple, clear and comprehensive service, for compliance and global market access.

    We can also assist with product certification, technical file reviews, product risk assessment reviews and preparation, and post market surveillance.

    Cranage Veritas can assist you with:

    - Risk Management (ISO 14971)
    - Preparation & Review for UKCA & CE Marking
    - Product Design Guidance
    - Technical Documentation Preparation & Review
    - MDR Article 15 - Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance.

    Medical Device Regulation (EU) MDR Article 15 - Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance

    For micro or small manufacturers (less than 50 employees and less than �10m turnover) Cranage Veritas can provide the necessary service to act as your PRRC.

    Our experience working alongside clients in the medical electrical equipment industry navigating medical device regulations and ensuring quality management systems are upheld, gives our engineers and regulatory specialists the appropriate authority to act as a PRRC on behalf of your company.

    Exporting to Global Markets

    Cranage is your one stop shop for export compliance to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, GCC Region/Middle East and Africa.

    Cranage Veritas provides conformity assessment and market access services for exporters to a wide range of international markets, including the Middle East. To meet GCC technical regulations we can assist to provide a G-Marking service for those seeking access to the GCC/Saudi market.

    We have now found that many companies in Ireland and Europe, are looking to use our services. We cover all of Ireland with a strong focus in Limerick and the surrounding areas such as Cork, Galway, Donegal, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford, Clare, Kilkenny, Kildare and Dublin.

    For further information about Cranage Veritas please check our website or contact us directly with your enquiry: [email protected]

    Areas Covered

    Our expert engineers and regulatory specialists have held positions working in the product safety testing industry for many years. Often performing complex testing procedures required for medical devices and electrical/electronic devices, in line with international product safety standards. So you can be assured, you are in safe hands with Cranage Veritas.

    Compliance Testing and Engineering is available for the following areas, the whole of Ireland and the UK:



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    Products and Services

    1. Acoustic Testing
    2. Aerospace EMC Testing
    3. Aerospace Equipment Testing
    4. Alarm Systems Engineers
    5. Analogue Testing
    6. Appliance Testing
    7. Appliance Testing Services
    8. Appliance Tests
    9. Audio EMC Testing
    10. Automotive Test House
    11. Automotive Testing
    12. Automotive Testing Services
    13. Biaxial Testing
    14. BIS Machinery Consultancy
    15. BIS Machinery Consultant
    16. BIS Machinery Consultants
    17. Bluetooth Testing
    18. Broadband Testing
    19. Built Environment Testing
    20. Cctv Surge Protection
    21. CE Certification
    22. CE EMC Directive
    23. CE Marking
    24. CE Marking Directive
    25. CE Marking Services
    26. CE Testing
    27. Climatic Test Chambers
    28. Climatic Testing
    29. Climatic Testing Services
    30. Climatics
    31. Compass Safe Distance Testing
    32. Compliance Consultants
    33. Compliance Engineering
    34. Compliance Testing
    35. Component Test
    36. Consumer Electronics Testing
    37. Consumer Product Testing
    38. Counterfeit Product Testing Services
    39. Counterfeit Product Tests
    40. Coupling
    41. Decoupling
    42. Defence EMC Testing
    43. Design Consultants
    44. Design Engineers
    45. Design Services
    46. Digital Testing
    47. DSL Interoperability Testing
    48. Ecodesign Test House
    49. Electrical Compliance Services
    50. Electrical Engineer Consulting
    51. Electrical Engineering Design
    52. Electrical Engineering Inspection
    53. Electrical Equipment Testing
    54. Electrical Safety
    55. Electrical Safety Consultants
    56. Electrical Safety Testing
    57. Electrical Testing
    58. Electrical Testing Services
    59. Electro-Optic Design Engineers
    60. Electromagnetic Compatibility Consultants
    61. Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding
    62. Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Chambers
    63. Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Equipment
    64. Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
    65. Electromagnetic Site Surveys
    66. Electronic Components Testing
    67. Electronic Design Engineering
    68. Electronic Engineering Services
    69. Electronic Testing
    70. Electronic Testing Services
    71. Electronic Unit Assembly
    72. Electronics Design Consultants
    73. Electronics Design Engineers
    74. Electronics Design Services
    75. Electronics Testing Services
    76. EMC
    77. EMC Compliance Testing
    78. EMC Consultancy
    79. EMC Consultants
    80. EMC Design
    81. EMC Directive
    82. EMC Equipment
    83. EMC Laboratory Testing
    84. EMC Mains Filters
    85. EMC Management
    86. EMC Management Consultants
    87. EMC On-Site Testing
    88. EMC Onsite Testing
    89. EMC Research
    90. EMC Shielding
    91. EMC Site Surveys
    92. EMC Solutions
    93. EMC Suppression
    94. EMC Test Equipment
    95. EMC Test House
    96. EMC Testing
    97. EMC Testing Services
    98. EMC Testing UK
    99. EMC Training
    100. EMF
    101. EMF Assessments
    102. EMF Site Surveys
    103. EMF Testing
    104. EMF Testing Services
    105. EMI
    106. EMI Training
    107. Energy Efficiency
    108. Energy Efficiency Product Testing
    109. Energy Efficiency Testing
    110. Engineer Product Development
    111. Engineering Project Design Services
    112. Engineering Services
    113. Engineers
    114. Environmental Environmental Testing Laboratory
    115. Environmental Test Chambers
    116. Environmental Test Services
    117. Environmental Testing
    118. Equipment Testing Services
    119. ErP Directive
    120. ERP Testing
    121. ESD Testing
    122. EUP Directive
    123. EUP Testing
    124. Explosive Atmospheres Testing
    125. FCC Testing
    126. FCC Testing Services
    127. Filters
    128. Finite Element Analysis
    129. Functional Test
    130. Functional Testing
    131. Functional Tests
    132. HALT
    133. Highly Accelerated Life Testing
    134. Humidity Test Chambers
    135. Imported Product Testing
    136. Industrial Electrical Engineers
    137. Industrial Equipment Testing
    138. Ingress Protection Testing
    139. Instrumentation Testing
    140. Instrumentation Testing Services
    141. Instrumentation Tests
    142. ISO 14971 Risk Management
    143. Laboratory Combined MRA Certificates
    144. Laboratory Component Testing
    145. Laboratory Testing
    146. Laboratory Testing Services
    147. LED
    148. LED Product EMC Testing
    149. LED Product Safety Testing
    150. LED Testing
    151. Lighting Equipment
    152. Lighting Standards
    153. Lighting Testing Laboratories
    154. Lighting Testing Laboratory
    155. Lightning Protectors
    156. Line Impedance Stabilisation
    157. Low Voltage Directive
    158. Low Voltage Directive Testing Services
    159. LVD
    160. LVD Test House
    161. LVD Testing
    162. LVD Testing Services
    163. Machine Products Testing Lab
    164. Machinery Directive
    165. Machinery Safety
    166. Machinery Testing
    167. Machinery Testing Laboratory
    168. Marine EMC Testing
    169. Marine Equipment Testing
    170. MDR Certification
    171. Mechanical Impact
    172. Mechanical Impact Testing
    173. Mechanical Impact Testing Services
    174. Mechanical Testing
    175. Mechanical Testing Services
    176. Mechanical Tests
    177. Medical Device Directive
    178. Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Guidance
    179. Medical Device Testing
    180. Medical EMC Testing
    181. Medical Equipment Testing Laboratory
    182. Non Destructive Testing
    183. NRTL Services
    184. NRTL Testing
    185. On-Site EMC Testing
    186. On-Site Testing
    187. Onsite Testing
    188. PCB Design
    189. PCB Design Consultants
    190. Power Generation Testing
    191. Power Supply Test Equipment
    192. Product Approval
    193. Product Conformity Assessment
    194. Product Design And Development Services
    195. Product Design Consultants
    196. Product Reliability Improvement
    197. Product Safety Testing
    198. Product Testing
    199. Product Testing Laboratory
    200. Product Testing Research
    201. Quality CE Marking
    202. Quality Improvement
    203. R&TTE Directive
    204. Radio Approval Testing
    205. Radio Engineers
    206. Radio Frequency Interference Testing
    207. Radio Testing
    208. Rail EMC Testing
    209. Railway Testing
    210. Regulatory Affairs Guidance
    211. Regulatory Compliance
    212. Renewable Energy Testing
    213. Restriction Of Hazardous Substances
    214. RF Design
    215. RF Interference Testing
    216. RF Testing
    217. RFI
    218. RFI Testing Services
    219. RFI Training
    220. RFID Consultancy
    221. RoHS Screening
    222. RoHS Testing
    223. Rubber Product Testing
    224. Safety Product Certification
    225. Safety Test House
    226. Safety Testing
    227. Safety Testing Services
    228. Safety Tests
    229. Seismic Vibration Testing
    230. Semiconductors
    231. Single Axis Testing
    232. SPD
    233. SPD Testing
    234. Suppressors
    235. Surge Filters
    236. Surge Protection Devices
    237. Surge Protection Systems
    238. Surge Testing
    239. Temperature And Humidity Combined Test Chambers
    240. Temperature And Humidity Combined Testing
    241. Temperature Test Chambers
    242. Temperature Testing
    243. Temperature Testing Services
    244. Temperature Tests
    245. Test Houses
    246. Test Houses UK
    247. Testing
    248. Testing Consultants
    249. Testing Machines
    250. Testing Services
    251. Testing Services With Certification
    252. Thermal Shock
    253. Thermal Shock Testing Services
    254. Thermal Shock Tests
    255. Training
    256. Training Services
    257. Transient Surge Absorbers
    258. Triaxal Earthquake Testing
    259. UKAS Accredited
    260. UKAS Accredited Laboratories
    261. UKAS Accredited Testing
    262. UKAS Testing Laboratory
    263. UMS Qualified Test House
    264. Uninterruptible Power Supply
    265. UPS
    266. Vibration Testing Services
    267. Vibration Tests
    268. Video Equipment EMC Testing
    269. VOIP Testing
    270. Wireless Design Consultants
    271. Wireless Radio Testing
    272. Wireless Solutions Consultants
    273. Wireless Technology Services
    274. XRF
    275. XRF Testing Services
    276. Zigbee Testing

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