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    Elite Precast Concrete Ltd - Concrete Drainage Systems

    Elite Precast Concrete drainage products offer low maintenance and high-performance solutions for use within foul, storm, surface water and sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS), they include seating rings, adjusting units, corbel slabs, gully cover slabs, cover slabs, bespoke cover slabs, special access cover slabs and house inspection chambers (HICs).

    Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs

    Precast Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs are all manufactured in house and in stock! We make all of these products to BS 5911-3 Standards and are available with the following access sizes;

    900MM Diameter
    600MM x 600MM Access

    1050MM Diameter
    600MM x 600MM Access
    675MM x 675MM Access

    1200MM Diameter
    600MM x 600MM Access
    675MM x 675MM Access
    750MM x 600MM Access
    750MM x 750MM Access

    Larger cover slabs include 2100, 2400, 2700 and 3000mm diameter are made to order, this allow us to make them with the access size that you desire. Please contact [email protected] with your requirements.

    Concrete Seating Rings

    Designed to site on the top of the manhole cover and made to BS EN 1917:2002 and BS 5911-3:2010, Elite Precast Concrete seating rings/adjusting units are reinforced 65mm deep units, which can be used in place of engineering bricks to adjust and secure the ductile or cast-iron covers and frames to the required level.

    One-part Seating RIngs Two-part Seating Rings
    600mm x 600mm access
    675mm x 675mm access
    750mm x 600mm access
    750mm x 750mm access
    600mm x 600mm eccentric
    600mm x 600mm access
    675mm x 675mm access
    900mm x 900mm access
    1200mm x 675mm access

    Gully Covers & Raisers

    Manufacture in accordance with BS 5911 – 6, Gully cover slabs or Gully Risers are available in both square and ‘U’ shaped options, to give greater customer choice, for positioning next to kerb edges, with handling recesses for lifting brackets, to service the needs of those on-site.

    750MM x 650MM

    585MM x 650MM

    The Thickness of either can vary however stock items include 100MM or 65MM Thick. If you require something more bespoke please contact us.

    House Inspection Chambers

    Elite precast concrete House Inspection Chambers (HICs) are manufactured to BS EN 1917 and BS 5911 and comply with the recommendations within the Sewers for Adoption manual.

    Made with a tongue and groove joint, the rectangular manholes can be sealed with either a sand and cement mortar or bitumen sealant and can be supplied complete with heavy duty cover slab.

    HICs are an economical and versatile solution that meet the demands of any domestic drainage installation and provides access to the drainage system so that they can be cleaned, cleared or inspected.

    Concrete Spillway

    Our Dam Spillway Blocks are Wedge Shaped Precast Concrete. They are shaped in this particular way to ensure that the flow of the water achieves maximum stability in the highest velocity of opened channel conditions.

    Each set of Spillway blocks are unique depending upon the clients specifications. We can accommodate any shape, size of diameter. Please send technical data for an accurate quote.

    Concrete Channels, Ducts and Precast Concrete Troughs

    The Precast Concrete Channels, Ducts and Troughs we offer are mainly used to house electric cables, pipes, steam, water, slurry and sewage. We can offer a variety of sizes and specifications when it comes to rectangular and trapezoidal (AKA Ditch Liners) ducts.

    If required you can visit the Technical Drawings section of our website and down load the CAD Drawings and Weights of each channel;

    Lids are also available for the below Rectangular Channels;

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    Areas Covered

    As leading UK manufacturer of precast concrete, we are able to supply interlocking concrete blocks, precast building blocks, concrete lego blocks, precast concrete retaining walls, retaining wall systems, drainage, service protection, security barriers, electric vehicle infrastructure protection and concrete building blocks to the following areas and the rest of the UK:
    1. Bath
      County Durham
      East Sussex
      Greater London
      Greater Manchester
      Isle of Wight
      Isles of Scilly
      Milton Keynes
      North Yorkshire
      South Gloucestershire
      South Yorkshire
      Tyne & Wear
      West Midlands
      West Sussex
      West Yorkshire

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