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    Contact Attachments Ltd

    Quality Forklift Attachments

    Contact Attachments provide one of most comprehensive ranges of forklift attachments and material handling solutions around.

    With a highly experienced, friendly and efficient team Contact Attachments are able to offer its customers a top quality service in providing forklift attachments, expert technical guidance and support.

    Our products are of the highest quality and offered to you at a competitive price.

    As we operate under strict ISO 9001-2008 you can be confident in the knowledge you�re in safe hands so why not explore our site to find out about the diverse range of solutions we have to offer.

    Products by Industry
    After years of experience in the construction industry Contact Attachments have put together a comprehensive range of forklift attachments that have been purchased in this busy sector.

    Best sellers in this range include Tipping Skips, Forklift Hooks, Forklift Broom Sweepers, Fork Extensions, Crane Jibs, Bag Handlers and Forklift Mounted Spreader Beams to name but a few.

    Warehouse & Logistics
    The range of Warehouse & Logistic attachments from Contact Attachments have been put together to cover some of the most widely used applications, from Safety Cages and Wheelie Bin Tippers to Forklift Magnet Sweepers and Broom Sweepers, so to find out more about the range of Warehouse & Logistic products please take a look around our website.

    This is another area where Contact Attachment is able to excel. With a huge portfolio of products such as Shear Grabs, Yard Scrapers, Safety Lifting Cages and Manure Forks where else would you go for your Agricultural equipment and lifting needs?

    Chemical & Pharmaceutical
    To name but a few our Chemical & Pharmaceutical forklift attachments and material handling equipment includes Forklift Drum Lifters, Forklift Drum Rotators, Grabs for Safe Drum Lifting, Forklift Sweepers and Dumping Boxes.

    All have been design and manufactured to the highest quality, fully tested and compliant with the latest Health and Safety Regulations.

    The range of Automotive Forklift Attachments has been carefully chosen to cover all aspects and working practises of the automotive industry including Swarf Skips, Fork Protection Sleeve covers, Crane Jibs, Drum Rotators, Safety Cages and more.

    Food & Drink
    The Food and Drinks industry range of forklift and material handling equipment also includes a range of products that can be manufactured from stainless steel for applications where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

    We supply forklift Attachments for Drum Handling, Drum rotating and for the safe control of pouring liquids to name but a few.

    At Contact Attachments we endeavour to provide you with a range of products for various other industry�s such as Port & Dock handling equipment, Horticulture, Environmental and much more so if you don�t see an area listed on our site please get in touch so we can offer advice for your specific requirements.

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    Products and Services

    1. Absorbent Spill Kits
    2. Access & Lifting Equipment
    3. Access Platforms
    4. Aggregate Bag Lifters
    5. Alloy Shackles
    6. Atex Approved
    7. ATEX Compliance
    8. ATEX Equipment
    9. Attachments Access Platforms
    10. Barrel Handling Attachments
    11. Barrel Lifting
    12. Barrel Lifting And Handling
    13. Barrel Lifting And Handling Equipment
    14. Barrel Lifting Attachments
    15. Barrel Lifting Equipment
    16. Battery Lifting Beams
    17. Beam Lifting
    18. Bespoke Design
    19. Bespoke Design Service
    20. Bespoke Designs
    21. Bespoke Forklift Truck Attachments
    22. Bespoke Lifting Equipment
    23. Big Bag Emptying
    24. Block Grabs
    25. Brick Forks
    26. Brick Grabs
    27. Carpet And Coil Booms
    28. Chain Slings
    29. Chemical Spill Products
    30. Concrete Pouring Skips
    31. Concrete Skips
    32. Construction Tipping Skips
    33. Crane Attachments
    34. Crane Attachments Hire
    35. Crane Forks
    36. Crane Skips
    37. Custom Build
    38. Custom Design
    39. Custom Design Drum Lifters
    40. Custom Design Handling Equipment
    41. Custom Design Lifting Equipment
    42. Custom Design Pallet Lifting Equipment
    43. Custom Design Reel Lifting Equipment
    44. Custom Design Roll Lifting Equipment
    45. Custom Design Vessel Lifting Equipment
    46. Custom Made Lifting Equipment
    47. Drop Bottom Bins
    48. Drum Handling
    49. Drum Handling And Lifting
    50. Drum Handling Equipment
    51. Drum Lifting
    52. Drum Lifting And Handling
    53. Drum Lifting And Handling Equipment
    54. Drum Lifting Attachments
    55. Drum Lifting Equipment
    56. Drum Rotators
    57. Extender Jib
    58. Extender Jibs
    59. Extension Forks
    60. Fork Attachments
    61. Fork Extensions
    62. Fork Lift Accessories
    63. Fork Lift Attachments
    64. Fork Lift Inspection Kit
    65. Fork Lift Magnets
    66. Fork Lift Platform
    67. Fork Lift Snow Plough
    68. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Access Platforms
    69. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Compactors
    70. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Cranes
    71. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Low Loading
    72. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Scoops
    73. Fork Lift Truck - Attachments Skips
    74. Fork Lift Truck Attachments Cranes
    75. Fork Lift Truck Attachments Low Loading
    76. Fork Lift Truck Attachments Scoops
    77. Fork Lift Truck Attachments Skips
    78. Fork Mounted Hook
    79. Fork Mounted Hooks
    80. Fork Truck Attachments
    82. Forklift Attachments
    83. Forklift Cage
    85. Forklift Fork Extensions
    86. Forklift Hook
    87. Forklift Inspection Kit
    88. Forklift Jib Attachment
    89. Forklift Platform
    90. Forklift Platforms
    91. Forklift Plough
    92. Forklift Snow Plough
    93. Forklift Tipping Skip
    94. Forklift Tipping Skips
    95. Forklift Truck Accessories
    96. Forklift Truck Attachments
    97. Forklift Wheelie Bin
    98. Forklift Wheelie Bin Handler
    99. Forklift Wheelie Bin Tipper
    100. Forklift Work Platforms
    101. Forklift Working Platform
    102. General Tipping Skips
    103. Heavy Duty Drum Handling Equipment
    104. Heavy Duty Fork Extensions
    105. Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment
    106. Heavy Load Material Handling
    107. Heavy Machinery Safety Cages
    108. HI Viz Jackets
    109. Hooks
    110. Industrial Material Handling
    111. Industrial Tipping Skips
    112. Kerb Grabs
    113. Lidded Tipping Skips
    114. Lift Truck Attachments
    115. Lifting Accessories
    116. Lifting And Handling Equipment
    117. Lifting Attachment
    118. Lifting Attachments
    119. Lifting Beam
    120. Lifting Cages
    121. Lifting Chains
    122. Lifting Equipment
    123. Lifting Gear
    124. Lifting Jibs & Gantries
    125. Lifting Lugs
    126. Lifting Platforms
    127. Lifting Safety Equipment
    128. Lifting Shackles
    129. LOLER Certification
    130. LOLER Inspections
    131. LOLER Lift Inspection
    132. LOLER Safety Inspection
    133. LOLER Testing
    134. Magnetic Sweepers
    135. Manual Handling Lifting Equipment
    136. Manufacture Skips
    137. Material Handling
    138. Material Handling Equipment
    139. Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer
    140. Material Handling Sales
    141. Material Handling Service
    142. Material Handling Solutions
    143. Material Lifting And Handling
    144. Material Lifting Equipment
    145. Mechanical Block Grabs
    146. Mechanical Brick Grabs
    147. Mechanical Grabs
    148. Mechanical Scissor Grabs
    149. Mortar Bins
    150. Oil Spill Kits
    151. Pallet Fork Extensions
    152. Pallet Forks
    153. Pallet Lifting
    154. Pallet Lifting And Handling
    155. Pallet Lifting And Handling Equipment
    156. Pallet Lifting Equipment
    157. Plough Attachments
    158. Ploughs And Scrapers
    159. Reel Handling Attachments
    160. Reel Lifting And Handling
    161. Reel Lifting And Handling Equipment
    162. Reel Lifting Attachments
    163. Reel Lifting Equipment
    164. Retractable Jibs
    165. Road Sweepers
    166. Roll Forward Skip Hire
    167. Roll Forward Skips
    168. Roll Lifting
    169. Roll Lifting And Handling
    170. Roll Lifting And Handling Equipment
    171. Roll Lifting Equipment
    172. Safety Cages
    173. Salt Spreaders
    174. Scoops
    175. Scrapers
    176. Shackles
    177. Skips
    178. Snow Blade
    179. Snow Blades
    180. Snow Chains
    181. Snow Plough Blades
    182. Snow Plough Castors
    183. Specialist Bespoke Product Training
    184. Spill Kits
    185. Spreader Beams
    186. Stainless Steel Shackles
    187. Stillages
    188. Sweeper Sales
    189. Thorough Examination
    190. Thorough Examination Inspections
    191. Thorough Examinations
    192. Tipping Bins
    193. Tipping Skips
    194. Universal Tipping Skips
    195. Warehouse Lifting Equipment
    196. Wheelie Bin Equipment
    197. Wheelie Bin Forklift Attachment
    198. Wheelie Bin Lifter
    199. Wheelie Bin Tipper
    200. Wheelie Bins

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